Saturday, November 11, 2006

Generate your own energy
There are ways to reduce costs and energy waste

Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Solow praised Stern's report as being practical and for providing a blueprint to avoid the coming disaster. He was especially impressed by Stern's choice of words, which is devoid of the kind of morally charged doomsday rhetoric favored by the environmentalist community. Instead, Stern soberly presents a cost-benefit analysis, which concludes that an investment of only 1 percent of world economic output would suffice to avert the direst consequences of global warming.

This is Stern's good news. He sees investment in protecting the climate as a giant subsidy program that could stimulate the economy to flourish on a new, greener note. "The transistion to a low-emissions global economy will open many new opportunities across a wide range of industries and services," Stern writes enthusiastically. He adds that "markets for low carbon energy products are likely to be worth at least $500 billion per year by 2050, and perhaps much more

"NAZI INHERITANCE FOR GERMAN MUSEUMS Jewish Heirs Want Their Art Back ,By Michael Sontheimer and Andreas Wassermann

Wednesday evening's art auction in New York promises to be a premier society event. But it will also reopen a major question facing German museums: When it comes to art taken from Jewish collectors by the Nazis, does morality trump money?

well, what about a "replacement plan" with contemporary art ? find them when they are famous and dead is easy, the hard work is finding the Gauguin and Van Gogh when they are alive and not known

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"we all living in amerika, amerika is wunderbar :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What is to stop the Bush administration saying to the IMF, “This is your problem — not mine — if I go down!”?

This is what the Bush administration is probably going to say. “If the ship’s going down, we’re going to steal as much jewelry out of the safe, kick the women and children out of the lifeboats and save ourselves”.

Will Daimler Shed itself of Chrysler? - also, convert us factories for parts for chinese cars, get exclusive distribution of chinese brands in the US under Chrysler dealers network :)

Will Daimler Shed itself of Chrysler? - what about building a cheap fuel efficient full size truck turbo diesel air cooled pneumatic start line for the world market ? (motto "the trucks for the day after) get the governments involved, build factories for spare parts in the customers countries :)

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