Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Santorum: ‘This is the little-engine-that-could campaign’

Santorum, a staunch social conservative, centered his remarks around fixing the struggling economy but made sure to highlight his fierce opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

Iowa, he said, “wants a conservative that can win.”

oh, "the little holy engine that loves torture"
surely the favorite candidate of the Vatican
here, watch the movie:

Mel Brooks´ Spanish Inquisition

yes the values of the churches have not changed
genocides, holocausts, murders, famine
Christianity, "2000 years of crimes against humanity"
the bigots are consistent

Civilization of care

In Florence, Zanotelli spoke clearly to the extremist wings of the movement and expressed the concept of " civilization of tenderness": " Active non-violence is not merely pacifism, it is something different. I started reading Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Don Milani, Mazzolari and they helped me to realize it had been Jesus of Nazareth who first practised non violence, the same non violence that was crushed by the Roman imperialism, in Galilee. I'd like to beg of you, with all my heart, to find the courage for such a radical choice: non-violence. The present system is naturally violent. We have to build a non violent system, a 'civilization of tenderness'."

well, such a system can only be a logistic resource based society
with no long term private accumulation of wealth
and with no privilege status of social position
a spartan society of technocrats
that work twice as much and twice as effectively than others, for the same compensation
and to be so, can only be a society with no currency
and a society with no mythology and no inhibitions
there is no need for violence when something can be obtained as entitlement by all
nobody is going to take something he/she can get from everybody at no cost

but "limited resources" require "limited reproduction"
unlimited reproduction leads inevitably to war
now, you can spend less or nothing on weapons
won't change the outcome
because anything is a weapon, even bare hands
since the age of sticks and stones

actually disarmament has never produced peace in history
only "deterrence" does
the reasons why we are in wars for somebody else interests
is lack of deterrence, that requires somebody else "protection"
and mines at the base liberty of a militarily weak nation
"vis pacem, para bellum"


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'Money' the perfect tool for Enslavement
By Brian Jonathan Liew

All these four entities normally work together hand in hand. The banks finance the corporations, the corporations lobby the governments and have politicians in their pockets
This really is not rocket science on how these group of so called "Elites" have worked for the destruction of humanity and lowering the quality of life all around the world. Most of the masses have been too distracted because of the need to make a buck in order to survive and the attention has been diverted away from the real cause of the decline in quality of life and the enslavement of humanity.
If we continue to succumb to the media, peer pressure and our greed, and if we continue to tolerate the connections between these Elites and let this happen, we will eventually be enslaved by them, manipulating us and ultimately enslaving ourselves. Connecting the dots is not rocket science and more common sense and at what point in time do we have to reach before we get totally enslaved?

a "bravo" for your accurate analysis
that could however be taken to the next step up the pyramid of the leeches
not sure if you don't want to go there
because of religious belief
but intellectual honesty requires us to do so
you identify the square base of the pyramid
but you omit to list the "architects"
the mafia cartel of the religion racket
and how you determine that ?
"simple", as the Saxon say "follow the money"

an example, Italy
in 1900 the catholic church was broke, and all the people had property and no debt
in 2011 the people are broke, enslaved by debt, and the Vatican owns one third
of the whole real estate in the country
nobody knows how much money the catholic banking mafia has
but surely a lot of it, if it could buy elections and politics of so many countries
and control and influence wall street holy banksters

the mafia cartel of the religion racket
has controlled monetary and physical enslavement of populations
since the time of the Sumerians

the allegory of the mythological figure of the "Christ"
that rolls over the banks of the "money changers in the temple"
sends the message that "anybody" who touches their holy skim interests
ends up crucified, "by them", the "architects"
thus positioning the "holy pigs" of the mafia cartel of the religion racket
"above" any "Christ" (that means chief or king)
and thus contradicting the instruction given to them by the Christ
"to give to Caesar what it belongs to Caesar"
and if you think about it
they do so in every single country in the world
"religion" a worldwide "tax exempt racket"

how their poor missionaries that spent all their life helping miserable people
their little country priests, that in misery carry on their holy duties
their living saints
"may not see" what is going on in the "holy see of Satan"
is beyond belief
but the cruelty of the Eustachian genocide
"may give an explanation"
fear of the "absolute power" of their evil kingdom
"fear" over their lives, exercised through the killer hands of the forgiven sinners
the "other" cast, the holy assassins at the service of the roman anti-Christ

and here comes the "most satanic" of all doctrines
that "is obsessed" about unreasonable impossible to feed demographic madness
and possibly the explanation of all
is in the Eucharistic rite of cannibalism
that allegorically represent the ascent to power of the religious satanic leadership
starvation through overpopulation
to restore the supremacy of the holy pig over the "Christ" or "Caesar"
the time was yesterday
but their "silent genocide" methods are now "more sophisticated"
in the "roman holy Nazi wall street pyramids"
people have "disappeared" from the bottom "slowly" and "inexorably"
over longer periods of time
made "innocuous" and "selectively marginalized"
to make sure the "truth" does not reach the "other" puppets who don't "yet" know
"but" they are planning "mass extermination" and it can happen "at any time"
"don't miss"


The Barr Code, U.S. education continues decline

As students progress in age, it seems their knowledge declines, as only 21 percent of 12th grade students met the criteria sufficient to be considered proficient.
“[w]e have tried spending more money and putting more teachers in classrooms for more than a generation, with no observable improvements to anything except the schools’ bottom lines.”
Absent fundamental changes in our approach to education, scores such as the most recent NAEP results will – sadly –continue to be the norm.

well, it is another "great" achievement
of increasing "moral" "religious" theories in education
introduced "by the US system under gott y los bandidos de DC"
"dumb" theories that have also "replicated the failure" worldwide
since, apparently in other continents
people "think" that the US "actually" "knows what is doing"
which is a great honor for us, but let's not forget it does not always seem the case

first of all "education" and "erudition" are two different concepts
in second instance "education" "and" "erudition"
"require" factual truths
now when we chose to apply "non scientific" fields of study
such as theology, sociology, economics et cetera to education
we are actually perpetuating "ignorance" instead than the opposite
nothing wrong about studying those subjects scientifically
at post-graduate and research level
but those are not subjects for immature individuals
where they end up sorting more results of "indoctrination" and "brainwashing"
than "knowledge"
since critical skills are missing in young age, not yet developed

next, "discipline" and "self control" "are" part of "education"
but nobody wants to acknowledge it because it interferes with "dogma"
now it is quite logical to think that when a society
chooses foolish theories of forgiveness of sins
it "will" produce more sinners
it is quite logical to think that when a society
chooses foolish theories of "dogma" falling of the sky
to explain with "false invalid methods" the "otherwise demonstrable" scientific reality
it "will" set itself up to produce "higher ignorance"
or when chooses to listen to "parent associations" of mostly "incompetent" subjects
it "will" set itself up to perpetuate and widen the current social failures
the "astounding" part of this phenomena
is that "legions" of geniuses are interrogating themselves
"puzzled" by discovering that their "good intentions"
don't seem to produce the effects that some committees were thinking they would

this is the known phenomenon of applying ruled methodologies
by management categories who have been trained lifelong into submission to the status quo
lacking themselves "critical analysis" "capabilities"
they may have studied the term and the logic, but never exercised it
because of their life long experience as submissive sheep in a society
so "dogmatic" to the point of not even "admitting" "process improvement"
because of the "unwanted side effect" of possibility of touching the interests
of the "dogma" and/or "the cast"

a recurrent joke appearing on web cartoons, tells
that if Columbus had a steering committee
America possibly would have never been discovered
this leads to factual stories such as the one mentioned
by professor Bartlett at Colorado Builders
about the "committee" squeezing its brains to find out
how Denver would look in 23 years
to which the answer he suggests seems logicaland simple
but "not so" for the current "establishment"
"get a $49 ticket and fly to Los Angeles"

now "the solution" to the "education problem" "exists"
"if we want to find it"
but "the suspect" is that "is not convenient to find it"
when a society chooses "dogma" to produce more ignorance and more criminality
and to increase the "clientele" of a "cast" with an "interest" in forgiving sinners
"that is why the term god was introduced in the pledge of alliance"
that single term tells we chose ignorance and crime over rationality and knowledge
that single term "marks" the end of knowledge

