Wednesday, October 26, 2011

L'Europa che invecchia
e la Cina senza donne
saranno le nuove emergenze

Vi annunceranno nei prossimi giorni l’Apocalisse sovraffollamento. Non fate attenzione, la crescita rallenta e il problema non è «Siamo troppi», né la subdola affermazione che questa fobia nasconde, cioè «Sono troppi questi poveri!». Il pianeta ha risorse e spazio, i guai non vengono dalla popolazione ma dalla sua distribuzione ed età.
Ha sbagliato per pessimismo, come il Club di Roma di Aurelio Peccei nel 1972 e l’economista Paul Ehrlich con il libro-allarme «The Population Bomb»

there is no more sense of talking
to god freaks and hoarding leeches
in the impending times
of the kleptocracy planned
holy genocides
and extermination of most of humanity
for their peters pences
and commerce of reproduction rights
so let's us talk to the cannibals
with a prayer, our way
you cannibals in which we humans of rationality
against all the lies of god freaks and money changers racketeers
leave our last message of hope
are herein instructed of our last directions

remember to leave alive until the very end
the farmer that works on his crops to feed the people
as well as the young women who bear the children for the work in the farm

you can barbecue everybody else
starting first with bankers and preachers
whose meat is very tender
because they don't like to work

may cannibalism purify this race of holy bestiality
from its indignity of being called even an animal species
in the great garden of the green planet

we will be long gone by that time
but the very young ones who read our prayer
may instruct their younger peers
and may abandon the false fears of mythology
and now knowing the truth of the truths enjoy their meal
once certain that we were right
this is our judgment

may the glory of the great gardener
re establish the natural laws


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Morelli: «Servono leader che agiscano»

dal 1950 al 1961, in soli 11 anni, il Pil italiano duplicò
mette però una condizione: che vengano realizzate le riforme strutturali per cambiare il paese

it could be technically possible
and there is an explanation for the reality of such possibility
"however" the "possibility" and the "likelihood"
are two different stories

let's start with what is "likely" to happen:
-exponential increase of loss of credibility
-exponential loss of people assets and increase of bankruptcies
-further increases of taxation to 60-70% to pay more usury to the holy bankers leeches
-increase of connivance between politics and criminality to help controlling squeezed victims
-collapse of the production system
-expulsion of the country from the European union
-return to the middle age in the third world, under the holy crime blessings

now, this is what "should" instead happen:
-emergency powers to the president, "only", with the known contingency plan
-destitution of the whole elected governance
-appointment of a constituency of scientists to redesign the production system along technocracy
(economists, theologians, sociologists, politicians do not qualify as scientists)
-prefects take over full local authority, enforced by justice and military authorities
-enforcement of presidential orders by dep's of justice and defense through war tribunals
-nationalization of all banks
-revocation of licenses to foreign and multinational banks
-suppression of currency, replacement with 90 days term certificates based on energy
-repudiation of all the treaties with the Vatican
-elimination of "all" tax exemptions, including churches and foundations
-revision of the constitution
-elimination of the parliament, substituted by a chamber of scientists
-scientists are appointed "by title", from highest international scientific honors
-modification of the senate roles, based on quotas for academic field of study and expertise
-senators are elected in electoral districts, in a fixed number per district
-dismantlement of public health administrative system (return to family doctors)
-disposal of useless buildings (USL et cetera)
-dismantlement of public "non strategic" business ownership (and related ministry)
-disposal of unused public patrimonial real estate and land
-sale of 49 to 69 % of communal, regional, and provincial service companies
-conversion of the military system towards total mobilization (as Sweden and Israel models)
-de-penalization of all victimless pseudo crimes
-elimination of traditions and morals from sources of law
-institution of a ministry for the energy emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for energy self sufficiency of buildings
-institution of a ministry for the agriculture emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for alimentary self sufficiency of buildings
-institution of a ministry for the waters and biological emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for water self sufficiency of buildings
-institution of a ministry for the nuclearization of maritime traffic emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for nuclear conversion of merchant and military marine
... and much more ...

History teaches us that the miracle of the 50's was due to:
-limited drag of public sector costs
-free energy, or "cheap oil"
The above is the same recipe without almost free oil,
using free sun, free wind, free atomic, free geothermal
But since the later are not enough to make up for oil decline
we need also to get rid of the leeching in the system,
religions, money changers, bean counters, politicians
and all the rest of useless people, offices, and functions


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plunge Brings Europe Debt Crisis to Italy

Italy’s economy expanded an average 0.2 percent annually from 2001 to 2010, compared with 1.1 percent in the euro area. Growth was 0.1 percent in the first quarter, a fraction of the 0.8 percent for the euro region.

the current government can not be sent home
the attack to the country sovereignty
shows the same symptoms of the 29
back then the vatican was manipulating Germany and wall street
to take down the monarchy
now the vatican is manipulating Germany and wall street
to take down the republic

the vatican knows only treason
whatever country hosts the vatican parasite
is due to die as a result
just like wall street, the pope king finger
they don’t have allied, only usury interest
with allies like wall street and the vatican, who needs enemies


Friday, October 14, 2011

Dennis Ritchie: The Shoulders Steve Jobs Stood On

Dennis had a bigger effect, and the public doesn’t even know who he is,” says Rob Pike, the programming legend and current Googler who spent 20 years working across the hall from Ritchie at the famed Bell Labs.

