Thursday, June 30, 2011

"A ruling class that is "religiously illiterate" cannot lead in the 21st century"

apparently the religious literacy
of the political class of the Easter island
did them a lot of good


convinta dal partito ad autosospendersi dopo che è emersa la notizia della sua partecipazione come protagonista di un film pornografico

... too bad ...
... she should have had a promotion ...
... she is cute and smart ...
... somebody should marry her ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too big to fail.

... apparently is an habit ...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

American Girl - Tom Petty Studio Version with Lyrics

Michelle Bachman played this song after announcing her run for the presidency. Tom promptly asked her camp to never play his music again. The man has standards.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Beyond bones & stones
Mount Toba Eruption – Ancient Humans Unscathed, Study Claims

75000 years ago
few thousand left on earth
so if we go back long enough in history we are all relatives
and 75K years is a nothing as time frame
as the 100K years occurrences of Milankovitch cycles
apparently ancient Swahili cats "miew"
while ancient Egyptian cats "niew"


The Largest Conspiracy of All Time -Jesus Christ was Caesarion, the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

interesting, sure there seems to be a lot more historical reference
than in the religious books which keep revising based on convenience


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ignorant New Atheism

a new form of atheism in fashion which uses the results of experimental sciences to support its preconceived ideas
a form of atheism that is aggressive and polemical towards believers and purports to overpower them with empirical and populist arguments
reinforcing the atheist prejudice through science, anthropology and psychoanalysis has become a habit, distorting them through their investigative fields and using them as a form of expression in an area in which they are incompetent

ignorant ?, a statement in defense of ignorance, it takes quite some knowledge to understand the limits of knowledge, it looks to me as circular reasoning, anybody who knows a minimum of anything would rationally admit a certain degree of ignorance, however anybody who could claim to hold the whole truth, could be held to the claim empirically, and given the historical lineage of records over organized religion, such verification does not seem to prove in the facts such unwarranted claims
atheism ?, interesting position, religions should be happy there are such animals as atheists, actually necessary to justify a system of good and evil, prize and fine, as on a black and white chessboard, religions should be grateful that there are such species as atheists, otherwise their stated purpose would make them obsolete, or worse "irrelevant", in absence of sinners to redeem, in absence of enemies, there would be no more purpose for holy wars, or for the collection and multiplication of the profits of god and his holy bankers
the new form of atheism must have learned from religions, which used the results of experimental sciences, or suppression thereof, to support their preconceived ideas for centuries
aggressive, is a bad concept, on the other hands also the Inquisition was a bit aggressive, and so it seems having been the Eustachian clergy again, it seems religions gave enough "good examples" in history of "their" aggressiveness
populist arguments in science ?, such as studying the effects of unlimited reproduction and unlimited depletion of environment in fallen civilizations ? or studying the effects of religious fanaticism in historical cases of genocides ?
incompetent ?, thats another big word, a statement in defense of incompetence, again, it takes quite some competence to understand the limits of competence, some levels of incompetence are arbitrarily reached by the judgement of men, but it is hard to dispute the competence of the pathologist when states that the skeleton is dead, so here there is a limit of where subjective competence ends, and factual evidence starts, and while there may be doubts about how scientific psychoanalytic or economic conclusions may be, under an empirical point of view it seems more competent he who believes in the immortality of stones and in the behavior of gravity, than the ones that believe in subjective "theories" that as such remain, because chosen, more or less purposely, not to be measurable with empirical evidence
given the above, a question nobody seem to ask themselves, under the pressure of the media brainwash and the persuasiveness of door to door holy salesmen, could be "how relevant the issue is ?", and here the answer for the most may be more or less subjective, but for a few would be objective and the empirical answer would possibly be "irrelevant"
now a political consideration, it seems interesting that the holy interests of the roman kingdom of god, reached the former largest Italian multinational, we are waiting to see when Mediaset may be opening channel "V" for the glory of the pope king and his holy bankers.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quando si perde il posto dopo i 35 anni è difficile ritrovarlo. Il mercato penalizza questa fascia d'età. A volte anche perché sono troppo qualificati. Funzionano di più le 'segnalazioni' e i cv sono come un messaggio in bottiglia. Le tabelle, le interviste e i video