now, going back to professor Bartlett $49 ticket
"any" training program in the world of the ones "that can do"
can show "some" level of comparison with the traditional education model
"but" "what is missing" in the traditional education model
and in some circumstances may even be extremely hard to achieve
is the same absence of "enforcement" method of which families are affected

it sounds quite ridiculous that in this society of geniuses
is chosen "the worse of the two worlds" for the two mayor operational life periods:
-teenage years where guidance is needed the most, "socially" made into years of anarchy
-professional life where guidance is needed the least, "socially" "micromanaged" in order to perpetuate the "corporate crime" agenda of conflict of interest, and action at the borderline of absence of legal enforcement and pure criminal behavior

now if you don't have an explanation for the phenomena, we do, and we can share it with you:
-in the teen years, anarchy conditions has been wanted by the "efficient idiots" full of "good intentions" that created modern education methods, and are meant to benefit "dogma", which in turn produces "criminality", which in turn provides "profits" for the ones that speculate on ignorance, and profit on "redemption of sinners" or justice contracts
-in the work age, "micromanagement" makes the simple difficult through the useless, in order not to expose the "silent racket" of "corporate crime" which is the base of higher profitability, corporations call it "loyalty", churches call it "faith", the mafia calls it "silence", three faces of the same cabal, the cartel of the leeches of humanity, the later much less harmful than the former two.
now here the solution for the first problem, "as we understood it":
-at age 12, children should be taken out of families, to be given a "standardized" base education, and to be formed over basic discipline concepts, not by "coercion" as it used to be in the older school and family system, neither by "laissez faire" as it is in the current school and family system, "but" in an integrated leadership based instruction institutions, in military schools, where discipline, and critical skills are more important than erudition
-at university level, the emancipated children are given back to the college and university system, where they "will" do about at least three times better that they do today, because in the mean time have learned "to think" and "to be organized", and have now a "healthy" and "positive" approach to learning

and here is the solution for the second problem, even if it has little to do with education:
-the free market is an "inefficient system" due to collapse within a decade, is facts at this point, "unless there is a third world war"
-from the system of the godly pricks money changers, we are going to have to transit into a logistic economy, so the christos, the corporations and the mafioso will have to convert their holy intimidation and holy harassment into the media, the outcome is not really consolidated at this time, but the economics of "peak everything" are indisputable
-the generations that would for the first time have "operational" "real" education, will do good into making the production system less of a farce promoting sons of the white duck, and more into a scientifically managed society of cooperation
the organization above does not come out of "fantasy dreams"
but is just an extrapolation of a similar process that takes place in military academies
at the difference of real society K-12 system that is specialized in training pariah
military academies have to train people for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
they have done so for thousands of years
"indisputably" with success


Response to “Who’s to Blame for the Population Crisis?” in Mother Jones

We will never be able to successfully tackle the most pressing problems plaguing our planet – climate change, poverty, food and water shortages, and the energy crisis – without also addressing the population factor.
In fact, most of these women don’t want or intend to use family planning because: 1. they have heard it is dangerous, 2. their male partners are opposed, 3. their religion is opposed, or 4. they don’t think it will work because they think God determines how many children they will have. Many people in the population/family planning field do not know this information, let alone journalists.
There is a tendency in some media to assume that anyone concerned about limiting immigration is racist without looking at their motivations. This creates even greater stigma against the population field – in this case, by a magazine that at least had the good sense to bring the global issue of population out of the closet. There are also those who say that anyone concerned with global population issues must be driven by racist concerns. But as a driving factor in determining whether human civilization is sustainable, the population issue is too important to be ignored, and the name calling against those working toward true sustainability on the planet needs to stop.

is a fact, but population control will never be solved
unless the religious falsities myth is addressed
religions use populations as means of social destabilization for their agenda
religions produce and create overpopulation
in order to destroy civilized society
religions prosper out of people misery
and create misery with the worse "weapon of mass destruction"
overpopulation and famine
there you are
the problem is ethical
the false ethics of religious mafia
produce and are the result of all of the above
there is no reason to use a racial issue
"unless" you are a church
"they" are behind "all" racial genocides

population control can be achieved effectively
with "sterilization for all"
and fertilization in vitro
but churches would lose their "weapon of mass destruction"
what can you expect from worshipers of cannibalism ?
what can you expect from worshipers of holy murder "forgiven"
"religious interest" is the single most dangerous "criminal cartel" racket of the planet


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Vatican Mafia, Rafael Rodríguez Guillén

the person saying it is an unexcommunicated Monsignor and Vaticanist priest who still has his canonical licenses
wicked criminals who meet in secret to weave traps and strategies for assassinations, and whose terroristic results kidnappings, assassinations, murders, fraudulent thefts, drug dealings, money launderings, etc, - appear daily in the press, is an irreligious Mafia without a criminal conscience. But the truth is that the most Satanic and dangerous Mafia of all, which resides in the Vatican, is hidden from us: Rome’s aristocratic and sacrilegious Mafia.
assassinated in the same way that they poisoned the Ex Jesuits
Dr. Alberto River for telling the truth

Introduction to the Vatican Bank Claims

Alperin v. Vatican Bank was originally filed in Federal Court in San Francisco in November 1999. The plaintiffs are concentration camp survivors of Serb, Jewish, Roma and Ukrainian background and their relatives as well as organizations representing over 300,000 Holocaust victims and their heirs.

The plaintiffs seek an accounting and recovery of the Ustasha Treasury that according to the US State Department was illicitly transferred to the Vatican, the Franciscan Order and other banks after the end of the war.

Defendants currently include the Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order. These defendants combined to conceal assets looted by the Croatian Nazis from concentration camp victims, Serbs, Jews, Roma and former Soviet citizens from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia 1941-1945.

Levy v. CIA is a lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act seeking release of US Intelligence agency files regarding the notorius Vatican spymaster, Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic. New records on Draganovic were released as a result of the successful conclusion of that lawsuit in 2001.
Windle Turley is a nationally recognized plaintiffs' attorney and is responsible for the first multi million dollar jury verdict against a Roman Catholic Diocese for sexual abuse of children in 1998.

Christian Cannibalism

Certainly the creepiest thing about the Christian religion is the practice of ritual cannibalism.
Eating gods is not a uniquely Christian concept. It was a common practice in many pagan cultures in Europe, Asia, and the New World. That it is common doesn't make Holy Communion any less ghoulish.

Many devout Catholics have made death threats against the Florida student referenced above; he is being compared with a kidnapper for the crime of not eating a cracker. Of course, the lad was stupid. I find it far easier if I disagree with a particular religion to simply stay out of their churches.
On the other side, it seems the church is now using armed guards to insure everyone swallows in the future. Sort of a fall back to the Spanish Inquisition.

But the practice, the tradition of eating God as an article of faith. Well, that frankly is pretty wacked.

Dracula the Christian

The fictional story of Bram Stoker's vampire, Dracula, derived from an actual historical man, Vlad the Impaler (also known as Vlad Tepes and Vlad Dracula). Although Stoker's fictional Dracula has produced fear in the hearts of readers for a hundred years, the real Dracula proved far more dangerous, scarier and real.

Vlad Tepes got born sometime between 1430 and 1431 in a Transylvanian town called Schassburg (aka Sighisoara). Vlad did not live as a vampire; but far worse: as a Christian. Like his father, he joined the Order of the Dragon (Dracul), an ancient Christian society dedicated to fighting Turks and heretics. Vlad earned the name Tepes (TSEH-pesh) which means "Impaler" a reference to Vlad's favorite form of punishment.

In 1408 the Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund, created the Order of the Dragon. Its statutes required its members to defend the Cross and do battle against its enemies and infidels. Vlad II took the name Dracul and his son, Vlad III took the name Dracula (Son of Dracul).

One of the symbols of the Order of the Dragon uses a strangled dragon which represents the Beast of Revelation (Satan) who gets slain by the forces of "good" (Christianity) represented here as the Cross of Jesus.

