Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'Money' the perfect tool for Enslavement
By Brian Jonathan Liew

All these four entities normally work together hand in hand. The banks finance the corporations, the corporations lobby the governments and have politicians in their pockets
This really is not rocket science on how these group of so called "Elites" have worked for the destruction of humanity and lowering the quality of life all around the world. Most of the masses have been too distracted because of the need to make a buck in order to survive and the attention has been diverted away from the real cause of the decline in quality of life and the enslavement of humanity.
If we continue to succumb to the media, peer pressure and our greed, and if we continue to tolerate the connections between these Elites and let this happen, we will eventually be enslaved by them, manipulating us and ultimately enslaving ourselves. Connecting the dots is not rocket science and more common sense and at what point in time do we have to reach before we get totally enslaved?

a "bravo" for your accurate analysis
that could however be taken to the next step up the pyramid of the leeches
not sure if you don't want to go there
because of religious belief
but intellectual honesty requires us to do so
you identify the square base of the pyramid
but you omit to list the "architects"
the mafia cartel of the religion racket
and how you determine that ?
"simple", as the Saxon say "follow the money"

an example, Italy
in 1900 the catholic church was broke, and all the people had property and no debt
in 2011 the people are broke, enslaved by debt, and the Vatican owns one third
of the whole real estate in the country
nobody knows how much money the catholic banking mafia has
but surely a lot of it, if it could buy elections and politics of so many countries
and control and influence wall street holy banksters

the mafia cartel of the religion racket
has controlled monetary and physical enslavement of populations
since the time of the Sumerians

the allegory of the mythological figure of the "Christ"
that rolls over the banks of the "money changers in the temple"
sends the message that "anybody" who touches their holy skim interests
ends up crucified, "by them", the "architects"
thus positioning the "holy pigs" of the mafia cartel of the religion racket
"above" any "Christ" (that means chief or king)
and thus contradicting the instruction given to them by the Christ
"to give to Caesar what it belongs to Caesar"
and if you think about it
they do so in every single country in the world
"religion" a worldwide "tax exempt racket"

how their poor missionaries that spent all their life helping miserable people
their little country priests, that in misery carry on their holy duties
their living saints
"may not see" what is going on in the "holy see of Satan"
is beyond belief
but the cruelty of the Eustachian genocide
"may give an explanation"
fear of the "absolute power" of their evil kingdom
"fear" over their lives, exercised through the killer hands of the forgiven sinners
the "other" cast, the holy assassins at the service of the roman anti-Christ

and here comes the "most satanic" of all doctrines
that "is obsessed" about unreasonable impossible to feed demographic madness
and possibly the explanation of all
is in the Eucharistic rite of cannibalism
that allegorically represent the ascent to power of the religious satanic leadership
starvation through overpopulation
to restore the supremacy of the holy pig over the "Christ" or "Caesar"
the time was yesterday
but their "silent genocide" methods are now "more sophisticated"
in the "roman holy Nazi wall street pyramids"
people have "disappeared" from the bottom "slowly" and "inexorably"
over longer periods of time
made "innocuous" and "selectively marginalized"
to make sure the "truth" does not reach the "other" puppets who don't "yet" know
"but" they are planning "mass extermination" and it can happen "at any time"
"don't miss"


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