Monday, August 22, 2011


pretty nice

here, a concept of recumbent
(forgive the quick draw)

the interesting issues:
-track width, half track, half roads to maintain
-number of components, affects MTBF
-body parts, affects strength of chassis and weight, easier just one canopy
-foam cushions for seats, very light, float too
-weight of batteries, affects range, pedal-assist would be more economical
-hub motors, reversible, brakes assist
-same for self-sufficiency, disconnection, park and pedal to recharge
-solar film on the body, helps batteries
-removable APU, like a 20cc, for power assist under the hood
"weight", "self sufficiency", "minimal or no fuel"
are the magic word
then if the design is dimensioned correctly
and weight is very low
you can stack 40 or more of each in a special rail car
from the side in
so it fits the formula rail+drive
and possibly in the future sea+drive and airship+drive
reaching as close as possible the ratio 1:1
between curb weight and service payload
the technology is there already
what is missing are the brains of the consumers


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