The Latin words, O quam misericors est Deus (Oh, how merciful God is) appears on the vertical bar and, Justus et paciens (Justifiably and peacefully) on the horizontal bar.

On Easter Sunday of 1459, Vlad committed his first major act of revenge by arresting the Boyer families whom he held responsible for the death of his father and brother. He impaled the older ones outside the city walls and forced the rest to build what people now identify as Castle Dracula.

In addition to disloyal people and Turks, Vlad regularly impaled infidels, gypsies, lazy peasants and "impure" women. He would pound wooden stakes (like a stauros ) up through their torsos, lollipop style.

Vlad also skinned people alive, roasted them over red-hot coals and by one account from the mid 1400s, "stuck stakes in both breasts of mothers and thrust their babies onto them."

The fictional vampire, Count Dracula killed around 16 characters, the Christian Vlad Dracula killed over 20,000 actual living breathing people.

Consider also that Christianity claims that men lived over 900 years (Adam, Methuselah. etc.), the practice of the Eucharist (consuming bread and wine, the literal drinking of blood and eating the flesh of Christ ), praying in front of a statue of a bleeding and dying man staked to lumber, the belief of the rise and resurrection from death, and the promise that, you too, will live eternal as long as you eat the flesh and drink the blood (see John 6:54), and you have all the elements of diabolic vampirism. I don't wish to unduly frighten anyone, but consider that anyone who passes you by as you walk the streets, might serve as a member among millions who visit dark churches every Sunday to receive their weekly fix of drinking Christ's blood in their ritual called communion. Now I don't for one moment believe in this sacrament, but if there occurred any truth to it, wouldn't we, by definition, have to consider them vampires?

For those of us who do not believe, Christianity and Vlad the Impaler represents horror filled examples of how religion can create fear, torture and death. As in that classic movie line, "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Can Italy Stave Off An Economic Collapse?

What Italy really needs is an economic overhaul. The country's regulations are centered around protecting privilege, not expanding opportunity, and they haven't kept up with modern times. Not only has this stifled growth, it risks insulating the country from immediate injuries while the long-term damage continues unchecked.

maybe if a meteorite hits the Vatican
and makes it lake tiberinus
but the chances are low
and still there is not enough time or science
to transplant the brains of Italian
fried by the religious drug


NO RELIEF AT ALL: The Italian Collapse Continues, Everything Selling Off

wait for the next one
wait for "the big one"
and in the mean time
keep insulting the intelligence of the electorate
and pocket on conflict of interest

Manovra, accordo dopo il vertice Salta il contributo di solidarietà

"I conti non tornano"
esclusi dal conteggio università e servizio militare
Nessun taglio ai piccoli comuni
Più poteri ad enti locali
Cgil: "Con le pensioni si colpisce chi lavora".
Authority boccia la Robin tax.

think this is the last comment over this drama
wasted too much of my time for things nobody cares of
and most of all, that are just a "theater"
this democracy is a farce manipulated by church and banking interests
"there is no reminiscence between Einaudi republic and current Italy"
"the institutionalized holy fraud has corrupted the country"
"and" pushed it in the third world

the reality is, that the republic has become the new kingdom of the pope king
historically one of the most retrograde and silly institutions ever existed
there is no will to be fair or to do anything useful or constructive
there is only a will of institutionalizing holy privileges
of more or less forgiven sinners who sin for the forgivers of the sinners
the country has been institutionally criminalized
to "consume" citizens that have now been demoted to subjects
"the coup" has been already made twenty years ago
and the attitude of the holy skim is clear to all of reason
so now "Do what thou wilt"

my advice based on the situation of the country
as appears on the media
is to move someplace else
"later it may be too late"
the Italian presence in the EC / EU may not be guaranteed
best options Canada, or Emirates
good options, northern Europe and Australia
"later it may be too late"
the ones who can should consider emigrating now

in a country where even communists are puppets of the pope king
there is no alternative, get the hell out "now that you can"
don’t wait for a revolution
and the "holy" Eustachian or Nazi extermination camps
because "that" is where the Vatican in power is going to take the country "again"
Christianity is consistent, 2000 years of massacres, tortures, and genocides
"but god loves you", yes, but they don't
and "if" there is a "real" god, surely has "nothing to do"
with their fury in the sky that forgives sins to their puppets
for the benefit of their perversions and holy skim
"they are just using your faith for their "perverted" power
you pay and pray, they "prey"


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene-bufala? E a destra si vuole abolire la protezione civile

è un “carozzone burocratico mangiasoldi, che fa pianificazione centralizzata”
Gli Usa sono un paese democratico votato alla ricerca della felicità dei più ricchi. Su YouTube c’è persino un video in cui Obama, che tutto è tranne socialista o comunque personaggio di sinistra, viene fatto passare come il capo dei Borg, la cività mezza di carne e mezza cibernetica che vive in un collettivismo assoluto di mezzi, strumenti, risorse come unica mente collettiva. Non mi stupisco più dell’egoismo di un paese come gli Usa moralmente marcio fino al midollo: i ricchi sanno benissimo che da qualsiasi disastro naturale si difenderanno con i soldi, i poveri, come sempre si arrangiano. Ma sono ben pecoroni questi poveri, che pur essendo in numero infinitamente maggiore dei ricchi non riescono a mandare alla Casa Bianca chi li difenda !

surely looks like it
the Katrina case looked like
the move of a dinosaur without a clue
there is a more simple explanation
"rigged" results using "electronic voting"

the "people" can do "nothing" to defend themselves from the christos-money-changers mobsters
"just like in Italy"

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."
probably nothing may happen
until a hurricane wipes out "their" election feuds
Florida and Texas
then they'll overhaul FEMA
but as long as it hits the non-christos
nobody cares

(Christian sect is) "The vampirism of pale, subterranean leeches!" (German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900)


Who says there is no such criminality,

That one does not know perfidy and foul play of Christianity!

Turisti in capsula: è l'hotel galleggiante

industrial solutions to political holy incompetence

you have a housing problem ?
"not really", you have a "holy stupidity problem"

How Much Would You Pay To Sleep In This Drain Pipe?

The Greenest Dollar

The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century

by Baron Avro Manhattan

Even Nazi Germans were horrified

La battaglia demografica (con la tassa sul celibato)

per accrescere la popolazione italiana secondo il concetto, ereditato da una tradizione agricola, che più figli significano più lavoratori disponibili e soprattutto più soldati: nei suoi ultimi discorsi prima dell'inizio della Seconda guerra mondiale Mussolini per affermare la potenza militare dell'italiana parlerà di "8 milioni di baionette". Per questo motivo il matrimonio con molti figli è favorito in tutti i modi. I padri con famiglie numerose ricevono salari maggiori, le madri sono premiate con nastri, diplomi, medaglie d'argento e d'oro. Alle nuove coppie vengono fatti prestiti pubblici che devono essere restituiti allo stato solo se non nascono figli o se ne nascono pochi. Essere celibi è un ostacolo alla carriera ed è un impedimento assoluto alla promozione per gli impiegati dello Stato; tutti gli uomini non sposati dovevano pagare la tassa sul celibato creata allo scopo di motivare al matrimonio.

Ratlines (World War II)

The origins of the first ratlines are connected to various developments in Vatican-Argentine relations before and during World War II. As early as 1942, Monsignor Luigi Maglione contacted Ambassador Llobet, inquiring as to the "willingness of the government of the Argentine Republic to apply its immigration law generously, in order to encourage at the opportune moment European Catholic immigrants to seek the necessary land and capital in our country"

Bagnasco: «Una cultura che semina menzogne»

oh, OK
maybe history lied

"I'll tell you the trout"
"said the philosopher of Crete ..."


Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Massoni contro Chiesa"

Una «impressionante campagna politico-mediatica» scatenata contro la Chiesa per aver denunciato la realtà dell'evasione fiscale e la «disattenzione verso quell'immenso e bistrattato valore e quella portentosa (ma non inesauribile) risorsa che è la famiglia, e la famiglia con figli».

