Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Italian Communication Agency Granted Unlimited Censorship Power

The Italian telecommunications agency AGCOM has given itself a new power: starting from July 6th the agency can shut down access to any website accused by copyright holders to break their rights. No judge will be consulted and the supposedly offending sites have no possibility to defend themselves.

well, from now on nobody will know of the pedophile church
of the church holocaust connivance,
of the church genocide in Croatia,
and of the mafia church banking scandals,
that looks like the usual solution
hide away the corruption and the lies
so while you pray and pay
they keep preying


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Italy's pensions timebomb

"The system was a complicated patchwork with pockets of privilege"

"We had the famous 'baby pensioners' who could stop work after just 20 years, pensions based on seniority, pensions based on age, special conditions for certain categories, such as people in the navy, even if they had spent their careers behind a desk not in a submarine."

actually 14 years, to favor the "demographic battle" of the bigots in power
well, any serious country would tell the ones that are not 65
that their pensions are suspended until 65
and to go get a job

on the other hands, since all this privileges are "clientele work"
the Italian governance will keep shifting the retirement age
beyond the reasonable life expectancy
now at 70, then to 75, then to 80, then to 85
the intent of this "cast" is now clear
just spill the money every month out of as many turkeys as they can defraud
but keeping changing age
in order not to pay anything to the ones that paid in the system
but keeping paying privileges for the "clientele" "cast"

this "cast" has lost any credibility
we have seen those changes 10 times in the last 20 years
if it was a private company it would be prosecutable under racketeering laws
anybody who can should leave Italy, there is no fix
the future of the country is doomed
the country has become a holy racket
and nobody cares doing anything about it

obviously this scandal would have never happened if the Vatican was in Istanbul
but unfortunately the fee we paid for losing the second world war
was to be forced by the winners
into a mafia ran democracy under a church of betrayers
that’s how they got away with crimes against humanity as in Croatia
they were the fifth column betraying both sides


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why Are Some Americans So Shockingly Cruel?

Only in America would you have a scene like the one that unfolded at the Republican debate Monday night.

let usury an mythology grow
and you get the empire of cruelty
a nation ran by leeches
the rest is only propaganda


Banks: Too Pig To Fail?

Thousands of people who purchased illegally foreclosed properties may not have legal title.

Prosecutors in Ohio, Florida and at least 20 other states are investigating one of the biggest acts of wholesale fraud in the history of American business.

Evangelical Christians created widespread election fraud

He says the use of the Diebolt computer voting machines and the use of large number of evangelicals to man polling booths created widespread electoral fraud, not just in Ohio. Three states have now rejected Diebolt machines and a month ago the CEO of Diebolt resigned. We must get paper trails in every state.

GOP Election Fraud Exposed

Formal Challenge Reveals GOP Recall Petitions
Plagued by Pattern of Misconduct and Abuse

RICO act politics
wondering why there is no investigation
maybe the nation under god cares less
about the godly frauds


Equalities & human rights chief told to apologise for bias against non-believers

TREVOR Phillips, the chair of Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), is in hot water with the British Humanist Association following “biased” comments he made in a recent interview.

Phillips is reported to have stated:

Our business is defending the believer. The law we’re here to implement recognises that religious identity is an essential part of this society. It’s an essential element of being a fulfilled human being.

more from the front of the christian holy war
to take over the planet

Church Mafia by Jay Cameron
This is a powerful play that will enlighten, confirm, and transform your thinking.

look, at the picture
they must have the same taylor


The United States has experienced religious and cult hucksters throughout its history, from Cotton Mather and his Salem witch burners to Billy Sunday, Father Charles Coughlin, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, and others. But none have ever achieved the kind of power now possessed by a powerful and secretive group of conservative politicians and wealthy businessmen in the United States and abroad who are known among their adherents and friends as The Fellowship or The Family. The Fellowship and its predecessor organizations have used Jesus in the same way that McDonald’s uses golden arches and Coca Cola uses its stylized script lettering. Jesus is a logo and a slogan for the Fellowship. Jesus is used to justify the Fellowship’s access to the highest levels of government and business in the same way Santa Claus entices children into department stores and malls during the Christmas shopping season.