"Fuori meridionali e gay"
Così le 'black-list' delle interinali
Per essere collocato non basta mandare un cv. I criteri di selezione di un agenzia di lavoro interinale sono condizionati dal sesso, dall'età, dall'aspetto fisico e dalla regione di provenienza. Parla Mario, ex dipendente di una delle più grandi agenzie interinali in Italia, selezionatore di curricola. "Molte aziende ci chiedono di scartare i napoletani"

same thing here
just different options, besides young and of pure saxon race
non smoker, kristian and submissive in BDSM sense
and there is a relation between the later three


Monday, June 20, 2011

Portland Gladiators

The Portland Gladiators were a Minor League Baseball team in the New Pacific League. They were based in Portland, Oregon and only lasted one season, in 1896, before the league folded in mid-season. They ended up wining the championship game. One notable player for the Gladiators was Charlie Babb.

Watch Georgia Force vs Cleveland Gladiators NFL Live Game Streamcast

Code, The / Excerpts from The Italian Code of Chivalry by Colonel Jacopo Gelli

Sunday, June 19, 2011

San Marino, il Papa: famiglie in crisi
anche per colpa del lavoro precario

L'istituto della famiglia che si sta sfaldando sotto i colpi della secolarizzazione, la mentalità edonista che spinge a rifuggire dai veri valori e infine la precarietà che tormenta la vita di troppi giovani.
«Non vanno poi dimenticate la crisi di non poche famiglie, aggravata dalla diffusa fragilità psicologica e spirituale dei coniugi, come pure la fatica sperimentata da molti educatori nell'ottenere continuità formativa nei giovani condizionati da molteplici precarietà, prima tra tutte quella del ruolo sociale e della possibilità lavorativa».

Parole che sicuramente faranno piacere alle migliaia di precari che in questi ultimi giorni avevano protestato vivacemente attraverso twitter, facebook e diversi blog per criticare il ministro Brunetta per le sue parole (poi rettificate: "siete l'Italia peggiore"). Nell'omelia di Benedetto XVI non mancano riferimenti al quotidiano e alla fatica di tanti nuclei familiari. «Anche qui come altrove non mancano difficoltà e ostacoli, dovuti soprattutto a modelli edonistici che ottenebrano la mente e rischiano di annullare ogni moralità. Si è insinuata la tentazione di ritenere che la ricchezza dell'uomo non sia la fede, ma il suo potere personale e sociale, la sua intelligenza, la sua cultura e la sua capacità di manipolazione scientifica, tecnologica e sociale della realtà. Così anche in queste terre si è iniziato a sostituire la fede e i valori cristiani con presunte ricchezze, che si rivelano, alla fine, inconsistenti e incapaci di reggere la grande promessa del vero e del bene e del bello».

he "forgets" to mention
that while before the times of the generous man of the providence
and before the republic with limited sovereignty under his kingdom
the Vatican went from a poor church
to the first real estate multinational in Italy
while Italy went from a world level power
into a bankrupt country
but we guess that churches are the same everywhere in the world
the values of their holy investments
in the holy oil and the holy banking usury of god are not negotiable
and the fact that churches in the west are now
some of the wealthiest entities in society
while the people are losing their pity crumbs of wealth everyday
to the holy usury of the money changers in the temple
is the "prove of the almighty" to punish the people for their sins
while the simpleton still listen to religions
or while the jobless people may be believing religions
remains a holy mystery
they will be very disappointed when they may become the victims
of the next holy holocaust
in 2000 years the religious institution
has only produced holy wars, holy massacres and holy crimes against humanity
but hey, keep hoping the fantasy man in the sky
comes to save you from his church


