Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Response to “Who’s to Blame for the Population Crisis?” in Mother Jones

We will never be able to successfully tackle the most pressing problems plaguing our planet – climate change, poverty, food and water shortages, and the energy crisis – without also addressing the population factor.
In fact, most of these women don’t want or intend to use family planning because: 1. they have heard it is dangerous, 2. their male partners are opposed, 3. their religion is opposed, or 4. they don’t think it will work because they think God determines how many children they will have. Many people in the population/family planning field do not know this information, let alone journalists.
There is a tendency in some media to assume that anyone concerned about limiting immigration is racist without looking at their motivations. This creates even greater stigma against the population field – in this case, by a magazine that at least had the good sense to bring the global issue of population out of the closet. There are also those who say that anyone concerned with global population issues must be driven by racist concerns. But as a driving factor in determining whether human civilization is sustainable, the population issue is too important to be ignored, and the name calling against those working toward true sustainability on the planet needs to stop.

is a fact, but population control will never be solved
unless the religious falsities myth is addressed
religions use populations as means of social destabilization for their agenda
religions produce and create overpopulation
in order to destroy civilized society
religions prosper out of people misery
and create misery with the worse "weapon of mass destruction"
overpopulation and famine
there you are
the problem is ethical
the false ethics of religious mafia
produce and are the result of all of the above
there is no reason to use a racial issue
"unless" you are a church
"they" are behind "all" racial genocides

population control can be achieved effectively
with "sterilization for all"
and fertilization in vitro
but churches would lose their "weapon of mass destruction"
what can you expect from worshipers of cannibalism ?
what can you expect from worshipers of holy murder "forgiven"
"religious interest" is the single most dangerous "criminal cartel" racket of the planet


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