here the puppetmasters


Monday, September 12, 2011


Viene quindi confermato il tradizionale schema che vede ONU, UE e NATO rappresentare l'architrave delle nostre scelte internazionali; in questo contesto, complice l'entrata in vigore del Trattato di Lisbona che conferisce nuovo slancio alla PESD (Politica Europea di Sicurezza e Difesa) in chiave europea nonché la grave crisi finanziaria, si rileva come i segnali dell'apertura di una fase nuova non manchino di certo, tanto da essere stati tra i punti al centro dell'attenzione delle ultime riunioni del Consiglio Supremo di Difesa.

well, here we have many different issues:
-a number of countries in the EU that do not provide a fair share of defense
-a lack of reference point in defense spending
-a NATO doctrine obsolete
from one side the UK spends a share comparable to the US in percentage
from another side Sweden teaches that with one tenth of budget (as in Israel)
you can reach the same results in a model of total defense
in the middle all the others, half way trough models and confusion
we thought thirty years ago and still think
the Swedish model of total defense
fits Europe the best
we have no natural fossil fuels, no prime materials,
and weak soils depleted in three millennia
we can not afford wall street defense solution
but we can reach the same results with Israel and Sweden models
"if we do something about it"
"instead than chasing models we can not afford"
surely soon the US may find out they have a budget problem too
"especially" with oil getting harder and harder to shuttle across the planet
it would have been easier restructuring NATO along total defense guidelines
but like the joke of the skeleton that goes to the doctor
we get there always at the last minute


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Newt Gingrich Pushing Bill To Allow States To File Bankruptcy Allowing Them To Renege On Pension And Benefit Obligations

Some unpleasant news for pensioned workers who believe that their insolvent state will be able to afford ridiculous legacy pensions in perpetuity. According to Pensions and Investment magazines, Newt Gingrich is pushing for legislation that will allow insolvent states to be taken off bailout support and file bankruptcy, in the process allowing them to renege on pension and other benefit obligations promises to state workers. And if there is anything that will get government workers' blood pressure to critical levels, it is the threat that money they had taken for granted is about to be lifted, courtesy of living in an insolvent state (pretty much all of them). And obviously what this means for equity investors in assorted muni investments is that a complete wipe out is becoming a possibility, as Meredith Whitney's prediction, which everyone was quick to mock and ridicule, is about to come back with a vengeance.

well, in a society of reason
you would think governments and states
would reduce their dinosaurs inefficiency
their pharaoh buildings and useless projects
and their cast employment "superior" clientele
but think again
"the holy cast" rights are "not negotiable"
so they are going to "consume" all their "subjects" pity wealth
steal grandma and grandpa pensions
take from the food of the homeless to pay for their limousines
"they", the poor thing public leaches, have to keep "their standard of living"
"pajasu", go find the meaning
you "superior" leaches "with standards", that "know everything"
grown up in a sheep society under a pig god, made at you pigs image
my poor father was republican
too good that religious bulls are just fantasy stories
if there was an afterlife you pigs would have all the ghosts
of your party founding fathers chasing you around


underwater express

over the 100 mph underwater

pretty nice

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why is Italy now at center of Europe's debt crisis?

So what is behind the current crisis around Europe's third largest economy? And what could it mean for Europe and the world if it escalates?

nothing really unexpected
by now we all know planet-wise that the "monetary market"
with "no friends but only usury"
is a "preying entity" meant to take down
the wealth of the planet
a "pyramid scheme" of "new world order"
yesterday was Greece, today is Italy,
then will come the rest of Europe
followed by China, Russia and Brazil
and last the OPEC and the US
is it going to change ?
not really, we live in a holy usury kleptocratic economy
in a skim under gott y los banditos de los bancos
the kleptocracies of holy usury will keep collecting profits
until we get to the top of the pyramid of the skim
until the last of the leeches, wall street kristo banksters
may have preyed anything there is to prey
and will face collapse
the wall street concept of market is a disease like AIDS
it behaves the same way
infects nations
at the end of the ponzi pyramids of skims
it will infect and kill wall street itself
when there will be nothing left to prey upon
now Italy as Greece could do something about the problems
but it "does not want to"
the administration is full of accomplices of the holy banking skim
it is not interested on shorting the leeches privileges "not negotiable"
but some things should go in place, for whoever is not linked
by restrictions of duty and loyalty to the leeches
one is "convert to a resource based economy"
that bypasses the leeches
another is "convert to logistic based growth"
that bypasses the leeches
a third is "be prepared to leave the country and operate from abroad"
and "leave in the country all the instruments for a raise"
in places the leeches may never find

as said, may not be possible to prepare solely in the country
but there are always other places
sometimes the choice is not where the profit is
but where the loss is less
it is time to bury the preparation tools
and sit and wait until the top leach "collapses"
it is a difficult program
because of long term and requirement of inter-generation coordination
but "one day", close to 2050-2060, there will not be
a finger of god and his holy money changers crooks
and that day will be the day of the judgment


