Saturday, February 17, 2007

LSU professor resolves Einstein's twin paradox from

Subhash Kak, Delaune Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at LSU, recently resolved the twin paradox, known as one of the most enduring puzzles of modern-day physics.



Saturday, February 10, 2007

Unfortunately... after scientifically trashing hydrogen so eloquently, the author leaps forward to the less rigorously supported conclusion that methanol/ethanol are the 'right' fuels to replace petroleum - mainly because of the perceived politics of the matter. I have recently read a similar 'science-based' report (was there not a review in CR4 recently too?) which concluded that methanol from the US Agricultural Industry would consume more energy in its production, than it would yield when being consumed AND would adversly affect the economics of our food supply. If ALL of the arable land was devoted to methanol producing crops for motor fuels, we would NOT have sufficient production capacity to replace petroleum - but we would have shattered the relationship between agriculture and food - inevitably increasing costs of crops grown for food on that land.

hydrogen wankel :)

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