Saturday, August 27, 2011

World Facing 50% Danger of Another Recession, Nobel Laureate Spence Says

“A combined downward dip in Europe and America, which is a good chunk of the industrialized economies, I’m quite sure will take down growth in China particularly, and that will then immediately spread to the rest of the emerging economies.” He put the likelihood of such a scenario “at about 50 percent.”

he is an optimist
looks more realistic like a 99.9999%
at this point there is no more possible stop to a crash
outside of emergency powers
as far as concerning the US
we failed to address in sufficient measure an incapacity of pursuing
enough of a political leadership
that could be somehow competent in the current challenges of world peak
leaving the country in the hands of money sharks and banking/oil puppets policy
with the additional sanctioning the insanity with the blessings of the supreme court
all this does not look as healthy policy in a great depression at the square
also, since it would touch the interests of the christos-mafia
we have "completely" failed to address
the "irresponsible" birth rate, major driver of population "still" unreasonably growing
setting ourselves up for "worse of the worst" crises in the next decade
consequentially drops of pro capita consumption will occur anyhow
and the double dip will be inevitable
"and" it will become triple, quadruple, and so on
for the whole downhill of the peak everything curve
ending at third world level or lower around 2040
hoping that shark loan practices could resume BAU
is a dream
you can only rob people once
maybe big bank sharks can give housing loans to illegal alien
that don’t know any better about their practices
is not going to happen
the level of credibility of US banks and churches
is now below zero
well deserved for the money changers
robbing the hands that fed them


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