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

COLLAPSE - Theatrical Movie Trailer

is not Maddoff pyramid skim
"the whole economy is the pyramid skim"
you have to believe there is a way out

there you are
there is a way out, it is known, but is not feasible
because "the whole economy is the pyramid skim"

so the only way out left are the barbecues and the cannibals
hungry ? no problems, grab a politician, a preacher or a banker
tender beef, don't like to work


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vatican returns to profit despite drop in donations

The Vatican issued its annual financial report today, saying it made a profit of €9.85 million in 2010 following a loss of €4.01 million a year earlier and losses in 2007 and 2008.

Revenues were €245.2 million against expenses of €235.35 million. In a statement, the Vatican said the results showed a continuing positive trend that began in 2009 but was hampered then by the effects of the global financial downturn.

The separately-administered Vatican city state also turned a €21.04 million profit, thanks primarily to booming ticket sales at the Vatican Museums.
But donations from individuals worldwide, the so-called Peter’s Pence, were down €10.2 million at €46.6 million in 2010, an 18 per cent drop from the year before.

well, there may be a solution
to the problems of the country
turn all corporations into churches
at our days churches are the most profitable businesses
sell a product with no limit of availability
at zero cost
everything is pure profit
now, go all open your own church
chances are that may turn out more useful
than the ones that already exist


Monday, September 05, 2011

Vatican's Crashing Down

In God's Name: An Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I

Videos found for your search theocons

or "how religions hijack nations for their agenda"
not only in America or the middle east
Italy is another example of integralist country
nothing can be done if not approved by the Vatican
a limited sovereignty republic under the pope king
their power enforced by forgiven sinners who sin in their favor
a country manipulated and squeezed by the christos and their fury tales


S&P Warns That Eurobonds, As Envisaged, Could Get Junk Rating

“If the Eurobond is structured like this…the answer’s very
simple: if we have a Eurobond where Germany guarantees 27%, France 20%
and Greece 2%, then the rating of this Eurobond would be CC, which is
the rating of Greece,” Kraemer warned. It would be “the weakest link
approach,” he said.

well, then applying the same criteria
start considering for the part of value at risk
US treasury bonds as junk bonds as well

Newt Gingrich Pushing Bill To Allow States To File Bankruptcy Allowing Them To Renege On Pension And Benefit Obligations

If the “particle of God” is only a chimera...

Not by chance...” says Professor Rafael A. Martínez, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, “...instead of naming it the ‘God’s particle’ Lederman initially wanted to call it the ‘goddamn particle’, given its elusive nature. However, the publisher insisted for a more acceptable name and Lederman created his brilliant explanation of the standard model all around it.”

well, time will tell
the possibility that science may need god to explain anything is quite slim
and not really "relevant" to the short term survival of the human species

what instead is "relevant" to the destiny of humanity
is possibly more attention from the part of the godly country club
to issues such as overpopulation, planetary depletion, starvation and extinction
but the Vatican does not seem too interested
in looking over the effects of the unlimited irresponsible procreation they preach for
maybe they should focus on the irresponsible procreation
that is a "relevant" issue
instead than discuss "irrelevant" ones as usual


Sunday, September 04, 2011

Is the world going bankrupt? - Debt crisis and market turmoil

Europe and the US are hopelessly over-indebted. The crisis that started in the US real estate sector in 2007 has devastated state finances on both sides of the Atlantic and is threatening to wreck the euro and trigger a second global downturn. The world lacks the political leadership needed to end the turmoil.
The longer the Western debt crises smolder on, the darker the outlook for the global economy. Because the US economy is collapsing, American consumers are buying fewer goods from China and India. And because investors are piling out of euro and dollar investments, supposed islands of stability are starting to look shaky as well. In recent weeks, the Swiss franc and the Brazilian real have appreciated so strongly that exporters in those countries have been virtually unable to sell their products abroad.
Berlin Officials Say EU Fund Can’t Save Italy — Even if It’s Trebled

Officials in Berlin say the fund could cope with a bailout of Spain but wouldn’t be able to handle Italy even if its resources were trebled. Worse, that assessment also applies to the permanent European Stability Mechanism (ESM) that is due to replace the EFSF in 2013. This admission is unlikely to strengthen confidence in the euro.