Friday, June 17, 2011

I bastioni di Orione di Daniele Lepido

Microsoft e il software pirata in Lombardia: Lodi copiona, Monza virtuosa

Quando negli anni '90 si doveva acquistare un computer c'era sempre il “cuggino” di un “amico” con un negozietto d'informatica che ti diceva: “Solo perché sei tu, ho un computer che è una bomba a un prezzo stracciato”
La tranquilla Lodi sembra il capoluogo più colpito dal fenomeno con 1 offerta su 4 di software Microsoft non originale. Al secondo posto Brescia con il 23% di software non genuino, seguita da Sondrio con il 20%. Grande stacco con Como che si attesta all’11%, Pavia con l'8%, Bergamo e Varese con il 7%. Cremona, Lecco e Monza
l’Office of the United States Trade Representative ha inserito l’Italia nella lista nera dei Paesi ad alto tasso di pirateria.

how times are changing
it used to be that people used dos, windows and macs
because the most could not afford SCO and Solaris
or even the "unreachable dream" of workstations
now that "anybody" can get "for free"
better operating systems than the older Unix
such as the various Linux and BSD
the simpletons still keep buying or worse pirating
the lousiest products in the hills of software
let's see
let's make a parallel for the car business
let's suppose you can buy your choice of a trabant or a yugo
from your wall street cats and fox
or you can get your choice of an alfa romeo or bmw for free
which one would you chose ?
now explain me why you want the trabant paying ten times of what is worth
or why you took somebody else's yugo
when you could have as many bmw and alfa for free


Sole molto calmo, ci aspetta l'era glaciale?
L'astro sta dimostrando un'attività minore del previsto

indurrebbe qualche studioso a presagire l’arrivo di un secondo periodo noto come «minimo di Maunder», un lasso di tempo di circa 70 anni tra il 1645 e il 1715 durante il quale non si sarebbe registrata alcuna macchia solare. Parallelamente sulla Terra si determinò una piccola era glaciale e le due cose vennero collegate, anche se diversi scienziati non sono d’accordo.
L’effetto serra – dicono gli esperti – continuando con gli attuali ritmi porterebbe un aumento della temperatura per il 2100 variabile tra 2 e 4,5 gradi centigradi. Anche se si limitasse ai 2 gradi , quindi, una lunga riduzione dell’attività solare fino alla fine del secolo abbasserebbe la salita del termometro soltanto fino a 1,7 gradi centigradi.

at some point is going to start to go down
would guess when we run out of oil
maybe earlier, when we run CO2 out the chart
or we run temperature out the chart, or both at the same time

Scuola e nuove tecnologie, un futuro tutto da scrivere

Editori e insegnanti: “Mancano i fondi e l'appoggio del Governo”.
Ma qualcosa si sta muovendo

Ipertecnologici ma solo per chattare
La banda larga fuori dalle grandi città è poco diffusa, i prezzi di computer e tablet non sono esattamente alla portata di tutti, ma – secondo Lessona – è anche il sistema scolastico a essere inadeguato rispetto alla richiesta di innovazione che arriva dalle aziende. “Si insegna l’opposto di quello che succede nel mondo del lavoro.
A scuola non si può copiare e viene premiato l’individualismo, mentre nelle grandi aziende è normale riprendere idee di altri e il lavoro è sempre un inteso in termini cooperativi”.
“Ma il rischio è che gli appunti degli insegnanti vengano trasformati in pdf o diventino un podcast e quella sia poi definita didattica digitale, fornendo un quadro falsato dell’impiego delle nuove tecnologie a scuola. Invece per usare al meglio le nuove tecnologie bisogna ripensare tutto, compreso il modo in cui sono disposti i banchi nelle aule: non ha più senso l’impostazione tradizionale, con l’insegnante in cattedra e gli studenti di fronte, ci vuole una disposizione diversa, in gruppi, e il docente deve fare da elemento di raccordo ”.
Pare che una scuola (privata) abbia dotato della tavoletta Apple ognuno dei suoi 1600 allievi, che dall’anno prossimo inizieranno ad usarla al posto dei libri. Per ora, la sperimentazione del Liceo Scientifico Lussana di Bergamo (pubblico) partita all’inizio di quest’anno scolastico sembra aver dato risultati positivi, anche se i numeri non sono così imponenti; l’iPad in classe fa parte di un più ampio progetto di informatizzazione della scuola, che ha un completissimo sito web e sta elaborando una piattaforma sperimentale di e-learning.
“Tutte le esperienze didattiche con le nuove tecnologie si sono rivelate positive”, osserva ancora Pian, che è stato tra i primi in Italia a usare il podcast come mezzo didattico. “È questo il dato su cui puntare, è la dimostrazione che le cose possono funzionare. Non siamo per il computer o internet in quanto tali, ma per far studiare gli studenti, questo è il problema. E per risolverlo serve una cultura dell’innovazione, ma supportata da dei fondi: con quelli che abbiamo risparmiato per tre anni siamo riusciti a comprare solo 16 iPad su un totale di 700 studenti. E così è inutile”.

