Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marcegaglia: "La crisi? Non è una catastrofe" Poi avvisa: "Non è finita"

Grosseto - "Non siamo davanti ad una catastrofe ma davanti ad una situazione complicata. La crisi non è passata". Sono le parole di Emma Marcegaglia, presidente di Confindustria, nel corso di una tavola rotonda sulla crisi a Capalbio
La manovra C’è "preoccupazione forte perché mancano le riforme che ci chiedeva la Banca centrale europea e non sono state trovate le risorse per la crescita che, mi sembra, sia in peggioramento",
C’è un continuo aumento di tasse mentre la parte sulle pensioni che noi, una parte della maggioranza e moltissimi osservatori consideravano fondamentale per liberare risorse per la crescita non c’è più". La presidente ha anche puntato il dito sui mancati tagli ai costi della politica: "C’è una riduzione dei tagli ai comuni. Man mano che andiamo avanti si riduce la quota dei tagli alla spesa pubblica, si aumenta la quota di tasse e quel poco di tagli alla politica, come per le province, sembra che verrà stralciata".

Do not agree, we are in for a catastrophe
at least the one of us who are not accomplices
of the new world order skim of churches, banks and finance speculation
the ones in for the catastrophe are 99% of the people
"and the country as a whole"

the "refusal" of correcting now
is going to destroy the future of the country
supposed there was one left
it is time to go abroad
there is no more future in an Italy
where the interests of the banksters, the politicians and the Vatican come first
the maneuver is as usual an insult to people intelligence
that takes from the people
to keep financing a cast of useless incompetent parasites
it "will" depress the market because even it started with good intentions
is now becoming a little king Francis of Naples maneuver
and there is the "serious" doubt that the christos and the politicians
are "intentionally" trying to take advantage of the European community
with financial tricks
which may also affect future "credibility" of the country in the EU

this maneuver wont create jobs
and wont create savings on the pensions either
because it does the opposite of what it should do
which is eliminate the baby pensions "instantly"
and start raising the age a bit at the time
the consequence is actually further increasing unemployment
among the country with the highest youth unemployment in Europe

this maneuver wont cut costs
because the useless local government chairs are not eliminated
the measure was just a "false" and a "farce"
to get European nations to rescue our sorry ass
but don't you worry, Europe "will" remember it "next time"
and "next time" is just a matter of months

this maneuver will actually increase also debt
because it is known "worldwide" that in Italy public budgets
are designed to "legally" spend "always" 10% more than planned
"and nobody cares nor wants to fix it"
the "slap on the hand" is just smoke in the eyes of people and markets
but don't you worry
"markets know how to compute value at risk"
"just wait for the next downturn"

this maneuver does "absolutely nothing"
to demolish money wasted to finance
the censorship government lobby RAI television
one of the most non productive circuses in the planet
a money eating black hole
meant only for religious and political indoctrination
and brainwashing "propaganda"
at the expenses of the taxpayer cow

this maneuver does "absolutely nothing"
to eliminate the "scandal" of a nation
"milked" by a religion of parasites
at a level unseen anywhere in the world
probably outside of integralist countries like Iran
but "don’t you worry"
your church puppet skim is already under investigation at the EU

this maneuver may use government owned real property alienation
to finance current budget deficit "instead than" to reduce
the debt principal, with so wasting precious resources and
at the same time solving "absolutely nothing" in the
direction of controlling debt and usury

this maneuver will depress the market because:
-takes away discretionary income across the front from the consumers
-retirement maneuver causes a four time higher stress on the new generations
perpetuating end career paying jobs, instead than spending on start career low
paying jobs
-retirement maneuver perpetuate the homemaker gift of the taxpayer
for people that worked a nothing time, just because of "religious"
interest of increasing ans stimulating the myth of housewives and
baby maker at a time no reasonable country would pursue demographic growth
-"useless" public spending in "useless" commons, provinces and regions
keeps being perpetuated, thus "preventing" the government to readdress
significant amounts of the budget to "indispensable" and "non deferrable"
peak energy conversion projects, in absence of which the future of the country
industrial and agricultural capacity will be "doomed"
that is exactly the point
a "farce" as usual to keep milking the country
in favor of a cast of parasites, more or less holy
it is time to send them "all" home
and elect somebody that knows what is doing
and does not have to kiss the lower back of the usual holy lobbies
and if that may result impossible
then the President should declare the state of emergency
and appoint a government of experts "outside the politic skim"


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