“You can’t bail out an economy like Italy,” said one high-ranking government official. The financial requirement would be too huge. Italy’s EU partners couldn’t even provide a guarantee for the country’s government debt, currently totaling €1.8 trillion, as some economists have proposed.
US Heading for ‘Banana-Republic Status’

“Our nation isn’t facing just a debt crisis; it’s facing a democracy crisis,” wrote the New York Times.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote the debt deal “will take America a long way down the road to banana-republic status.”
But the strategy has two dark sides: inflation amounts to a creeping expropriation of ordinary citizens, whose assets gradually lose value. And there is a risk that the US will export inflation to other parts of the world — to China, for example.
The expected slowdown could be interpreted as a sign that China’s economic planners are managing to engineer a “soft landing” for the economy. The central bank has raised interest rates five times since October 2010 and ordered banks to boost their loan loss provisions in a bid to stem price pressures. But a weakening construction sector — a key industry in China — is likely to pull other sectors like cement manufacturers and steel makers down with it.

China is like a junkie being forced into a rehabilitation program. But the government of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao only has itself to blame. When demand from the US and Europe collapsed during the last financial crisis, his government pumped around 4 trillion yuan (about €450 billion) into the economy, the biggest stimulus package in history, to boost the sale of PCs, television sets and cars. New motorways, airports and train lines were planned. China turned into a gigantic building site.

Local authorities ran up massive debts to stimulate the boom. That has lessened the central government’s scope to cool the economy down. If interest rates are raised too sharply, the provinces won’ be able to service their debts.

New York economist Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the 2008 financial crisis, fears that China could offload its surplus cement, steel and aluminium on world markets at dumping prices.
A Choice for Euro Zone — Break Apart or Integrate Much More

And in Europe, governments need to realize that they can’t keep on sitting out the euro crisis. The currency bloc will either break apart or its members will move much closer together on fiscal policy. The latter move offers the chance to move ahead with European integration. Here too, the necessary plans are all there — they just require a plethora of unpopular decisions.

If the euro is to survive, the donor countries will have to shoulder even greater financial risks than they have already. And the debtor nations will have to surrender their sovereignty in budget matters to Brussels bureaucrats for years to come.
It has become evident that debt-to-GDP ratios of 80, 90 or 100 percent will sooner or later cast doubt on a country’s creditworthiness. Even supposed paragons of fiscal virtue such as Germany must be careful. The German debt ratio of 83 percent is too high, given the ageing population. Who is supposed to pay down that debt in the future?

Scaling down debt isn’t easy, as can be seen in Britain. The government of Prime Minister David Cameron has imposed more rigorous spending cuts than any other traditional industrial nation. The austerity program is coming at a high price. The cuts are hitting domestic demand and have all but wiped out economic growth. Every country that embarks on fiscal cuts faces a similar fate, and it takes years for the measures to bear fruit. States that have restored their budgets to health tend to grow faster than profligate ones.

So the economic prosperity of the West hinges on whether governments are capable of thinking in new dimensions of time. They finally need to start thinking further ahead than the next election.

