Monday, September 05, 2011

If the “particle of God” is only a chimera...

Not by chance...” says Professor Rafael A. Martínez, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, “...instead of naming it the ‘God’s particle’ Lederman initially wanted to call it the ‘goddamn particle’, given its elusive nature. However, the publisher insisted for a more acceptable name and Lederman created his brilliant explanation of the standard model all around it.”

well, time will tell
the possibility that science may need god to explain anything is quite slim
and not really "relevant" to the short term survival of the human species

what instead is "relevant" to the destiny of humanity
is possibly more attention from the part of the godly country club
to issues such as overpopulation, planetary depletion, starvation and extinction
but the Vatican does not seem too interested
in looking over the effects of the unlimited irresponsible procreation they preach for
maybe they should focus on the irresponsible procreation
that is a "relevant" issue
instead than discuss "irrelevant" ones as usual


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