Monday, August 29, 2011

Manovra, accordo dopo il vertice Salta il contributo di solidarietà

"I conti non tornano"
esclusi dal conteggio università e servizio militare
Nessun taglio ai piccoli comuni
Più poteri ad enti locali
Cgil: "Con le pensioni si colpisce chi lavora".
Authority boccia la Robin tax.

think this is the last comment over this drama
wasted too much of my time for things nobody cares of
and most of all, that are just a "theater"
this democracy is a farce manipulated by church and banking interests
"there is no reminiscence between Einaudi republic and current Italy"
"the institutionalized holy fraud has corrupted the country"
"and" pushed it in the third world

the reality is, that the republic has become the new kingdom of the pope king
historically one of the most retrograde and silly institutions ever existed
there is no will to be fair or to do anything useful or constructive
there is only a will of institutionalizing holy privileges
of more or less forgiven sinners who sin for the forgivers of the sinners
the country has been institutionally criminalized
to "consume" citizens that have now been demoted to subjects
"the coup" has been already made twenty years ago
and the attitude of the holy skim is clear to all of reason
so now "Do what thou wilt"

my advice based on the situation of the country
as appears on the media
is to move someplace else
"later it may be too late"
the Italian presence in the EC / EU may not be guaranteed
best options Canada, or Emirates
good options, northern Europe and Australia
"later it may be too late"
the ones who can should consider emigrating now

in a country where even communists are puppets of the pope king
there is no alternative, get the hell out "now that you can"
don’t wait for a revolution
and the "holy" Eustachian or Nazi extermination camps
because "that" is where the Vatican in power is going to take the country "again"
Christianity is consistent, 2000 years of massacres, tortures, and genocides
"but god loves you", yes, but they don't
and "if" there is a "real" god, surely has "nothing to do"
with their fury in the sky that forgives sins to their puppets
for the benefit of their perversions and holy skim
"they are just using your faith for their "perverted" power
you pay and pray, they "prey"


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