Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Civilization of care

In Florence, Zanotelli spoke clearly to the extremist wings of the movement and expressed the concept of " civilization of tenderness": " Active non-violence is not merely pacifism, it is something different. I started reading Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Don Milani, Mazzolari and they helped me to realize it had been Jesus of Nazareth who first practised non violence, the same non violence that was crushed by the Roman imperialism, in Galilee. I'd like to beg of you, with all my heart, to find the courage for such a radical choice: non-violence. The present system is naturally violent. We have to build a non violent system, a 'civilization of tenderness'."

well, such a system can only be a logistic resource based society
with no long term private accumulation of wealth
and with no privilege status of social position
a spartan society of technocrats
that work twice as much and twice as effectively than others, for the same compensation
and to be so, can only be a society with no currency
and a society with no mythology and no inhibitions
there is no need for violence when something can be obtained as entitlement by all
nobody is going to take something he/she can get from everybody at no cost

but "limited resources" require "limited reproduction"
unlimited reproduction leads inevitably to war
now, you can spend less or nothing on weapons
won't change the outcome
because anything is a weapon, even bare hands
since the age of sticks and stones

actually disarmament has never produced peace in history
only "deterrence" does
the reasons why we are in wars for somebody else interests
is lack of deterrence, that requires somebody else "protection"
and mines at the base liberty of a militarily weak nation
"vis pacem, para bellum"


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