Così il quotidiano cattolico Avvenire, per bocca del direttore Marco Tarquinio, reagisce oggi agli «attacchi» contro la Chiesa a proposito delle esenzioni fiscali, nati anche, secondo il giornale della Cei, dall'aver «ricordato a chi ha il compito di governare e di fare le leggi che, in un tempo esigente e duro di manovre difficili e di seri sacrifici, gli italiani attendono - e finalmente meritano - scelte giuste e utili per la preziosa risorsa famiglia e contro la sottrazione di risorse operata da chi evade le tasse».
«l'offensiva volta a far credere che la Chiesa cattolica sia 'il grande evasore fiscalè»

we are back at the time of the two "men of the providence"
Hitler and Mussolini
who closed the Masonic lodges and persecuted the masons they could catch
the interesting part, one of the two ended up suicide
the other hanged upside down

"but" the catholic church
responsible of its own "genocide",
the Eustachian massacres managed "directly" by the clergy
came out of the war "untouched"
and not only
through its Genova dioceses
managed as well to sneak out of the country
criminals wanted for war crimes
"entire divisions"
to south America "and" the US
where it is estimated ten thousand wanted Nazi war criminals are still living
under the coverup of the US government and false identity
this really traces the "architects" of the 2nd war crimes
to the Vatican and the DC puppet of Wall Street banksters interest

the "real" story ? the opposite of what the Vatican traitor
of the legitimate government of the time, the Monarchy
wants the people to know
"and" it is not a case
that with such men of the providence
the church become from a poor entity
the largest Italian real estate multinational
with the largest untraceable "tax exempt" offshore recycling banking business
with the help of their christos banking friends of wall street
the Republic should be warned
because their treason has continued
and everybody can now see
how they corrupted and indoctrinated
the entire country for their interests
Here notice how they twist reality
you talk about "unreasonable unlimited procreation"
they talk about their banking interests of money changers in the temple
"attack to the family with children"
they tell you "a piece of the truth"
but not "the whole truth"
only the part they find convenient
"the whole truth" is that population growth is "unsustainable"
and "religious fouls" have an average of 6 children per family
while they should stop at two
in order not to continue to overshot earth capacity
but obviously if you are in the real estate and banking business
holy wars and unlimited procreation are a source of profit
"that" they won't tell you

now notice again how they twist reality
here they tell you about their good work
not disputable
but they don't tell you about their hotels
and all the houses and apartments income
possibly rented at "special" rates to whoever they want
"maybe" because of some sort of "political convenience" ?
well, we don't care, it is "irrelevant"
in a civilized country
they "must" pay property taxes as anybody else
otherwise is tax evasion just as for everybody else
so we should make it very simple
"in the spirit of what the CEI sais"
"everybody pays taxes", "them included", amen
"no sons of the white duck"
no, the catholic church is not the only tax evader
but is a "mayor one", probably the largest of all
so it "should give Caesar what it belongs to Caesar"
as instructed by its prophet


The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century

by Baron Avro Manhattan

Even Nazi Germans were horrified

Marcegaglia: "La crisi? Non è una catastrofe" Poi avvisa: "Non è finita"

Grosseto - "Non siamo davanti ad una catastrofe ma davanti ad una situazione complicata. La crisi non è passata". Sono le parole di Emma Marcegaglia, presidente di Confindustria, nel corso di una tavola rotonda sulla crisi a Capalbio
La manovra C’è "preoccupazione forte perché mancano le riforme che ci chiedeva la Banca centrale europea e non sono state trovate le risorse per la crescita che, mi sembra, sia in peggioramento",
C’è un continuo aumento di tasse mentre la parte sulle pensioni che noi, una parte della maggioranza e moltissimi osservatori consideravano fondamentale per liberare risorse per la crescita non c’è più". La presidente ha anche puntato il dito sui mancati tagli ai costi della politica: "C’è una riduzione dei tagli ai comuni. Man mano che andiamo avanti si riduce la quota dei tagli alla spesa pubblica, si aumenta la quota di tasse e quel poco di tagli alla politica, come per le province, sembra che verrà stralciata".

Do not agree, we are in for a catastrophe
at least the one of us who are not accomplices
of the new world order skim of churches, banks and finance speculation
the ones in for the catastrophe are 99% of the people
"and the country as a whole"

the "refusal" of correcting now
is going to destroy the future of the country
supposed there was one left
it is time to go abroad
there is no more future in an Italy
where the interests of the banksters, the politicians and the Vatican come first
the maneuver is as usual an insult to people intelligence
that takes from the people
to keep financing a cast of useless incompetent parasites
it "will" depress the market because even it started with good intentions
is now becoming a little king Francis of Naples maneuver
and there is the "serious" doubt that the christos and the politicians
are "intentionally" trying to take advantage of the European community
with financial tricks
which may also affect future "credibility" of the country in the EU

this maneuver wont create jobs
and wont create savings on the pensions either
because it does the opposite of what it should do
which is eliminate the baby pensions "instantly"
and start raising the age a bit at the time
the consequence is actually further increasing unemployment
among the country with the highest youth unemployment in Europe

this maneuver wont cut costs
because the useless local government chairs are not eliminated
the measure was just a "false" and a "farce"
to get European nations to rescue our sorry ass
but don't you worry, Europe "will" remember it "next time"
and "next time" is just a matter of months

this maneuver will actually increase also debt
because it is known "worldwide" that in Italy public budgets
are designed to "legally" spend "always" 10% more than planned
"and nobody cares nor wants to fix it"
the "slap on the hand" is just smoke in the eyes of people and markets
but don't you worry
"markets know how to compute value at risk"
"just wait for the next downturn"

this maneuver does "absolutely nothing"
to demolish money wasted to finance
the censorship government lobby RAI television
one of the most non productive circuses in the planet
a money eating black hole
meant only for religious and political indoctrination
and brainwashing "propaganda"
at the expenses of the taxpayer cow

this maneuver does "absolutely nothing"
to eliminate the "scandal" of a nation
"milked" by a religion of parasites
at a level unseen anywhere in the world
probably outside of integralist countries like Iran
but "don’t you worry"
your church puppet skim is already under investigation at the EU

this maneuver may use government owned real property alienation
to finance current budget deficit "instead than" to reduce
the debt principal, with so wasting precious resources and
at the same time solving "absolutely nothing" in the
direction of controlling debt and usury

this maneuver will depress the market because:
-takes away discretionary income across the front from the consumers
-retirement maneuver causes a four time higher stress on the new generations
perpetuating end career paying jobs, instead than spending on start career low
paying jobs
-retirement maneuver perpetuate the homemaker gift of the taxpayer
for people that worked a nothing time, just because of "religious"
interest of increasing ans stimulating the myth of housewives and
baby maker at a time no reasonable country would pursue demographic growth
-"useless" public spending in "useless" commons, provinces and regions
keeps being perpetuated, thus "preventing" the government to readdress
significant amounts of the budget to "indispensable" and "non deferrable"
peak energy conversion projects, in absence of which the future of the country
industrial and agricultural capacity will be "doomed"
that is exactly the point
a "farce" as usual to keep milking the country
in favor of a cast of parasites, more or less holy
it is time to send them "all" home
and elect somebody that knows what is doing
and does not have to kiss the lower back of the usual holy lobbies
and if that may result impossible
then the President should declare the state of emergency
and appoint a government of experts "outside the politic skim"


Predominantly Atheist Countries Have Lowest Crime Rate According To Study

Several weeks ago, a ground-breaking study on religious belief and social well-being was published in the Journal of Religion & Society. Comparing 18 prosperous democracies from the U.S. to New Zealand, author Gregory S Paul quietly demolished the myth that faith strengthens society.

Drawing on a wide range of studies to cross-match faith – measured by belief in God and acceptance of evolution – with homicide and intimate behavior, Paul found that secular societies have lower rates of violence and teenage pregnancy than societies where many people profess belief in God.

Top of the class, in both atheism and good behavior, come the Japanese. Over eighty percent accept evolution and fewer than ten percent are certain that God exists. Despite its size – over a hundred million people – Japan is one of the least crime-prone countries in the world. It also has the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy of any developed nation.