no doubt
and debt produces only spiral debt now
"exponential function"
you can not bet on an expansion market
because we are in the down of the curves
at least for another 50 years
the only "sovereign" solution would be changing "the nature" of currency
but surely is not the status quo interested, it would take more than that
yes, we are going into DE-globalization
everybody sells its production at home or around there
printing money, and thus increasing internal debt
obviously it can only go so long
"especially" without a change "in the nature of currency"
so countries with immense resources, like CSI and Brazil will decline slow
China and India may regress back to the populist system of the 70s
"especially" because are giving up enforcing "strict" population reduction
and Europe is doomed, because with the same decrease rate of de-consumption of the US
has virtually no prime materials, obsolete technology, and lousy agriculture capacity
"and" is not serious about a "drastic" reduction of births and population control
it is true
the only "sovereign" solution would be changing "the nature" of currency in the EU
there is no solution with BAU
it is true
the pyramidal nature of motion of profits on markets
"usury and currency speculation"
leave the last banana republic simply to fall last
but at this point all the west is in the bananas business
just that Europe will fail in the third world 20-30 years before the US
but the western "standard of life" is due to fail
is inevitable with peak everything and the end of the oil age
there are a lot of furry tales
but reality is "nothing can replace cheap oil"
yes, but there is no alternative
except collapse or change of the "nature" of currency
the first nobody wants
surely the Jekyll island holy mafia would not want the second
they are trying to unload internally
with inflation and increased debt
but if things turn sour
they will dump the world market
and take down commodity prices
and is just a matter of time
yes, integrate more eliminates potential internal euro wars
but only defers the problem
what would be important is cross elimination of debt by compensation
and a common centralized control of currency
refusing to acknowledge the need of devaluation in a contracting system
is surely a recipe for disaster
trying to hold on to exchange rates
has "never" worked in history
if the top of the hills devalue currency, everybody else of common sense should do the same
it is impossible in a contraction market
the only ones that can save themselves are country with around 10% debt
only the ones that "extinguish" debt completely can survive
otherwise the godly pigs money changers market has already a destiny for "all countries"
"bankruptcy" guaranteed
is just a matter of how long and how high rates they are permitted to push the skim
because the longer they push it
the more the pigs get in usury and rights
so technically would make more sense to default immediately
instead than prolonging the agony
and would make it cheaper too probably
an example, Iceland
this does not protect however
from ending like Iraq and Libya
the bloodsuckers of Jekyll island
would most likely figure out a way to create a genocide and a civil war
in each defaulting country
over the models they specialized on
Bolshevist and Nazi
both genocides branded "christos leeches of wall street"

so the "not negotiable" Zimbabwe "standard of living"
will be in Europe around 2025-2030
in the CSI, China, India and Brazil around 2040
in the emirates around 2045
and finally in the US from 2050 to 2060


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands

Thiel has been a big backer of the Seasteading Institute, which seeks to build sovereign nations on oil rig-like platforms to occupy waters beyond the reach of law-of-the-sea treaties. The idea is for these countries to start from scratch--free from the laws, regulations, and moral codes of any existing place. Details says the experiment would be "a kind of floating petri dish for implementing policies that libertarians, stymied by indifference at the voting booths, have been unable to advance: no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage, and few restrictions on weapons."

it could have been an idea 100 years ago
maybe is still feasible as a millionnaire tax avoidance heaven
the Vatican should build itself one
but on the other hands, the idea of a "new age" society
could be fascinating as well
a society with no religion, no money and no morals
with restricted reproduction rights in vitro only
and where the only law is damage based
and damage is assessed with the ancient formula
"an eye for an eye"

a technocratic logistic society
based on a simple concept
"liberte', egalite', fraternite'"
something to think about


Space debris

In a historical overview written in early 2009, Kessler summed up the situation bluntly:

Aggressive space activities without adequate safeguards could significantly shorten the time between collisions and produce an intolerable hazard to future spacecraft. Some of the most environmentally dangerous activities in space include large constellations such as those initially proposed by the Strategic Defense Initiative in the mid-1980s, large structures such as those considered in the late-1970s for building solar power stations in Earth orbit, and anti-satellite warfare using systems tested by the USSR, the U.S., and China over the past 30 years. Such aggressive activities could set up a situation where a single satellite failure could lead to cascading failures of many satellites in a period of time much shorter than years

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fiat could shift Italian SUV production to U.S.
Tommaso Ebhardt/ Bloomberg News

Fiat might assemble a yet-to-be built subcompact at the Mirafiori plant after the strengthening euro made the possibility of building SUVs mainly destined for the U.S. a less competitive option in Europe, said the person, who declined to be identified before an official announcement
"From a product-mix point of view, it makes a lot of sense," said AT Kearney analyst Marco Santino. "The U.S. would keep know-how of SUV building, it would help the launch of Alfa Romeo in North America and it would be a more competitive product due to lower costs of production."
The Italian carmaker plans to start production of a small city car in 2013, according to its 2010 plan.