On Wednesday evening, with a post to Google+, Pike announced that Ritchie had died at his home in New Jersey over the weekend after a long illness, and though the response from hardcore techies was immense, the collective eulogy from the web at large doesn’t quite do justice to Ritchie’s sweeping influence on the modern world. Dennis Ritchie is the father of the C programming language, and with fellow Bell Labs researcher Ken Thompson, he used C to build UNIX, the operating system that so much of the world is built on — including the Apple empire overseen by Steve Jobs.

“Pretty much everything on the web uses those two things: C and UNIX,” Pike tells Wired. “The browsers are written in C. The UNIX kernel — that pretty much the entire Internet runs on — is written in C. Web servers are written in C, and if they’re not, they’re written in Java or C++, which are C derivatives, or Python or Ruby, which are implemented in C. And all of the network hardware running these programs I can almost guarantee were written in C.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dennis Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 8, 2011)

one of the men we should remember with gratitude


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evolutionary guru: Don't believe everything you think

Tell me about the relationship between self-deception and religion.
It's complex. At one extreme you could say religion is complete nonsense, so the whole thing is an exercise in self-deception. I was raised as a Presbyterian and I occasionally attend. I stand back and I read the creed that I was taught as a child and it's utter, utter nonsense. But could it have spread so far by self-deception alone? Religion has been selected for. It has given many benefits to people - health benefits, cooperative benefits. So I take an intermediate position.

the evidence seems more to indicate
that the religious training in deception
is a factor of strength for religious groups
to conduct criminal behavior and deny it
in fact it is proven by prison statistics
that religious people constitute
the majority of criminals inmates

also the strict correlation
between western religions and genocides,
the reproductive obsession of religious mythology
and the use of reproduction as weapon of mass subversion
may also explain the resilience of the religious myth

in several historical circumstances, the religious myth
subverted social institutions for selfish interest
produced demographic explosions to cause revolutions
and finally mobilized its forgiven criminals
to prey on others wealth
in order to feed the pyramids of bigotry and violence


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Godson microprocessor specifications

Why is Italy now at center of Europe's debt crisis?

Italy's economy has been growing at only 0.3%, he said, and most importantly is projected to grow at a similarly feeble rate for the next few years. "This very low rate of growth really is one of the lowest in the world," he said, "and on top of that Italy has a very high public debt."
"Our economy is solid," he said. "Our banks are solid. They are well capitalized. They have liquidity. They have overcome the stress tests." But the speech was light on concrete policy measures, analysts say, and may not have been enough to deter market speculators who now have Italy in their sights.
Lombardi believes the current situation is serious. "If you affect Italy, you can really weaken the euro significantly," he says, describing it as the "weakest link" among Europe's big economies. Worse, he says, the European Union, the IMF and the European rescue fund do not have enough money to bail it out as they did smaller European economies -- sparking a potential domino effect.

there is a short answer and a long answer
the short answer is the dominance of the religious bigotry racket
with its octopus mob hegemony and corruption
that made the country degenerate, transforming it in a society of crime and bigotry
and created and promoted a public cast of servants of the church mafia
the long one is that the series of middle age measures and privileges
that nobody wants to touch not to displease the pope king
of the republic at limited sovereignty under the Vatican
are impeding any action
not blessed by the holy racket skim
if anybody was "not an accomplice" of this holy fraud
they would cap the usury rate below 10% by law,
dismantle the large useless segment of the public cow
created only to employ good bigots with no skills
eliminate tax exemption for "all", religions included
and "rewrite all the codes", "from scratch"
eliminating little king Francis style complication of simple problems

but the politics cast talks a lot and does a lot of nothing
besides wasting public money for personal gain
and in the process holds on to its middle age privileges
collecting gray zone "contributions" skims here and there
just like the church of bigots mobsters over which the cast was modeled
it is clear that the ones who talk of "not negotiable"
are the members architects of a world conspiracy
with at the center wall street and the Vatican banksters
to bankrupt Europe and the Euro

and the more you observe them closely
and the more they look like the same architects
of the previous big international banking skim of the thirties
that caused the second world war
the nazi-church-holy-holocaust connection is back
ready to massacre people for their holy profits
and the "masters" of this "ax of evil"
are the "Vatican - Jekyll island" banksters mafio-racket
the duck of god with the skirt, and the finger of god
the cat and the fox of the theater of human disgraces
now we know what kind of pyramids "they" were talking about