(Teenage pregnancy has less tragic consequences than violence but it is usually unwanted, and it is frequently associated with deprivation among both mothers and children. In general, it is a Bad Thing.)

Next in line are the Norwegians, British, Germans and Dutch. At least sixty percent accept evolution as a fact and fewer than one in three are convinced that there is a deity. There is little teenage pregnancy , although the Brits, with over 40 pregnancies per 1,000 girls a year, do twice as badly as the others. Homicide rates are also low -- around 1-2 victims per 100,000 people a year.

At the other end of the scale comes America. Over 50 percent of Americans believe in God, and only 40 percent accept some form of evolution (many believe it had a helping hand from the Deity). The U.S. has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and homicide rates are at least five times greater than in Europe and ten times higher than in Japan.

All this information points to a strong correlation between faith and antisocial behavior -- a correlation so strong that there is good reason to suppose that religious belief does more harm than good.

At first glance that is a preposterous suggestion, given that religions preach non-violence and intimate restraint. However, close inspection reveals a different story. Faith tends to weaken rather than strengthen people’s ability to participate in society. That makes it less likely they will respect social customs and laws.

All believers learn that God holds them responsible for their actions. So far so good, but for many, belief absolves them of all other responsibilities. Consciously or subconsciously, those who are "born again" or "chosen" have diminished respect for others who do not share their sect or their faith. Convinced that only the Bible offers "truth", they lose their intellectual curiosity and their ability to reason. Their priority becomes not the world they live in but themselves.

The more people prioritize themselves rather than those around them, the weaker society becomes and the greater the likelihood of antisocial behavior. Hence gun laws which encourage Americans to see each other not as fellow human beings who deserve protection, but as potential aggressors who deserve to die. And hence a health care system which looks after the wealthy rather than the ill.

As for sex… Faith encourages ignorance rather than responsible behavior. In other countries, sex education includes contraception, reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Such an approach recognizes that young people have the right to make their own choices and helps them make decisions that benefit society as a whole. In America faith-driven abstinence programs deny them that right -- "As a Christian I will only help you if you do what I say". The result is soaring rates of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Abstinence programs rest on the same weak intellectual foundation as creationism and intelligent design. Faith discourages unprejudiced analysis. Reasoning is subverted to rationalization that supports rather than questions assumptions. The result is a self-contained system that maintains an internal logic, no matter how absurd to outside observers.

The constitutional wall that theoretically separates church and state is irrelevant. Religion has overwhelmed the nation to permeate all public discussion. Look no further than Gary Bauer, a man who in any other western nation would be dismissed as a fanatic and who in America is interviewed deferentially on prime time television.

Despite all its fine words, religion has brought in its wake little more than violence, prejudice and intimate disease. True morality is found elsewhere. As UK Guardian columnist George Monbiot concluded in his review of Gregory Paul’s study, "if you want people to behave as Christians advocate, you should tell them that God does not exist."

I might express that another way. The flip side of Monbiot's argument is that God would be an atheist,

Model Says Religiosity Gene Will Dominate Society

Hugh Pickens writes writes "PhysOrg reports on a study by Robert Rowthorn, emeritus professor at Cambridge University, that predicts that the genetic components that predispose a person toward religion are currently "hitchhiking" on the back of the religious cultural practice of high fertility rates and that provided the fertility of religious people remains on average higher than that of secular people, the genes that predispose people towards religion will spread. For example, in the past 20 years, the Amish population in the US has doubled, increasing from 123,000 in 1991 to 249,000 in 2010. The huge growth stems almost entirely from the religious culture's high fertility rate, which is about 6 children per woman, on average. Rowthorn says that while fertility is determined by culture, an individual's predisposition toward religion is likely to be influenced by genetics, in addition to their upbringing. In the model, Rowthorn uses a "religiosity gene" to represent the various genetic factors that combine to genetically predispose a person toward religion, whether remaining religious from youth or converting to religion from a secular upbringing. Rowthorn's model predicts that the religious fraction of the population will eventually stabilize at less than 100%, and there will remain a possibly large percentage of secular individuals. But nearly all of the secular population will still carry the religious allele, since high defection rates will spread the religious allele to secular society when defectors have children with a secular partner."

well, is the Easter island effect
when the religious parasite eliminates all others
then they end up eating each other
because the reality is that the godly useless trash
is not able to build anything of value
this also confirms the treason of religions
against their hosting governments and countries
that sabotage social stability with foolish dogma
of unrestricted irrational foolish procreation
as a "weapon of mass deception and destruction"

and this also makes evident that the Marxist dictatorship of proletariat
as much as the Nazi "on a mission for god"
inspired genocides of dissent
are all plans of the same architects
the church pigs looking for absolute world power


World Facing 50% Danger of Another Recession, Nobel Laureate Spence Says

“A combined downward dip in Europe and America, which is a good chunk of the industrialized economies, I’m quite sure will take down growth in China particularly, and that will then immediately spread to the rest of the emerging economies.” He put the likelihood of such a scenario “at about 50 percent.”

he is an optimist
looks more realistic like a 99.9999%
at this point there is no more possible stop to a crash
outside of emergency powers
as far as concerning the US
we failed to address in sufficient measure an incapacity of pursuing
enough of a political leadership
that could be somehow competent in the current challenges of world peak
leaving the country in the hands of money sharks and banking/oil puppets policy
with the additional sanctioning the insanity with the blessings of the supreme court
all this does not look as healthy policy in a great depression at the square
also, since it would touch the interests of the christos-mafia
we have "completely" failed to address
the "irresponsible" birth rate, major driver of population "still" unreasonably growing
setting ourselves up for "worse of the worst" crises in the next decade
consequentially drops of pro capita consumption will occur anyhow
and the double dip will be inevitable
"and" it will become triple, quadruple, and so on
for the whole downhill of the peak everything curve
ending at third world level or lower around 2040
hoping that shark loan practices could resume BAU
is a dream
you can only rob people once
maybe big bank sharks can give housing loans to illegal alien
that don’t know any better about their practices
is not going to happen
the level of credibility of US banks and churches
is now below zero
well deserved for the money changers
robbing the hands that fed them


L’Italia post-manovra? A brandelli

Perché non lo si dice chiaramente e senza il timore di fare una magra figura internazionale? Il debito dell’Italia non è come quello degli altri paesi, dal momento che è composto essenzialmente da costi esorbitanti della cosa pubblica che si autoalimentano in modo abnorme.
Un esempio? La Spagna. Si è indebitata perché ha speso miliardi in grandi opere come autostrade, ferrovie, aeroporti. Una massiccia infrastrutturazione in chiave turistica che ha sì prodotto esborsi ingenti ma che, una volta passata la crisi, ritorneranno (sta già accadendo) sotto forma di presenze turistiche e (altre) commesse alle imprese.
La miopia italiana, invece, sta tutta in una manovra che sarà inizialmente un placebo con la felicità della troika Fmi, Ue e Bce. Ma poi tra 10 anni ci consegnerà un paese a brandelli, con il ceto medio divenuto povero, dunque incapace di spendere, con un ritardo ancora più marcato rispetto al continente, con treni e ferrovie ante bellum, con imprese in affanno che produrranno altri disoccupati, con emigrazione massiccia verso chissà la Cina o il Turkmenistan, con un turismo ancora provinciale (non è possibile che l’aeroporto di una capitale disti 50 minuti dal centro città, bene che vada).
Non sbaglia Jacques Delors, uno degli ultimi padri socialdemocratici dell’Europa ancora in vita, quando dice che chi dovrebbe vigilare sta facendo finta di niente. E lancia l’allarme sull’euro a un passo dal baratro, ma sul cui destino pochi si preoccupano realmente. Con la delusione rappresentata proprio da tutti i vertici politici continentali che avrebbero dovuto osservare di più, a partire dalla Grecia (anziché concederle prestiti e valanghe di euro) ma passando anche da quelle altre economie che oggi si trovano con l’acqua alla gola.
La franchezza manca drammaticamente: ma all’Italia più di tutti.

