Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Barr Code, U.S. education continues decline

As students progress in age, it seems their knowledge declines, as only 21 percent of 12th grade students met the criteria sufficient to be considered proficient.
“[w]e have tried spending more money and putting more teachers in classrooms for more than a generation, with no observable improvements to anything except the schools’ bottom lines.”
Absent fundamental changes in our approach to education, scores such as the most recent NAEP results will – sadly –continue to be the norm.

well, it is another "great" achievement
of increasing "moral" "religious" theories in education
introduced "by the US system under gott y los bandidos de DC"
"dumb" theories that have also "replicated the failure" worldwide
since, apparently in other continents
people "think" that the US "actually" "knows what is doing"
which is a great honor for us, but let's not forget it does not always seem the case

first of all "education" and "erudition" are two different concepts
in second instance "education" "and" "erudition"
"require" factual truths
now when we chose to apply "non scientific" fields of study
such as theology, sociology, economics et cetera to education
we are actually perpetuating "ignorance" instead than the opposite
nothing wrong about studying those subjects scientifically
at post-graduate and research level
but those are not subjects for immature individuals
where they end up sorting more results of "indoctrination" and "brainwashing"
than "knowledge"
since critical skills are missing in young age, not yet developed

next, "discipline" and "self control" "are" part of "education"
but nobody wants to acknowledge it because it interferes with "dogma"
now it is quite logical to think that when a society
chooses foolish theories of forgiveness of sins
it "will" produce more sinners
it is quite logical to think that when a society
chooses foolish theories of "dogma" falling of the sky
to explain with "false invalid methods" the "otherwise demonstrable" scientific reality
it "will" set itself up to produce "higher ignorance"
or when chooses to listen to "parent associations" of mostly "incompetent" subjects
it "will" set itself up to perpetuate and widen the current social failures
the "astounding" part of this phenomena
is that "legions" of geniuses are interrogating themselves
"puzzled" by discovering that their "good intentions"
don't seem to produce the effects that some committees were thinking they would

this is the known phenomenon of applying ruled methodologies
by management categories who have been trained lifelong into submission to the status quo
lacking themselves "critical analysis" "capabilities"
they may have studied the term and the logic, but never exercised it
because of their life long experience as submissive sheep in a society
so "dogmatic" to the point of not even "admitting" "process improvement"
because of the "unwanted side effect" of possibility of touching the interests
of the "dogma" and/or "the cast"

a recurrent joke appearing on web cartoons, tells
that if Columbus had a steering committee
America possibly would have never been discovered
this leads to factual stories such as the one mentioned
by professor Bartlett at Colorado Builders
about the "committee" squeezing its brains to find out
how Denver would look in 23 years
to which the answer he suggests seems logicaland simple
but "not so" for the current "establishment"
"get a $49 ticket and fly to Los Angeles"

now "the solution" to the "education problem" "exists"
"if we want to find it"
but "the suspect" is that "is not convenient to find it"
when a society chooses "dogma" to produce more ignorance and more criminality
and to increase the "clientele" of a "cast" with an "interest" in forgiving sinners
"that is why the term god was introduced in the pledge of alliance"
that single term tells we chose ignorance and crime over rationality and knowledge
that single term "marks" the end of knowledge

now, going back to professor Bartlett $49 ticket
"any" training program in the world of the ones "that can do"
can show "some" level of comparison with the traditional education model
"but" "what is missing" in the traditional education model
and in some circumstances may even be extremely hard to achieve
is the same absence of "enforcement" method of which families are affected

it sounds quite ridiculous that in this society of geniuses
is chosen "the worse of the two worlds" for the two mayor operational life periods:
-teenage years where guidance is needed the most, "socially" made into years of anarchy
-professional life where guidance is needed the least, "socially" "micromanaged" in order to perpetuate the "corporate crime" agenda of conflict of interest, and action at the borderline of absence of legal enforcement and pure criminal behavior

now if you don't have an explanation for the phenomena, we do, and we can share it with you:
-in the teen years, anarchy conditions has been wanted by the "efficient idiots" full of "good intentions" that created modern education methods, and are meant to benefit "dogma", which in turn produces "criminality", which in turn provides "profits" for the ones that speculate on ignorance, and profit on "redemption of sinners" or justice contracts
-in the work age, "micromanagement" makes the simple difficult through the useless, in order not to expose the "silent racket" of "corporate crime" which is the base of higher profitability, corporations call it "loyalty", churches call it "faith", the mafia calls it "silence", three faces of the same cabal, the cartel of the leeches of humanity, the later much less harmful than the former two.
now here the solution for the first problem, "as we understood it":
-at age 12, children should be taken out of families, to be given a "standardized" base education, and to be formed over basic discipline concepts, not by "coercion" as it used to be in the older school and family system, neither by "laissez faire" as it is in the current school and family system, "but" in an integrated leadership based instruction institutions, in military schools, where discipline, and critical skills are more important than erudition
-at university level, the emancipated children are given back to the college and university system, where they "will" do about at least three times better that they do today, because in the mean time have learned "to think" and "to be organized", and have now a "healthy" and "positive" approach to learning

and here is the solution for the second problem, even if it has little to do with education:
-the free market is an "inefficient system" due to collapse within a decade, is facts at this point, "unless there is a third world war"
-from the system of the godly pricks money changers, we are going to have to transit into a logistic economy, so the christos, the corporations and the mafioso will have to convert their holy intimidation and holy harassment into the media, the outcome is not really consolidated at this time, but the economics of "peak everything" are indisputable
-the generations that would for the first time have "operational" "real" education, will do good into making the production system less of a farce promoting sons of the white duck, and more into a scientifically managed society of cooperation
the organization above does not come out of "fantasy dreams"
but is just an extrapolation of a similar process that takes place in military academies
at the difference of real society K-12 system that is specialized in training pariah
military academies have to train people for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
they have done so for thousands of years
"indisputably" with success


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