Monday, August 22, 2011

Cento anni benedetti dal «miracolo»
di Valerio Castronovo

L'Italia stava dunque compiendo notevoli progressi, dopo le disastrose conseguenze della guerra. E ciò stava a indicare come la società italiana avesse in fondo una robusta capacità collettiva di resistere alle avversità e un'altrettanta vigorosa capacità di rimettersi in gioco. D'altronde, era quanto avevo constatato di persona avendo vissuto, durante la mia adolescenza, gli anni bui della guerra, fra tanti lutti e sofferenze, e poi quelli dell'immediato dopoguerra, fra molte privazioni e apprensioni per il futuro.
In pratica, nel 1961, quello che appena quindici anni prima era un Paese prostrato e avvilito, appariva risorto a nuova vita, in corsa per ridurre il divario abissale d'un tempo dai Paesi più avanzati, e aveva riacquistato inoltre rispettabilità in sede internazionale, essendo tra i fondatori della Comunità europea.

the miracles were the byproducts of fossil fuels
the miracle won't come back
it took millions of years to make the fuels we burned
in less than a century
the countries who may go down now
will stay in the third word forever
and from the big chat and the nothing getting done
all points to Europe wanting to go there now
to save the cast of its sons of the white duck
good luck, Europe is going to need it

Italy behind OECD on female employment rates, fertility rates and child poverty

il tasso d inattività femminile e materna, il tasso di natalità e il rischio di povertà dei nuclidi famigliari (monoreddito, ndr).

female employment rate, very bad
the Christos should get over the concept of the lonely housewives
obviously if you have more than one child
day care is going to cost
fertility rate down is a benediction of the almighty
"not enough", it should go negative
now think honestly as a mother
if you want to put in this world
people to be exploited, abused and enslaved by the Christos mafia
and their holy oil wars and banksters frauds interests

nobody in his right mind "today" would give birth
if they knew their born would become cannon fodder
live a life in misery, disease, starvation and suffer horrible death
for the holy profits of the holy banksters resource wars universal disgrace
the money changers in the temple, profiting out of treason
the shame and disgrace of the human species
the holy inhuman war criminal parasites

at the current rate of growth of population
there is "no solution" "but" wars and collapse on planetary scale
so the ones that preach for births
are looking for profitable holy wars
children poverty, very bad
but what can you expect by a middle age system
ran by more or less godly skimmers
which never wants change
and by a cast of holy irresponsible bad faith liars
that makes fertility profits out of ignorance
if families don't stop at 1, maximum 2 children
poverty and starvation "can not" be solved
"charity is a farce", an additional insult
from the part of this racket of dirty parasites


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