Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Massoni contro Chiesa"

Una «impressionante campagna politico-mediatica» scatenata contro la Chiesa per aver denunciato la realtà dell'evasione fiscale e la «disattenzione verso quell'immenso e bistrattato valore e quella portentosa (ma non inesauribile) risorsa che è la famiglia, e la famiglia con figli».

Così il quotidiano cattolico Avvenire, per bocca del direttore Marco Tarquinio, reagisce oggi agli «attacchi» contro la Chiesa a proposito delle esenzioni fiscali, nati anche, secondo il giornale della Cei, dall'aver «ricordato a chi ha il compito di governare e di fare le leggi che, in un tempo esigente e duro di manovre difficili e di seri sacrifici, gli italiani attendono - e finalmente meritano - scelte giuste e utili per la preziosa risorsa famiglia e contro la sottrazione di risorse operata da chi evade le tasse».
«l'offensiva volta a far credere che la Chiesa cattolica sia 'il grande evasore fiscalè»

we are back at the time of the two "men of the providence"
Hitler and Mussolini
who closed the Masonic lodges and persecuted the masons they could catch
the interesting part, one of the two ended up suicide
the other hanged upside down

"but" the catholic church
responsible of its own "genocide",
the Eustachian massacres managed "directly" by the clergy
came out of the war "untouched"
and not only
through its Genova dioceses
managed as well to sneak out of the country
criminals wanted for war crimes
"entire divisions"
to south America "and" the US
where it is estimated ten thousand wanted Nazi war criminals are still living
under the coverup of the US government and false identity
this really traces the "architects" of the 2nd war crimes
to the Vatican and the DC puppet of Wall Street banksters interest

the "real" story ? the opposite of what the Vatican traitor
of the legitimate government of the time, the Monarchy
wants the people to know
"and" it is not a case
that with such men of the providence
the church become from a poor entity
the largest Italian real estate multinational
with the largest untraceable "tax exempt" offshore recycling banking business
with the help of their christos banking friends of wall street
the Republic should be warned
because their treason has continued
and everybody can now see
how they corrupted and indoctrinated
the entire country for their interests
Here notice how they twist reality
you talk about "unreasonable unlimited procreation"
they talk about their banking interests of money changers in the temple
"attack to the family with children"
they tell you "a piece of the truth"
but not "the whole truth"
only the part they find convenient
"the whole truth" is that population growth is "unsustainable"
and "religious fouls" have an average of 6 children per family
while they should stop at two
in order not to continue to overshot earth capacity
but obviously if you are in the real estate and banking business
holy wars and unlimited procreation are a source of profit
"that" they won't tell you

now notice again how they twist reality
here they tell you about their good work
not disputable
but they don't tell you about their hotels
and all the houses and apartments income
possibly rented at "special" rates to whoever they want
"maybe" because of some sort of "political convenience" ?
well, we don't care, it is "irrelevant"
in a civilized country
they "must" pay property taxes as anybody else
otherwise is tax evasion just as for everybody else
so we should make it very simple
"in the spirit of what the CEI sais"
"everybody pays taxes", "them included", amen
"no sons of the white duck"
no, the catholic church is not the only tax evader
but is a "mayor one", probably the largest of all
so it "should give Caesar what it belongs to Caesar"
as instructed by its prophet


The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century

by Baron Avro Manhattan

Even Nazi Germans were horrified

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