Monday, September 12, 2011


Viene quindi confermato il tradizionale schema che vede ONU, UE e NATO rappresentare l'architrave delle nostre scelte internazionali; in questo contesto, complice l'entrata in vigore del Trattato di Lisbona che conferisce nuovo slancio alla PESD (Politica Europea di Sicurezza e Difesa) in chiave europea nonché la grave crisi finanziaria, si rileva come i segnali dell'apertura di una fase nuova non manchino di certo, tanto da essere stati tra i punti al centro dell'attenzione delle ultime riunioni del Consiglio Supremo di Difesa.

well, here we have many different issues:
-a number of countries in the EU that do not provide a fair share of defense
-a lack of reference point in defense spending
-a NATO doctrine obsolete
from one side the UK spends a share comparable to the US in percentage
from another side Sweden teaches that with one tenth of budget (as in Israel)
you can reach the same results in a model of total defense
in the middle all the others, half way trough models and confusion
we thought thirty years ago and still think
the Swedish model of total defense
fits Europe the best
we have no natural fossil fuels, no prime materials,
and weak soils depleted in three millennia
we can not afford wall street defense solution
but we can reach the same results with Israel and Sweden models
"if we do something about it"
"instead than chasing models we can not afford"
surely soon the US may find out they have a budget problem too
"especially" with oil getting harder and harder to shuttle across the planet
it would have been easier restructuring NATO along total defense guidelines
but like the joke of the skeleton that goes to the doctor
we get there always at the last minute


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