Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Italiani popolo di navigatori? Non sul web - Corriere della Sera: "Italiani popolo di navigatori? Non sul web" -> ovvio risultato di alti costi di mercato telefonico monopolizzato, per informazioni scrivete alla SIP, Pechino, Italia :)

Monday, August 28, 2006 "first great gift, the first radical expression of His powerful love, an ordered, precious cosmos, capable of sustaining the mysterious, fragile reality of life”. Benedict XVI took his cue from the same Biblical admonitions last June to warn of “nature’s wailing”, caused by the “many ways in which the Earth is abused”.

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea: "Who Will Pay for the Chimera? "

Thursday, August 24, 2006

SPIEGEL Interview: The Two Apes within Us: Hippy Sex Fiends and Brutal Machiavellians - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News: "Hippy Sex Fiends and Brutal Machiavellians

So if humans evolved from apes, which ones are our closest relatives? Dutch primate researcher Frans de Waal spoke with SPIEGEL about bloodthirsty chimpanzees, sex-crazed bonobos, the origin of the family and the nature of human beings."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

GridCafé - What is the Grid?: "What is the Grid?"

A country of paradoxes otherwise known as Russia - Pravda.Ru: "A country of paradoxes otherwise known as Russia"

Monday, August 21, 2006

Supercavitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "A cavitation forms behind an object passed by a rapidly streaming liquid
A cavitation forms behind an object passed by a rapidly streaming liquid

In 1940 the German company Henschel developed the first projectile to use supercavitation: the Henschel Hs 293 C. In 1977, Soviet engineers developed the VA-111 Shkval ('Squall') torpedo. This can travel at 230 mph (100 m/s) underwater, compared to the top speed of about 80 mph (35 m/s) for conventional aquatic craft, but it is reportedly not steerable. Even faster speeds of about 310 mph (ca. 140 m/s) and higher have also been rumored. News of the device reached the West in the 1990s.

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island, USA is now also working on the phenomenon."

Friday, August 18, 2006

Russian girls abandon their nation in need - Pravda.Ru: "Russian girls abandon their nation in need"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Corriere della Sera - Gli hot-dog «mutano» il Dna?: "Gli hot-dog «mutano» il Dna?
Una ricerca americana suggerisce questa possibilità dopo lo studio su un batterio. Ora sperimentazioni sui topi per verificare

OMAHA (NEBRASKA) - Che gli hot-dog, i famosi panini coi wurstel non fossero proprio il cibo più saluare del monod era noto. Ma ora uno studio ventila l'ipotesi che possa favorire la formazione di tumori, modificano («mutando») il Dna.
La ricerca in questione è stata condotta da esperti dell'università del Nebraska, guidati da Sidney Mirvish, ed è stata pubblicata sulla rivista scientifica sul Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
Mirvish e i suoi collaboratori hanno puntato la loro attenzione sugli hot dog perchè precedenti studi avevano ipotizzato una loro correlazione con il tumore del colon.
Gli hot dog sono conservati attraverso l'uso di sali e nitrati, che, in certe condizioni, possono dar luogo alla formazione di un composto chiamato nitrosamina, ritenuto potenzialmente cancerogeno negli animali.
I ricercatori americani hanno esaminato estratti da diversi hot dog comprati in normali supermarket e hanno osservato che, quando mischiati con nitriti, davano luogo a composti capaci di indurre mutazioni nel Dna della Salmonella, un batterio, con una frequenza da due a qua"
Il possibile rischio, peraltro, non sarebbe limitato agli hot-dog, ma a diversi altri alimenti, come la salsa di soia, o pesci essicati e salati.
16 agosto 2006

Corriere della Sera - La Tv «analgesica» per i bambini: "La Tv «analgesica» per i bambini
Secondo uno studio italiano potrebbe contribuire a ridurre il dolore nei piccoli. Ancora da accertare con precisione il meccanismo"

Dwarfish pigs beat cats and dogs and guide George Clooney’s private life - Pravda.Ru: "Dwarfish pigs have become the most popular pets in the USA and several European countries. The miniature pigs slowly but surely invade Russia too conquering pet-lovers’ hearts with their cute and funny appearance. It is not ruled out that small pigs will soon become a serious competition to cats and dogs in the future."