don't want to sound critical, "but":

- chat, nice for virtual work, unless is distance education should be filtered

- wide band, agree, unfortunately fear of information and cast privileges
go well along with the republic at limited sovereignty under the pope king,
at the end of the story, when the financial cards castle collapses, European
countries ran by middle age systems under god will end up in revolutions
just like in north Africa, "soon on your screens"

- individual work, here same issue, apparently the "intelligentsia" has to "weed and seed"
the future members of the "cast", for the "selection" of the ones with more attitude
for the jobs that the higher titled ones will hold as slave masters,
at the dawn of the holy petroleum age

- syllabus, don't see it as a risk, actually a professor could spell his title with
an uppercase P, when he could now, with "zero" cost and using a ten year old PC,
on a big brother Orwellian bugs free operating system, with "free open software"
adopt the revolutionary concept of distributing the school books he wrote, "free",
to his students, and this is a possibility that never existed before, in history

-ok, they can not buy the tablets, and as usual, we want to move directly to the
space shuttle from the mule, forgetting everything in between, so why not instead a
class with one 10 year old PC per student running open software, and a pen drive each ?
should be easy to collect old hardware, tax deductible donations from the industry ...

- before any "competent" and "qualified" tries to explain "why" "is needed the lemon orange
yada yada" tablet, I want to remind you gentlemen that my early 80s' 1MHZ CP/M computer with
64K of RAM, is still perfectly good to write books, in fact I wrote a few on it, or "instead",
we are more interested into appropriation financed by the taxpayer cow with the giant tits ?

-if people can go to space with a 30 years old space shuttle, what sort of "culture"
discards as obsolete 5 or 10 years old computer equipment, if not some sort of "qualified"
"competent" people who "forget" that books can be written, and converted into PDF, and
"current" programs can be developed, on a 16 years old Sparc, which to be honest, I still
prefer to your bloated full of crap-ware and spyware, win or mac big brother friendly junk

- let's go back to "reality" a minute, outside of the myth of the market that saves everything
and the man in the sky that forgives sins, but just "until" nobody can afford oil, what about
maximum re-utilization and a minimum of "respect" for nature and the environment ?

- the facts are that there is hardly no crap-ware modern tablet/phone/handheld application
that can not be run in the emulator it has been tested before even being built, just as there
is hardly no engineering project for your mac win crap-ware that can not be designed on a
decade old SGI, actually I think I even edited movies and recorded a podcast on a 17 years
old Indy

- all the above if we care of teaching something, if instead we are in the competition of
what class has the Gucci tablet, then is a different story, maybe you could chat with the
wall street geniuses in the competition for the position of richest one in the cemetery,
they have a bridge somewhere to sell you :)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E' ora che la scuola insegni a usare Internet in modo sicuro