the nonsense euro monetary policy
refusing devaluation "at random"
or requiring three months for any decision
"has a cost"
also the projected European market consumption curve
is going down much "earlier" than the US and the Emirates
so, the life cycle of those chains of production
is going to be at least a decade longer in the US
and later maybe another further 5-10 years when moved to the Emirates
what it makes more sense for Italy specifically
are "labor intensive" "technology intensive" productions
"preceding" the ultra-light ultra-low fuel consumption demand curve raise
to be ready to compete on markets with fast decline, such as Europe
on new markets with limited energy access such as some Asia, some south America and Africa
and on the slow decline markets, such as Russia and Brazil
the last two where, most likely, such new chains of production
may need to be moved within a decade
in Russia and Brazil their life cycle may last another 15-20 years
and could make room for a second generation of ultra-light transport
for which the market does not yet exist
but will surely be created by the big economic crashes of the next decade

as long as the demand regulates the design
it will take a two stage process to get there
it would be more efficient to go there directly
but consumers brains can not adjust that fast
and incompetent governments and holy financial vultures
don't seem to be willing to see the iceberg
so there seem to be no other alternative


but those gull-wing doors are laughable
looks like
"the office of complication of simple design"
what about one piece canopy ?
maybe not even engineers brains
can adjust that fast
the auto business
may need to hire designers
at EFA, MBB, SAAB or Dassault


Change You Don't Have to Believe In

Europe is telling itself one cockamamie story after another. We've got a rescue fund! Only it has no money! But we will bail out Italy nonetheless! But Italy is too big to bail out - and we tried stuffing it under the carpet, but there's no more room with Greece, Ireland, and Portugal already suffocating in there.
I'm not convinced that the US bond rating will even matter that much because nobody knows what anything is worth anymore - especially when governments teeter and the folks in the public square (or the parking lot in America's case), start yelling for blood.
Obama looks like one of those hapless, floating creatures in the second-to-last scene of O Brother, Where Art Thou.
Everybody is broke now: national treasuries, giant banks, pension funds, insurance companies. The wonder so far is that credit default swaps have not yet been triggered by interest rate changes or some other silly shit, but when that comes to pass there is no way the counterparties can settle their contracts.
The casino is on fire and a flash flood is boiling down the strip. It's no fun running to the exits only to find the revolving doors already eyeball deep in dirty water. America gibbers to itself but nobody has a clue. I'll try to help: this is a compressive financial and economic contraction (one is money, the other is activity). Late-summer storm that it is, it looks to be intensifying. Everything that's super-big is going down sooner or later. The exact sequence of failures is unpredictable. But you can be sure Nature is telling you to get local, get smaller, get finer, downscale, solidify your friendships, and drop your stupid grandiose fantasies about running WalMart on algae. This is change you don't have to believe in, because it is about to jump up and bite you on the lips.

no understanding of how bad the situation is
because of the holy preaching of the media
we could have said it 30 years ago
and nobody would have believed it
as it is not believed now

all the "cast" is trying to do
is milk the cow as much as they can
even if they were willing to fix anything
they mostly lack both the good faith and the competence
probably not
the nature of vapor currency is now known
the barn door has been sold to save the barn
and the turkeys are out
either just drama or the politics really "believe"
that the outcome involves "them ?"
the best you can get out of the vapor money of wanna be geniuses
but hey, they are "superior", they have "standards"
"they know everything" because "they are under god"
and "their skim is not negotiable"
(the grandson of the banker of Hitler,
and the holy bankster of the roman church of genocides
with the white skirt)

"the great robbery" stops somewhere
god freaks and wall street racketeers overestimated the resilience
and the pockets of the planet
food is the limit where the revolution starts
it may take a while here
but the process of decay is ongoing

Europe, however, is at serious risk "now"
after the middle east, Europe is the next Egypt
was right the Emperor of China
the subversive hands of the religious-banksters racket
are evident "causes" of the whole problem

"unlimited unreasonable procreation"
"weapon of planetary destruction"
with "religions" and "money changers"
any society is doomed to "collapse"
their dream is to go back to the stone age
where their holy crooks "bubbles"
look like knowledge
"ignorance" as instrument of power


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