La Stampa Web: "
Sul monte di Erice nebbie d’agosto"

Shuman Resonance on the increase!! - "Now if the shuman resonance usually sits at around the delta, theta range. Which is, in humans, sleep. Now assuming the earth is connected, or rather we are connected to it. And assuming that the earth itself is a living organism. We can conclude that the earth was. Up until recently “asleep”. Now the shuman resonance is currently at about 13-14 hz. Which is in the alert category! Meaning the big fella is wide awake!! But why?? "

Ghosts created by low frequency sounds: "Research has previously proven that exposure to low frequency sound can cause a variety of physiological effects, many of them adverse ones, such as shivering, anxiety and breathlessness. These responses can lead a person to think that some unseen danger is imminent, or feel like he is being watched. Infrasound might even cause hallucinations. Tests at NASA have shown that the human eyeball has a resonant frequency of 18 cycles a second, and will vibrate in sympathy with infrasound waves that have a similar frequency. Under these conditions, there would be a 'smearing of vision' that is capable of making someone see evanescent hallucinations in the periphery of their visual field. This effect is reminiscent of the theories of neurologist Michael Persinger, who has suggested that electromagnetic waves can interfere with brain activity and lead people to think they see ghosts or aliens."

icCoventry - Pioneering ghost hunter Vic dies: "Pioneering ghost hunter Vic dies

Jul 28 2005

By Helen Cotterill"

Monday, August 14, 2006

Censorship in China: Muzzled in Beijing - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News: "Muzzled in Beijing

By Andreas Lorenz in Beijing

Often arrested and threatened with violence, foreign correspondents in China can lead a dangerous life. Two years before China will host the Olympic Games, Beijing is still a long way from welcoming the foreign press."

Piacenza: cade un aereo cargo algerino - Corriere della Sera: "Piacenza: cade un aereo cargo algerino
Era in volo da Algeri a Francoforte: aveva segnalato problemi a Milano. Precipitato in un campo: nessun danno a case o abitanti"

Grass divide i tedeschi: restituisca il Nobel - Corriere della Sera: "Dopo la confessione choc dello scrittore sull'arruolamento nelle SS
Grass divide i tedeschi: restituisca il Nobel
Il biografo Michael Jürgs: «È la fine di una istanza morale», ma il filologo Walter Jens lo difende" - I guess before this one they should revoke Moniz Nobel ...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Welcome | Creative Commons

Strange holes in the ground discovered in Krasnoyarsk region - Pravda.Ru: "Strange holes in the ground discovered in Krasnoyarsk region"

CRN | Constructing A Windows-Less Office: "Constructing A Windows-Less Office"

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Great Deception: the propaganda that we pay for (part 2) - Pravda.Ru: "For example, in December 1987 the United Nations General Assembly passed a very strong resolution against terrorism, condemning the plague in the strongest terms, calling on every state to fight against it in every possible way. When it came to vote, one country, Honduras, abstained and two voted against it: United States and Israel. Are you surprised?

This was because of the article 8 of the resolution that mentions the elimination of colonialism, racism, and alien domination and occupation. This should tell you a lot about why UN can not come-up with a definition of terrorism. Here is the text of the article 8.

Article 8 of the UN resolution against terrorism: 'Also urges all States, unilaterally and in co-operation with other States, as well as relevant United Nations organs, to contribute to the progressive elimination of the causes underlying international terrorism and to pay special attention to all situations, including colonialism, racism and situations involving mass and flagrant violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms and those involving alien domination and occupation, that may give rise to international terrorism and may endanger international peace and security.'"

The Great Deception: the propaganda that we pay for (part 1) - Pravda.Ru: "The war on terror is used like a beautiful magician's assistant, to distract the public while the magician does his tricks. As long as people are scared and busy with Osama Bin Laden, no one will be noticing the systematic erosion of their civil liberties, or the increasing inequality, or declining quality of their lives. Who cares if 37.0 million Americans live in poverty? Who cares if over 13 million families including 26.5 million children are living at the edge of the poverty (median income = $38000)? Who cares if the top 10% own 71.5% of everything in US ? As long as you are afraid of the evil 'terrorists' and are engaged in an unending war, you will not care."

Groenlandia, accelera la fusione dei ghiacci - Corriere della Sera

Sex Education in Korea: A Phallus Garden in "Love Land" - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News: "

A Phallus Garden in 'Love Land'" Home: "free office suite" sun open office

Free Solaris Binary License Program

La Stampa Web - this is like paying a dominatrix to beat you up :) , but hey, the viruses are free

Cuba libre, incubo per gli Usa - La Stampa Web: "
Cuba libre, incubo per gli Usa
Ad accendere ceri per una lunga vita a Castro non è quindi solo la cerchia di oligarchi a lui vicini, ma anche l’amministrazione Bush
di Mario Vargas Llosa"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Axp-List Archive: "Remember: never attribute to malice what can be adiquatly explained by
If you adopt this point of view suddenly things become clear. The world
is run by idiots.