Non si può delegare ai genitori. Ecco i consigli

Nell’era della comunicazione digitale, dei social network e delle chat, è quasi scontato scoprire che i giovanissimi passano buona parte del loro tempo a navigare su Internet. Meno scontato è invece il fatto che il 56% dei genitori ritiene sia uno dei compiti primari della Scuola insegnare ai giovani come navigare in modo sicuro in rete.
Sono amici e familiari (33%), media (31%) e altri genitori (27%) le fonti a cui le famiglie si affidano quando si tratta di informarsi sulla sicurezza di Internet. Solo il 15% dei genitori che hanno partecipato al sondaggio ha ottenuto informazioni su come usare Internet in modo sicuro dalla scuola, tuttavia il 56% ritiene sia compito proprio di questa istituzione educare i ragazzi alla navigazione sicura e il 43% ritiene che deve informare anche i genitori e non solo i figli sui potenziali rischi. Inoltre il 47% considera importante che l’uso di pc e Internet venga integrato nel percorso scolastico.
Insegnagli a:

a. Usare le opzioni di privacy e i controlli della condivisione. Molti siti che comprendono contenuti generati dagli utenti, inclusi YouTube e Facebook, implicano la possibilità che i ragazzi possano entrare in contatto con malintenzionati e adulti. È importante quindi insegnargli a proteggere le sue informazioni personali utilizzando le giuste impostazioni di condivisione sul computer.

b. Non dire niente. Ricordare loro che non devono divulgare le loro password.

c. Pericolo sconosciuto. Far capire ai giovani quanto possa essere pericoloso dare confidenza agli sconosciuti, non solo nella vita reale ma anche su Internet. È sempre importante ricordare loro che non devono mai incontrare nessuna delle persone conosciute online e che non devono mai comunicare le loro informazioni personali.

is way more complex that what the BAU world wants us to think
at the bottom line, safety would require a very different approach
in directions "not profitable" for the IT industry and the rest of the establishment
first of all "consumer grade" products do not guarantee hardly any security
and industrial level systems involve complexity
that would require anybody to have a system and network administrator at home
where at times, we don't even have them at school or in government agencies
the "solution" of the IT industry
the same IT industry that sold Hitler punch cards to optimize the holocaust
is "the cloud"
where "they" tell you what you can do or you can not do
so their "solution" instead than guarantee safety for the common simpleton
would create a nightmare of Orwellian proportions in people rights
now the "reasonable" solution, instead
would be that the simpletons be given tools to be able to manage
their kids and their own privacy
without the need of being network and system administrators
the ones that have a clue already go that direction
in the limits of what "social" and "peer" pressure permits
and those tools are not personal computers and broken windows
nor are "in the clouds" paternalistic controlled servers of big brother
but home servers and disk less thin clients
however, when kids are grown with the state of mind of PC "gamers"
taking away from them the broken windows becomes impossible
because the school and their friends have taught them first
to play on the broken windows
thus in an open market environment becomes impossible
to force the "free enterprise" "not to" endanger the people
especially the little ones that don't know any better
between a saint and a serial killer
so, yes, it is the school system that "first"
has to put this kids on something safe
where "safe" does not mean "safe at school"
because it is known that the public cow with huge tits
can spend crazy amounts of money to make safe poorly designed and faulty products,
since is not their money they are throwing out the windows, is the case to say
"but" safe "at home"
now there are two "reasonable" ways to reach this goal
one is that the "only" way kids can access the internet from home
would be tunneling trough the school system filters
kids may end up very upset about it, but they can do nothing
unless the parents let them be on the "grown up" internet
and this, regardless, remains "their" "case by case" responsibility and right
the second is that various software makers in the open or for private
come up with designs of "family servers"
with a simpleton proof configuration interface
and pre-configured and tied down for each responsibility and age group in the family
such as educational licenses, matching the school system requirements
for each station or account of minors involved
where the users would be on disk-less PCs or thin clients
but unless the school system first takes out of their minds
the "personal" operating system concept, there is nothing else that can be done
standing the reality as it is
the kids "want" the broken windows
"because everybody else has it"
"because the government has it"
"because the school has it"
(here they will even challenge your competence, your experience and your degrees)
"because we can only play games on that"
"because ..."
then there is the part they don't tell you about
like "because we can get mommy credit card number out of it"
"because we can order online porn movies with mommy card and sell them to our friends"
"because we can watch midgets having a threesome in yugoslavia"
and so on
and this to call things by their name
without the salami slices over the eyes


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pirati informatici attaccano i computer dell'Fmi

I pc del Fmi sono stati oggetto di un attacco cibernetico. Il Fondo Monetario, che ha accesso a informazioni "sensibili" di molte Nazioni, è stato colpito negli ultimi mesi da quello che gli esperti informatici hanno definito un attacco cibernetico sosfisticato su larga scala

... whoops ...