well, it is the consequential result of choices made
and Italy has rather keep it's "holy cast" interests
and be sent back to the third world
than "negotiate" the holy crooks "not negotiable"
and use its brains instead than the fury legends
of the holy skunks

this is a known effect of combined power
between incompetence, ignorance and mythology
"typical" of a third world country
we chose the third world way
we will be paying the cost of the choices made
Europe will collapse "before" any other continent

but the church will be happy at the cayman islands
spending all the generous gifts of the Italian turkeys taxpayers
good luck to you
as the old general said in the book
"you wanted democracy ? enjoy it"
the last thing we would have thought of during the cold war
was a banking-religion mafia worldwide conspiracy
taking down the western world from inside
it is good it did not happen back then
we would have the USSR tanks in the streets
and is not good it is happening now
because it will lead to the euro-American fourth Reich
and to the genocide of the poor people
both in America and Europe
but as they say, with friends like churches
who needs enemies ?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Solo canzonette ma non qui Censura sui parolieri

In un libro tutti i testi su cui si è abbattuto taglio dalle motivazioni più strane. Nel mirino insospettabili come Morandi e Cocciante

La censura nel nostro Paese è stata a lungo esercitata dalla Rai, in quanto ente deputato, per molti anni in regime di monopolio, a trasmettere canzoni attraverso la radio e la tv. In realtà si tratterebbe di una commissione «di ascolto preventivo e di controllo sui testi» anche perché “commissione di censura” avrebbe ricordato i tempi del fascismo
«...e quando a letto lui ti chiederà di più» che diventerà «e quando un giorno lui ti chiederà di più». Con il letto ebbe problemi anche Loredana Bertè, incendiaria per natura. In “Sei bellissima” cantava: «A letto mi diceva sempre / non vali che un po’ più di niente». Ma niente letto. Venne fatto cambiare in: «E poi mi diceva sempre / non vali che un po’ più di niente»
“C’era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones”. Il passaggio che scottava era: «…mi han detto va nel Vietnam e spara ai Vietcong». Morandi venne raggiunto anche da un’interrogazione parlamentare: ci si domandava come «si permettesse a un autore di musica leggera di criticare la politica estera di un Paese amico come gli Stati Uniti»

there we are, RAI
another "cast" at the service of the pope king
and its network of corrupting threads
the hydra with snakes hairs
never say "sex" at the Vatican
severe chaos may lead to panic
it is disputable which religion
is the most "obsessed" with sex
it seems a common element
the hypocrites that talk of things "against nature"
knowing some part of history
the "interest" of the holy roman kingdom
trough their rat lines holy supporters in the US
was one of the leading factors
in "causing" the Vietnam war
that's what the "innocent" Catholics don’t want you to know
maybe the "Italian" should all expatriate
sell their properties to immigrants from the east
and leave "the bigots" there to skim each other
and kiss each other donkey
that’s pretty much all they know how to do
besides manipulating forgiven sinners
for the glory of their skim and revenues

it is easy to examine history
and see that when the church power was predominant
Italy was a failed geographical expression
while were the opposite was true
those were centuries of civilization and progress

Chi ha paura dei diritti civili?

Per esempio, il filosofo John Locke sosteneva che i diritti naturali della vita, della libertà e della proprietà debbano essere tramutati in diritti civili e protetti dallo stato sovrano tra gli aspetti del contratto sociale. Altri hanno sostenuto che le persone acquisiscano diritti come un dono inalienabile dalla divinità o da un'era precedente a quella della formazione dei governi.

as long as people are governed by mythology
progress is unthinkable
the middle age obscurantist cult dominates
not finding better solution for all
but causing trouble to the dissidents
that "understand" their fraud
what religion seek are populations of ignorance and submission
so their dirty skims go unnoticed
we are an "integralist catholic" nation
the equivalent of Iran, north Korea and other fanatics
the two possible options
at the end of the christos-banking-oil century skim
are not compatible with each other
the money changers in the temple interests
go against the interests of humanity
and with religion and usury we are due to be extinct surely
while with science, nobody knows, but maybe there may be a small hope


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ultimo atto dell'Undici Settembre

Le rivoluzioni che stanno scuotendo il Maghreb e il Levante rappresentano un’importante sconfitta per il progetto qaedista, perché mostrano quasi “plasticamente” che la politica è soprattutto qualcosa che si svolge alla luce del sole, nelle piazze, mobilitando le persone e non terrorizzandole attraverso azioni omicide concepite nella psicotica oscurità di remote caverne. Con il loro successo nel rovesciare quei tiranni contro cui il terrorismo si era in gran parte vanamente scagliato, i moti della Primavera araba hanno relegato ai margini del discorso politico arabo la violenza terroristica e riaperto lo spazio discorsivo all’islam politico. L’ultimo, in termini temporali, dei grandi avvenimenti di questo decennio è così forse il più significativo. Più ancora, al di là dell’enorme impatto simbolico, dell’eliminazione fisica di Osama. Proprio per la loro spontaneità e per il loro totale radicamento autoctono, le rivoluzioni arabe stanno ridisegnando un Grande Medio Oriente che sembra lasciarsi alle spalle l’11 settembre e le sue conseguenze insieme a quella miriade di errori strategici americani che ne sono stati l’incubatrice. Esse rappresentano in realtà il principale elemento di speranza per un quadro regionale che da quella fatidica data non aveva fatto altro che divenire più precario e insieme più bloccato, nonostante la quantità gigantesca di risorse politiche, economiche e soprattutto militari impiegate per costruire un nuovo ordine più stabile e sicuro.

well, those are the nice words
from the politicians
a campaign of mass disinformation
there is another interpretation that explains Egypt and Tunisia
Afghanistan and Iraq
and that explain the end of the Shah in Iran
a "dual" interest that in the governments and press is presented as "democratic"
but under the table, in the banksters-christos circles
with the benediction of the other new world order puppets and puppet masters
is actually trying to obtain both better deals on oil
and to bring to power the most integralist groups of the Muslim brothers
"under the table" with "plausible denial"
with a few exceptions, such as the one trillion business of opium
so important for the offshore christos-bankster
issue that in Afghanistan poses a question mark
for the rest of the regimes in crisis
we are looking at relatively modernized socialism
where it would sound instead more convenient
if they were back in the stone age of integralism
one small bombing here and there is a small price to pay
to control all that oil
so don't be surprised when the religious
will take over all those countries
and when they may only do business through wall street
it looks like that is "the plan"
this is Iran at the square or more
the longer they stay in the middle age
the best is going to be for the christos-banksters
let's not forget that all this holy people
is in the holy oily business


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

trucchi della Chiesa. Comandamento n° 11: non parlare di tasse

non è azzardato ipotizzare che le tasse non pagate dalla Chiesa - secondo una stima dell’Unione europea - ammontino a circa 4 miliardi di euro, più o meno l’intero contributo di solidarietà che gli italiani saranno chiamati a pagare nei prossimi tre anni
gli ha subito risposto Maria Rosaria Bindi, secondo la quale un emendamento per far pagare l’Ici alla Chiesa «non lo appoggeremo», ha detto, perché «la Chiesa è una grande ricchezza per la società italiana
«non è vero», ha aggiunto Castagnetti, «che basti inserire una cappella in un immobile per godere del beneficio». Ha ragione, non basta una cappella dentro un immobile: può anche essere fuori, e su questo possiamo solo invitare Castagnetti e Avvenire a informarsi meglio, perché le cose non stanno come dicono loro: soprattutto per quanto riguarda alberghi, ristoranti, cinema, cliniche, scuole, impianti sportivi e interi palazzi con appartamenti in affitto.
un’espressione abbastanza ambigua da meritarsi un’indagine della Commissione europea (tutt'ora in corso) per verificare se i citati vantaggi fiscali non siano contrari alle norme comunitarie sulla concorrenza

oh, that was unexpected
and all this without even looking
into the "offshore financial cabal" of the Vatican
and the extraterritoriality
that guarantees free hands over international money recycling
money often of dubious origin