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ralph M. Steinman, a Nobel Recipient for Research on Immunology, Dies at 68

anybody who dies while testing on himself his research work
deserves the deepest gratitude and respect from the entire humanity

Van Rompuy warns EU is in 'survival crisis'
EU President issues stark warning against nationalism
Brussels denies talk of Greek euro exit

The paper by UBS, normally known for its highly sober analysis, warned that historically, monetary unions do not break up without civil war or some other form of authoritarian reaction. "The risk of civil disorder questions the rule of law, and as such basic issues such as property rights. Even those countries that avoid internal strife and divisions will likely have to use administrative controls to avoid extreme positions in their markets", it said.

let's analyze a minute what brought us here
the answer seems very clear, let's look at Occam razor
the mother of all betrayals "religion" the cult of death of world criminal rackets
conspiring with the "custodians" of their holdings, the money changers racket
and the two pigs puppets, politics

let's see a minute
"quo pro" "unreasonable dementia unlimited reproduction" ?
the cult of death preaches unlimited freedom of procreation
until starvation and overpopulation
and the puppet idiots of political rackets
in the pockets of religions and money changers bribes and votes
pursue the "program" to please the pig preacher and the pig banker

there is no further discussion to make
the pigs bankrupted everybody and are in charge
with their lunatics psychopathic "morals"
the pigs bankrupted the world, and "will be held responsible"
it is only a matter of time
the pigs can not fix anything with their useless myths
economic prey or religious myth fantasy dogmas
and holy Nazi mafia racket to skim poor people pockets

they are as "incompetent" as their silly fantasies
of old men in the sky who forgive sins
they are as much as criminals as their money laundering skims
of recycled international drugs cartel moneys
and recycled international crime moneys
not even toddlers will believe them any longer

the anthropology data over "collapse" events are clear
they can reopen their holy genocide extermination camps
they can kill millions as they did in the holocaust
(because it is clear now that pig banks and pig churches
are the ones who profited and morally instigated the holocausts)

but it is all vain
the people know who they are
where their cathedrals and their skyscrapers are
"and what they are guilty of"


and "they will be wiped out"
there is no way back for the pigs
watch for the cannibals


Saturday, October 01, 2011

Does Europe need a Security and Defence Strategy?

Howorth also claims that the EU engages in an intensifying circle of complex interdependence. But is this intensifying circle of interdependence characterised by ‘deepening’ or simply by a loose enlargement of themes and actors? A simple glimpse of the external relations of the EU shows that little has been achieved.

"total defense model"
is the only way to go
"to have" a European defense

wall street treason and the corruption of the western holy pigs finance
that over the years have demolished European military budgets
in favor of their mafia style agenda of forgivers of the sins
to the advantage of their forgiven sinner accomplices
are mining at the base the capability of operation
of the European military systems
while at the same time wall street is attacking Europe
to destroy its finances

even if we may not want to call this treason in respect to NATO for now
we may need at the least to guarantee a defense system
and with the financial attacks from wall street to demolish the euro zone
this situation can only mean a need
of a very fast discharge of all the non combatant personnel
elimination of all administrative roles and traditional installations
and adoption of a dynamic and territorial
concept of autonomous weapon system

the subliminal message carried by this financial warfare
seems to indicate anyhow the willingness of the US
corrupted by the wall street christos Nazi mobsters
to attack Europe sooner or later
so may as well prepare for asymmetric resistance



At present, the blame is being laid at the feet of Wall Street Hedge Funds according to Euro Intelligence reports:

Italy is now under a speculative attack from a number of US-based hedge funds. 10-year Italian bond spreads have reached 2.446% this morning, and Spanish spreads 2.865%, levels that are not sustainable. The euro dropped by 2 cents to $1.4186.

Consob (the Italian market regulator) imposes short-selling restrictions on Italian equities and bonds. When this happens, you know it is serious. The Italian stock market regulator Consob yesterday imposed short-selling restrictions on Italian equities and treasury securities, requiring investors give notice of any short position they hold in Italian treasury securities. This is not a ban on short sales, only a transparency directive, which, according to La Repubblica, is in line with EU rules. The measure takes effect today, and will last until September 9. . .The purpose of the measure is to reduce the extreme volatility in recent share price movements.

Euro slump due to planned Wall Street and Washington’s attack - William Engdahl

It comes as stock markets in Europe and Asia tumbled on the surprise news that Berlin was banning types of 'short selling' – where investors profit by betting that shares will drop in value.
The whole attack on Greece and the attack on the euro originated from a concerted strategy of Wall Street and US Institutions to permanently cripple or try to cripple the only alternative reserve currency anywhere in the world that can challenge the dollar,” Engdahl told RT.

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