Site report for

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mucca clonata produce latte "umano"
il "brevetto" conteso da Cina e Argentina

Gli scienziati argentini hanno alterato il Dna del bovino aggiungendo i geni che producono due sostanze protettive tipiche del latte materno. Pechino rivendica: "Abbiamo una madria intera di esemplari transegenici simili". La Lav all'Ue: "Fermate questo orrore"

not as bad and not as dangerous as seeds genetic manipulation
cows need to reproduce through sex
all seeds need is wind
it should sound surprising the god freaks are in favor of the much more dangerous
genetic manipulation of seeds
but against the much more useful and less dangerous
applications of genetic engineering in the animal's world
maybe is because
the alliance of the money changers and the Christos freaks
is planning to increase the money and the income of god with more genocides
a food genocide seems "the plan" at this time


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"Obama, un fallimento
la sua ricetta anti-crisi"

«Se giudichiamo solo sulla base della disoccupazione le prospettive per Obama non sono rosee. La realtà è che la Casa Bianca puntava ad arrivare al voto delle presidenziali nel novembre 2012 con un tasso di disoccupazione sceso attorno al 5-6 per cento. Ma adesso sappiamo che, anche nel migliore dei casi, sarà fra il 7,5 e l'8 per cento. Non è uno scenario facile per chiedere agli americani la conferma del Presidente in carica ma la forza, o fortuna, di Barack Obama è che al momento sul fronte opposto il partito repubblicano non sembra ancora in grado di mettere in campo dei candidati in grado di insidiarlo seriamente».

that's pretty much it
solutions at this point, hard to come out with
but a one payee medical system managed by the veteran administration
end of prohibition
end of useless wars
flat rate taxation for incomes over the poverty level
elimination of limited liability for non-public corporations
and restoration of a federal usury law
should be steps to look into
however it won't happen
wall street has the US government in its pockets
the feds are employees of the bankers


Monday, June 06, 2011

Nella prima scuola a pedali
la luce si accende con i muscoli

E verrà il giorno in cui ogni giovane, pedalando, si renderà conto di quanto sia faticoso accumulare energia.

well done

Radioisotope thermoelectric generator

RTGs use thermoelectric couples or "thermocouples" to convert heat from the radioactive material into electricity.

Mini Nuclear Power Plants Could Power 20,000 Homes (Update)

Underground nuclear power plants no bigger than a hot tub may soon provide electricity for communities around the world. Measuring about 1.5 meters across, the mini reactors can each power about 20,000 homes.
The small energy modules were originally designed by Otis "Pete" Peterson and other scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Now, the technology is being commercially developed by Hyperion Power Generation, which recently announced that it has taken its first orders and plans to start mass production within five years.
"Our goal is to generate electricity for 10 cents a watt anywhere in the world," said John Deal, CEO of Hyperion. "[The nuclear plants] will cost approximately $25 million each. For a community with 10,000 households, that is a very affordable $2,500 per home."