The italian saga continues, more about the telenovela

Protesters Make Italian Rail Project the Little Engine That Couldn't

The enemy is a more than $28.4 billion plan to build a high-speed rail line between Italy and France, and so far Mr. Richetto's prayers have been answered. With street protests, legal actions and even some violent skirmishes, a thousands-strong group of villagers, lawyers and environmentalists has delayed the Treno Alta Velocita rail project, or TAV, as it's known here, for two decades. In the process they've left Italy's northwest bereft of a key source of international trade and jobs.
The line is due to go from Turin, in Italy's Piedmont region, to Lyon, in southern France. On the Italian end, the line, it is estimated, will generate nearly 8,000 jobs in the towns that dot the Susa Valley. Supporters estimate the line will boost traffic of commercial goods moving through the valley and give a 1% lift to the gross domestic product of the Turin province —one of Italy's industrial centers.

the fame of a culture of holy immobility
of the republic at limited sovereignty under the pope king
is now making news on planetary scale
like praying the oil fury is going to save
the kingdom of little king Francis version 2.0

if wealth was rated by number of churches
and holy and charity and christian movements and organizations
we would be leading the world

Italian MPs' cheap meals no laughing matter during tough times

Italian MPs may enjoy delicious meals at rock bottom prices in plush parliamentary restaurants, but for the people who voted them into power life is about to get very much harder.

and the cow pays

Italy 'could recover billions in taxes by setting up licensed brothels'

Mr Marchetti, the mayor of Altopascio near Lucca in northern Tuscany – an area popular with British tourists – said the sex industry employed between 70,000 and 100,000 people and millions of euros in revenue were going untaxed.

He said there were many sex workers in and around his town because of its geographical position – close to a motorway exit and in between several large cities.

but is "so immoral"
even the roman pisseurs were immoral
so now people piss in the back of the trees
just like the ones that have sex in the streets

and the cow pays
culture of bigot morons

Italian art experts accused of censoring phallic fresco

Italian art experts who restored a cryptic medieval fresco depicting a tree of fertility have been accused of censoring the work by painting over the numerous phalluses which dangle from its boughs.

god, so immoral
and the cow pays


Currently, the amount of Italy’s debt held by foreigners — nearly 800 billon euros — is more than that of Greece, Ireland and Portugal combined. Should Italy stumble, the aftershocks would be more disruptive than anything the euro zone has felt so far in the crisis.
Italy has regularly turned up on the informal list of Nations That Worry Europe. While its finances are not as precarious as those of Greece, Portugal or Ireland, because it is far larger — the Italian economy is the seventh largest in the world — its troubles are more frightening
Public sector debt amounts to roughly 119 percent of Italy’s gross domestic product, nearly identical to Greece. And like Greece, Italy is trying to ease fears in the euro zone and elsewhere with an austerity package, one intended to cut the deficit in half, to 2.7 percent of G.D.P., by 2012.
The current political crisis is so complex as to confound even veteran political analysts, to say nothing of average Italians. But what is clear is that Mr. Berlusconi has been struggling mightily to hold his coalition together.

Mr. Berlusconi narrowly survived two confidence votes on Dec. 14, 2010, avoiding the collapse of his government but prolonging Italy’s political agony. The votes, in the Senate and lower house, came in a highly charged atmosphere. Some protestors clashed violently with the police, who fired tear gas, as tens of thousands of people marched through Rome calling on Mr. Berlusconi to step down.

In spite of the victory, Italy was plunged into political uncertainty. Mr. Berlusconi, with his razor-thin majority, no longer has the margin to govern, and analysts predicted that he might resign and call early elections anyway.

and the cow pays


Monday, August 22, 2011

Ricette Caro Stato, vendere non può bastare: servono riforme. O ci mangiamo i ricavi
Cessione del patrimonio pubblico e riduzione della spesa dovrebbero andare di pari passo

Le due cose vanno fatte insieme. È sbagliato vendere il patrimonio per ridurre il debito se prima le spese dello Stato non sono diventate inferiori alle entrate, o almeno pari ad esse. In caso contrario, tempo pochi anni, il nuovo indebitamento riporterebbe lo stock del debito pubblico ai livelli precedenti alle dismissioni. Con la differenza che per ridurre il numero dei titoli del Tesoro in circolazione non si potrebbe più mettere mano al patrimonio: ce lo saremmo già venduto, tutto o in parte.

certainly, "it is not their money"
"it belongs to the people"
and the results of the sales should be
used to zero the debt, so the "usury" goes to zero
"and" the government at any level should be "prohibited" to contract debt
"and" the budget should be limited to the fiscal revenue
not enough, too bad, make yourselfe reserves
but the holy banksters are surely going to lobby to prevent so
as usual with corruption of "representation"

now when they play that game
to make one person or one company go bankrupt
there is nothing that can be done
"but" when here we are talking about "high treason"
and when sooner or later we may get to a state of emergency
then it happens that countries have other less known means
to reach these people in their countries and in their homes
or whatever hole they are hiding in
and "dispose" of them under a "sentence" of a war tribunal ...


Cento anni benedetti dal «miracolo»
di Valerio Castronovo

L'Italia stava dunque compiendo notevoli progressi, dopo le disastrose conseguenze della guerra. E ciò stava a indicare come la società italiana avesse in fondo una robusta capacità collettiva di resistere alle avversità e un'altrettanta vigorosa capacità di rimettersi in gioco. D'altronde, era quanto avevo constatato di persona avendo vissuto, durante la mia adolescenza, gli anni bui della guerra, fra tanti lutti e sofferenze, e poi quelli dell'immediato dopoguerra, fra molte privazioni e apprensioni per il futuro.
In pratica, nel 1961, quello che appena quindici anni prima era un Paese prostrato e avvilito, appariva risorto a nuova vita, in corsa per ridurre il divario abissale d'un tempo dai Paesi più avanzati, e aveva riacquistato inoltre rispettabilità in sede internazionale, essendo tra i fondatori della Comunità europea.

the miracles were the byproducts of fossil fuels
the miracle won't come back
it took millions of years to make the fuels we burned
in less than a century
the countries who may go down now
will stay in the third word forever
and from the big chat and the nothing getting done
all points to Europe wanting to go there now
to save the cast of its sons of the white duck
good luck, Europe is going to need it

Italy behind OECD on female employment rates, fertility rates and child poverty

il tasso d inattività femminile e materna, il tasso di natalità e il rischio di povertà dei nuclidi famigliari (monoreddito, ndr).

female employment rate, very bad
the Christos should get over the concept of the lonely housewives
obviously if you have more than one child
day care is going to cost
fertility rate down is a benediction of the almighty
"not enough", it should go negative
now think honestly as a mother
if you want to put in this world
people to be exploited, abused and enslaved by the Christos mafia
and their holy oil wars and banksters frauds interests

nobody in his right mind "today" would give birth
if they knew their born would become cannon fodder
live a life in misery, disease, starvation and suffer horrible death
for the holy profits of the holy banksters resource wars universal disgrace
the money changers in the temple, profiting out of treason
the shame and disgrace of the human species
the holy inhuman war criminal parasites

at the current rate of growth of population
there is "no solution" "but" wars and collapse on planetary scale
so the ones that preach for births
are looking for profitable holy wars
children poverty, very bad
but what can you expect by a middle age system
ran by more or less godly skimmers
which never wants change
and by a cast of holy irresponsible bad faith liars
that makes fertility profits out of ignorance
if families don't stop at 1, maximum 2 children
poverty and starvation "can not" be solved
"charity is a farce", an additional insult
from the part of this racket of dirty parasites


An architectural issue

middle age regulations
can only produce middle age design
it would be time to cancel all construction regulations
the industry seems to be aware of the issues
that's why they want to build towns in international waters



pretty nice

here, a concept of recumbent
(forgive the quick draw)

the interesting issues:
-track width, half track, half roads to maintain
-number of components, affects MTBF
-body parts, affects strength of chassis and weight, easier just one canopy
-foam cushions for seats, very light, float too
-weight of batteries, affects range, pedal-assist would be more economical
-hub motors, reversible, brakes assist
-same for self-sufficiency, disconnection, park and pedal to recharge
-solar film on the body, helps batteries
-removable APU, like a 20cc, for power assist under the hood
"weight", "self sufficiency", "minimal or no fuel"
are the magic word
then if the design is dimensioned correctly
and weight is very low
you can stack 40 or more of each in a special rail car
from the side in
so it fits the formula rail+drive
and possibly in the future sea+drive and airship+drive
reaching as close as possible the ratio 1:1
between curb weight and service payload
the technology is there already
what is missing are the brains of the consumers


