Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why is Italy now at center of Europe's debt crisis?

So what is behind the current crisis around Europe's third largest economy? And what could it mean for Europe and the world if it escalates?

nothing really unexpected
by now we all know planet-wise that the "monetary market"
with "no friends but only usury"
is a "preying entity" meant to take down
the wealth of the planet
a "pyramid scheme" of "new world order"
yesterday was Greece, today is Italy,
then will come the rest of Europe
followed by China, Russia and Brazil
and last the OPEC and the US
is it going to change ?
not really, we live in a holy usury kleptocratic economy
in a skim under gott y los banditos de los bancos
the kleptocracies of holy usury will keep collecting profits
until we get to the top of the pyramid of the skim
until the last of the leeches, wall street kristo banksters
may have preyed anything there is to prey
and will face collapse
the wall street concept of market is a disease like AIDS
it behaves the same way
infects nations
at the end of the ponzi pyramids of skims
it will infect and kill wall street itself
when there will be nothing left to prey upon
now Italy as Greece could do something about the problems
but it "does not want to"
the administration is full of accomplices of the holy banking skim
it is not interested on shorting the leeches privileges "not negotiable"
but some things should go in place, for whoever is not linked
by restrictions of duty and loyalty to the leeches
one is "convert to a resource based economy"
that bypasses the leeches
another is "convert to logistic based growth"
that bypasses the leeches
a third is "be prepared to leave the country and operate from abroad"
and "leave in the country all the instruments for a raise"
in places the leeches may never find

as said, may not be possible to prepare solely in the country
but there are always other places
sometimes the choice is not where the profit is
but where the loss is less
it is time to bury the preparation tools
and sit and wait until the top leach "collapses"
it is a difficult program
because of long term and requirement of inter-generation coordination
but "one day", close to 2050-2060, there will not be
a finger of god and his holy money changers crooks
and that day will be the day of the judgment


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