Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Italy's pensions timebomb

"The system was a complicated patchwork with pockets of privilege"

"We had the famous 'baby pensioners' who could stop work after just 20 years, pensions based on seniority, pensions based on age, special conditions for certain categories, such as people in the navy, even if they had spent their careers behind a desk not in a submarine."

actually 14 years, to favor the "demographic battle" of the bigots in power
well, any serious country would tell the ones that are not 65
that their pensions are suspended until 65
and to go get a job

on the other hands, since all this privileges are "clientele work"
the Italian governance will keep shifting the retirement age
beyond the reasonable life expectancy
now at 70, then to 75, then to 80, then to 85
the intent of this "cast" is now clear
just spill the money every month out of as many turkeys as they can defraud
but keeping changing age
in order not to pay anything to the ones that paid in the system
but keeping paying privileges for the "clientele" "cast"

this "cast" has lost any credibility
we have seen those changes 10 times in the last 20 years
if it was a private company it would be prosecutable under racketeering laws
anybody who can should leave Italy, there is no fix
the future of the country is doomed
the country has become a holy racket
and nobody cares doing anything about it

obviously this scandal would have never happened if the Vatican was in Istanbul
but unfortunately the fee we paid for losing the second world war
was to be forced by the winners
into a mafia ran democracy under a church of betrayers
that’s how they got away with crimes against humanity as in Croatia
they were the fifth column betraying both sides


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