Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vatican returns to profit despite drop in donations

The Vatican issued its annual financial report today, saying it made a profit of €9.85 million in 2010 following a loss of €4.01 million a year earlier and losses in 2007 and 2008.

Revenues were €245.2 million against expenses of €235.35 million. In a statement, the Vatican said the results showed a continuing positive trend that began in 2009 but was hampered then by the effects of the global financial downturn.

The separately-administered Vatican city state also turned a €21.04 million profit, thanks primarily to booming ticket sales at the Vatican Museums.
But donations from individuals worldwide, the so-called Peter’s Pence, were down €10.2 million at €46.6 million in 2010, an 18 per cent drop from the year before.

well, there may be a solution
to the problems of the country
turn all corporations into churches
at our days churches are the most profitable businesses
sell a product with no limit of availability
at zero cost
everything is pure profit
now, go all open your own church
chances are that may turn out more useful
than the ones that already exist


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