Sunday, August 21, 2011

I timori del cigno nero

Quello che preoccupa è invece la possibilità che si realizzi un "cigno nero". Un evento raro e catastrofico, detto anche di coda. Evento che, giorno dopo giorno, sta diventando sempre più probabile e che sappiamo ha la caratteristica di manifestarsi nel modo più naturale e prevedibile possibile.
In fondo, le grandi depressioni sono il frutto degli errori di politica economica. Di errori già ne sono stati fatti abbastanza: uno stimolo di politica fiscale insufficiente negli Stati Uniti, il rientro anticipato verso l'austerità fiscale e monetaria in Europa, la mancata regolamentazione degli intermediari finanziari, la tragedia greca che per l'imbarazzante incapacità dei politici europei è divenuta tragedia europea a cui ha fatto da controcanto il dibattito inutile sul limite del debito negli Stati Uniti. Non si può sbagliare nuovamente e, per fortuna, ci sono ancora armi a disposizione.

Gli Stati Uniti possono contribuire con un nuovo stimolo di politica fiscale che crei domanda di beni e di lavoro e che colmi quel buco scavato dal crollo degli investimenti in edilizia. La fuga dei capitali verso la qualità ha portato i rendimenti dei titoli decennali americani a valori irrisori, il 2%. Sarebbe un grave errore ora avere paura della sostenibilità del debito pubblico americano e non direzionare questi capitali verso un ulteriore stimolo di domanda aggregata. Qualsiasi uso pubblico sarebbe più produttivo rispetto al non fare nulla e lasciare che l'economia imploda su se stessa.
una delle più belle lezioni sulla Grande Depressione viene non da Keynes ma da Milton Friedman, il padre del monetarismo, che con Anna Schwartz ha mostrato come la contrazione degli aggregati monetari sia stata una causa del perdurare della Grande Depressione. Non si può commettere lo stesso errore

is only a black swan the first time
when it reoccurs is because
"none" of the causes has been corrected
"none" of the causes has been removed
and holy "business as usual" has been reestablished
is only a black swan the first time
the second time it happens on the "same" tools and instruments
is the "empirical" prove of a "conspiracy"

now there may be other "different types" of black swans
we are in an age of resources depletion "with no precedents in history"
we are at a population level "with no precedents in history"
we are at a climate situation that may have had precedents
"but" "we don't have enough records to asses value at risk
we are proceeding in "uncharted territory"
so we are certain we are going to hit "a number of black swans"
it is unpredictable
that is a reason more to brace for "twice" or "thrice" the worse
does not seem likely
unless the current president quits and we go to elections
"and" if the GOP may win
then it will be worse
because the GOP favors letting everybody
"but" big banking, big churches and big oil go broke
for them the GOP is socialist
but for the rest of America, is conservative
the free market applies only "outside"
the lobby interest of their puppet masters

now there must be a reason of why
some European countries are pursuing big bank interest
and at the same time wall street interest
one is that "some" banks, guess which ones
masters of the political puppets
have as much interest in Europe as in the US
and "maybe" are blackmailing even their own governments
well, there is one known method of stabilizing a depression
which is large stimulus and large infrastructure work
the "new deal" has been verified to work in the facts
not "to solve the problem in long term"
but "to stabilize the markets" flooring the drop at one steady level
nobody knows the empirical solution at the end
the war came "before" the solution

Milton Friedman theory has never been used in correcting a "very severe" depression
but the problem is there, surely
this depression, "is 1929 at the cube"
and possibly the only solution that could be attempted in that direction
is discouraging large capital liquidity hoarding
and discouraging pure monetary profit
thus forcing reinvestment in productive activities

the Swiss maybe are right with the negative rates
and the French and German probably are right
with the Tobin tax
probably should be "very high"
make all those "money changers"
invest in "real economy" instead than "casino economy"
"for their sake"
because if the monetary system crashes
the "intrinsic value" of money does not go that far


The Black Swan and the Bell Curve

Many developments in the last few years have suggested that general public concern about global warming is much shallower than one might have supposed earlier in the decade, most recently Germany's decisions to end reliance on nuclear energy entirely and accelerate the phase-out of currently operating reactors. That means much more dependence in the next decade on domestic coal and natural gas mainly imported from the Russian sphere, and probably somewhat greater imports of nuclear-generated electricity from France. And it means that Germany is very unlikely to meet its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goal--a cut of 40 percent by 2020, vis-a-vis the 1990 level.
despite the consistency of extreme weather events with climate model predictions. Why did the president brood about such events being "beyond our power to control," she wonders, in his recent visit to tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri?
How much worse could they be? In an agricultural collapse scenario, we could be talking about millions, hundreds of millions or even billions of deaths--not the "mere" 20,000-30,000 premature deaths that have followed from the Chernobyl accident.
The Financial Times reported yesterday that 46 percent of the United States has been either abnormally wet or abnormally dry this spring; 21 percent is normal. "It is highly improbable that the remarkable extreme weather events of 2010 and 2011 could have all happened in such a short period of time without some powerful climate-altering force at work," said Southern Methodist University business professor Bernard Weinstein, quoted in the FT. "I expect that by 20 to 30 years from now, extreme weather years like we witnessed in 2010 will become the new normal."

The re-insurance company Munich Re has arrived at a similar conclusion: "The only plausible explanation for the rise in weather-related catastrophes is climate change. The view that weather extremes are more frequent and intense due to global warming coincides with the current state of scientific knowledge."

this seems to follow "exactly" wall street desires
both on Kyoto, where wall street position is known
"and" on nuclear, renounce which obviously makes happy
wall street oil and gas world monopoly interest
well, if you are on puppets masters payroll
you have to do what you have to do
but then you have to go there and pretend you care
exaggerating twenty or thirty thousand deaths
but "ignoring" where "peak planet"
can kill, "and most likely will"
"billions" of people of famine and natural disasters
"definitively points to a world scale conspiracy"
at the center "can only be"
the usual christos-bankster oil masters lobbies

again, that is why "all the evidence"
points to a planetary "religions banking" conspiracy
and the ones that talk "only" of "global warming"
without connecting the dots
to religiously convenient "irresponsible procreation" and "overpopulation"
and to oil-banking cartel convenient "peak oil" and "peak everything"
"are part of the conspiracy"
"they don't want you to know the causes"
"because of the responsibility of their puppet masters"
"the holy banksters religious fraud"
so they talk only of the effects
and "pretend" to be serious
finding supporters and deniers
and using the issue
as a weapon of "mass distraction and deception"
those are the effects of "wild capitalism"
also known as the wall street christos-banksters-kleptocracy
we have seen the official dogma in history
"the earth is flat and sits on four pillars"
"and the universe rotates around it"
monetary economics, another religion



Forze di polizia: una risorsa da razionalizzare

well, it is possible to modernize the whole organization
but it is not really a priority
the Saxon say: "if is not broken, why fix it ?"

there are so many "urgent" problems
that it would be a waste of time to approach this now
a reform on the US model
which is one of the most advanced in the world
but only at federal level
may cause the same issues at local level
where the problems keep growing
it is probably better to wait and see how the situation evolves
hoping to save out of reorganization
does not seem too realistic
actually the US system is extremely costly
given the times
would sound wiser actually spending more

the places for cuts are not justice, interior and defense
the place for cuts are "the codes"
and this is parliaments responsibility


Sorpresa, ecco una piccola rivoluzione liberale

Benedetto sia l’articolo 6 comma 4, in base al quale per i commercianti non ci sarà «nessun limite di orario diurno o notturno domenicale o festivo».

LOL, it must be a "really" nasty market
if you need to be open 24 hours to sell something
sounds like a program:
"nasty market, got to be open 24 hours"
but is a good start for the next step
teleworkers, internet orders, and direct home delivery, 24 hours a day


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