Film choc contro i cattolici - Corriere della Sera: "In gara dal Giappone «Il sussurrare degli dei»
Film choc contro i cattolici
Un altro scandalo a Locarno. Avvertimento prima della proiezione: può urtare la vostra sensibilità"

Russian oligarch does not mind his beautiful wife starring in softcore porn film - Pravda.Ru: "Russian oligarch does not mind his beautiful wife starring in softcore porn film"

Hitler rewrote the Bible and added two commandments - Pravda.Ru: "Hitler rewrote the Bible and added two commandments"

Hitler's last treasure belongs to Russia - Pravda.Ru: "Hitler's last treasure belongs to Russia"

Ancient pyramids found in Ukraine - Pravda.Ru: "Ancient pyramids found in Ukraine"

HATSHEPSUT Lunga vita alla regina - La Stampa Web: "
Lunga vita alla regina"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Corn Cob 3D, A 1940's era flightsim where you battle aliens. Works better on older computers

JüRgen Drews Lyrics - Ein Bett Im Kornfeld - Lyrics Crawler: "JüRgen Drews Lyrics - Ein Bett Im Kornfeld "

Così fan tutte (1992): "Così fan tutte (1992)"

Così fan tutte: "Così fan tutte ossia La scuola degli amanti"

GM grass takes a walk on the wild side - World - Times Online: "


The Times August 10, 2006

GM grass takes a walk on the wild side
By Lewis Smith
An experimental plant, designed for golf courses, has been found three miles from its test site
A GENETICALLY modified grass designed to improve golf courses and lawns has caused alarm in the US after escaping into the wild.

Creeping bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera, has spread up to three miles outside a test site in Oregon with nine different plants being identified.

It had been modified to make it impervious to the herbicide glysophate and was designed to appeal to golf course managers who would be able to spray large areas to kill off weeds without damaging the grass.

Homeowners were considered another lucrative market because it could help them to create perfect lawns in front of their houses.

The US Department of Agriculture has ordered a full environmental audit of its impact and spread to determine the threat to wildlife. Unlike GM crops such as maize and soybeans, which are annuals and unable to reproduce, the perennial grass was able to produce seeds during outdoor tests."

Iran's Secret Research: From Russia With Love? - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News: "IRAN'S SECRET RESEARCH

From Russia With Love?

Tehran is continuing its research into a uranium enrichment program with the help of Russian laser know-how, according to new allegations."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Corriere della Sera - Depressione via in due ore? «Allucinante»: "Depressione via in due ore? «Allucinante»
Sorprendenti effetti, soprattutto per la rapidità, di un noto farmaco usato come anestetico. Peccato che abbia effetti psichedelici"

Monday, August 07, 2006

Employers are allowed to discriminate against smokers - Pravda.Ru: "Stihler, a Scottish Labor lawmaker, was responding to constituents' reports of an Irish call-center's job advertisement that said 'smokers need not apply.'"

US sanctions against Russia may lead to the end of partnership - Pravda.Ru: "US sanctions against Russia may lead to the end of partnership"

Nuclear Scare: How Close Did Sweden Come to Disaster? - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News: "NUCLEAR SCARE

How Close Did Sweden Come to Disaster?

By Philip Bethge and Sebastian Knauer

The incident at Sweden's Forsmark plant underscores the vulnerability inherent in the process of producing nuclear energy. Experts say the accident won't be the last of its kind."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Europa, una pronuncia choc: si può non assumere chi fuma - Corriere della Sera: "Europa, una pronuncia choc: si può non assumere chi fuma
Bruxelles, la Commissione lavoro: non esistono norme che lo vietino Il caso sollevato dal personale escluso in un call center irlandese"

... che bella idea da un continente con 3000 anni di storia ...

... presto diventera' "non esistono norme che vietino di non assumere i grassi, i magri, quelli troppo conservatori, quelli troppo progressisti, quelli che bevono vino (escluso il vin santo), quelli che non vanno in chiesa alla domenica" ...

... che bell'esempio di tolleranza, complimenti ...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

La Stampa Web: "
Kissinger: nessuna pace senza l'Iran
di Henry Kissinger"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Umbilical blood can cure 100 diseases - Pravda.Ru: "Umbilical blood can cure 100 diseases"

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