small is less risky


Cinquant'anni Ferrari GTO
l'auto più bella del mondo

250, possibly the best Ferrari ever built


150 anni dopo, Cavour resta
il politico dei miei sogni

Il 6 giugno 1861 moriva Cavour: stasera la commemorazione al castello di Santena
Mi identificai con questa sua tara psicologica e ancora oggi, quando salgo al Monte dei Cappuccini per rimirare il panorama di Torino, il pensiero corre al giovane Cavour che non vede sbocchi per il suo talento in un Piemonte asfittico e reazionario, e al culmine di una giornata di pensieri cupi si affaccia al bastione per gettarsi nel vuoto, trattenuto a stento da un cappuccino, fra Valeriano. Che un frate abbia salvato la vita al futuro mangiapreti mi è sempre sembrata un’ironia della Provvidenza.
Emozionarsi per il riformismo a vent’anni ha qualcosa di mostruoso, lo ammetto. Ma la colpa o il merito erano di quel formidabile «testimonial». Cavour non era un parolaio né un utopista. Ma quanto coraggio e quanta passione vibravano nella sua politica economica liberale, che abolì i dazi e indebitò lo Stato per costruire infrastrutture all’avanguardia e promuovere consumi e investimenti, proiettando il Piemonte nel futuro.
una storia che rileggo ogni anno nella speranza infantile di un colpo di scena: che Cavour guarisca e, 150 anni dopo aver fatto l’Italia, ci aiuti a fare gli italiani. Lui che di italiano non aveva nulla, se non il genio, se non il cuore



Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lockheed Martin Buys Quantum Computer From D-Wave Systems For $10 Million

The system called the D Wave One can be used in a lot of applications of quantum computing which are untouched till now. Theoretically, the scientists have already proved and demonstrated that quantum computers can actually perform tasks which are impossible for its competitors. For example, it can breach the security of a peer by getting through the encrypted codes by solving the problem mathematically at a breath taking speed.

The complete system is quite bulky and accommodates approximately 100 square feet of area. It is actually a supporting system for a normal computer. This specialized auxiliary system runs software that helps the conventional PC to learn from its past information and can predict the future outputs to some extent. Lockheed Martin plans to use this acquisition for detection and identification of bugs in products that are complex combinations of software and hardware. This will enable the firm to cut down the extra costs incurred due to unforeseen errors in such systems. A few such problems resulted in 20% over budget in the F-35 fighter jets project.

"La convivenza non è famiglia"

churches are not religions either
just profitable businesses
with the current rhythm of growth
Vatican Incorporated will own all Italy
in another few years


Il Papa in Croazia: no alla convivenza
bene della famiglia è bene della Chiesa
Appello di Benedetto XVI a fare figli e aprirsi al futuro

Il Papa ribadisce ai cattolici croati che esiste una gerarchia di valori da difendere. Innanzitutto vengono prima i valori non negoziabili
Poi l'appello a fare figli, ad aprirsi al futuro. «Care famiglie gioite per la paternità e la maternità», l'apertura «alla vita e' segno di apertura al futuro, di fiducia nel futuro, così come il rispetto della morale naturale libera la persona, anzichè mortificarla». Il messaggio è chiaro. «Il bene della famiglia è anche il bene della Chiesa».

yes, the same not negotiable values that inspired the Eustachian genocide
maybe they are ready for a second one
yes, the same invitation to procreate more cannon fodder
as at the times of the man of the providence
for the same purpose
holy bankers profit from the slaughter of holy wars
religion and banking, the cat and the fox of a big business
religions should pray that a god of justice might not factually exist
because if it did, it would incinerate churches the first


Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Quasiturbine (Qurbine) is a « Positive Displacement » turbine alternative.
Suitable as a double-circuits Rotary Motor or Expander
for compressed air, steam and other fluids,
or (later) as an advanced Internal Combustion Rotary Engine,
as well as (later) for Compressor of various thermodynamic cycles.
The Quasiturbine is a compact, low weight and high torque machine
with top efficiency, specially in power modulation applications.

Marchionne: Italia cambi atteggiamento, quartier generale Fiat resterà a Torino

Su mercato dell'auto c'è un'inversione di tendenza
L'amministratore delegato di Fiat si è poi soffermato sui dati del mercato italiano dell'auto, che a maggio sono tornati a registrare un segno positivo. Non è un turnaround, ha detto il manager italo-canadese, ma un'inversione di tendenza. Il mercato non è sano, c'è una svolta tecnica, il sistema non poteva reggere. Il tubo degli incentivi si è svuotato e la domanda è arrivata a livelli naturali: 1,75/1,8 mln di auto. E siamo ritornati ai livelli del 1996.
«Abbiamo fatto la proposta industriale di 1,1 miliardi di dollari di investimento e non abbiamo chiesto una lira a nessuno. Lo abbiamo fatto alla luce dei cambiamenti del mercato russo e della possibilità di investire di meno e di entrare con un investimento più basso avendo aspettative più basse. Mi sembra positivo partire con la produzione di 120 mila vetture iniziali con la possibilità di allargarci». Per quanto riguarda il mercato asiatico, Marchionne ha sottolineato: «Abbiamo già cominciato con i cinesi - ha concluso - e lo stabilimento aprirà l'anno prossimo».

Well, Italy is a market in a position
where it could be worth to experiment the model of private transport
of the post oil economy
high cost of labor, taxation, middle age burocracy and lack of infrastructure
seem to suggest that the only product fitting such a market
could be leading edge technology improving efficiency
however such type of choice outside of the current limits
would require an overhaul of transport rules
and being counterintuitive as measure would also require
a "national plan" of next century philosophy of transport
to be supported by government bodies with no regard of useless political disputes
which would probably be the weak ring of the chain
in the nazi holy Bolshevistic attitude of the clients of the pope king
always as ready to preach, as they are collecting the profits of their skims
now "honestly" IMHO, we should consider the direct relation between energy and mass
which would require for reasons of safety
to separate completely heavy traffic from light traffic
this if we would want to be on the side of history
opposing crimes against humanity
beyond the hypocrisy of religious fantasies with vested interest in petroleum
good people don't want to burn in their tanks
the food for starving African and Latin american babies
with "simple" "inconvenient" and "forgotten" process of cost drivers optimization
on "both" sides of production
a century wide leap in efficiency would be itself a driver
to create line of buyers for the efficient products
"and" increase supply of "local" recycled precious raw materials
then, at such point, we would be in a world of railroads and sea barges
and of roll-on roll-off "local" trucking terminals
and maybe into hybrid diesel/electric/pneumatic tractors
on the heavy side
and ultralight private transport on the light side
which would reduce requirements for roads and bridges weights and costs
seems simple old fashion physics
there seems not to be historical contradiction anywhere
just a reasonable fix to myopic bad choices
based on the false data of tax payers sponsored institutions
which instead than performing their public service duty of loyalty to the truth
found the easy money of the holy oily bribes more convenient
now to err is human, it happens, but persevering in error
seems a bit too much "if" we care of credibility
"and", even worse, of avoiding extinction as a species

“ If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows. ”
—Lord Louis Mountbatten

“ I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. ”
—Albert Einstein


Friday, June 03, 2011

Religion - The Cult of Death Pt.1: Christianity

a cult of death, with a perpetual need for money

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.

Il macigno che distrusse l'illusione dell'edonismo

una prima apocalittica rivelazione riguardo alla fatuità e falsità dell’ideologia edonista profusa prima dai gruppi di potere e poi dai ceti di governo proprio a cominciare dagli anni ’80

a story way more simple than stated
another genocide caused by the medicine for profit of holy wall street
that does not find a "cheap" solution because health for profit is "big business"
for both the wall street holy vultures
and the holy nazi christo bigots of the morals of fantasy
derived by the equally fantastic mythology
of the old man in the skies that forgives your sins and wants your money
read the historical facts
the Russian were lucky to have Sabin
instead than a wall street puppet
giving them polio vaccine
and on top of all the skim and the falsities
we have glorified simpletons
with the highest academic titles
that sold science to the holy money changers to make a buck
humanity is too stupid to deserve not to be extinct
and the Faust is a honorable man compared to certain wall street holy donkeys


Origin of AIDS: The Polio Vaccine (CBC 'Witness', 2004)

we continue to take ground up monkeys parts and inject
them in children" that says it all

Hilary Koprowski

to Brazil, where Koprowski worked in Rio de Janeiro for the Rockefeller Foundation


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