Thursday, September 01, 2011

Change You Don't Have to Believe In

Europe is telling itself one cockamamie story after another. We've got a rescue fund! Only it has no money! But we will bail out Italy nonetheless! But Italy is too big to bail out - and we tried stuffing it under the carpet, but there's no more room with Greece, Ireland, and Portugal already suffocating in there.
I'm not convinced that the US bond rating will even matter that much because nobody knows what anything is worth anymore - especially when governments teeter and the folks in the public square (or the parking lot in America's case), start yelling for blood.
Obama looks like one of those hapless, floating creatures in the second-to-last scene of O Brother, Where Art Thou.
Everybody is broke now: national treasuries, giant banks, pension funds, insurance companies. The wonder so far is that credit default swaps have not yet been triggered by interest rate changes or some other silly shit, but when that comes to pass there is no way the counterparties can settle their contracts.
The casino is on fire and a flash flood is boiling down the strip. It's no fun running to the exits only to find the revolving doors already eyeball deep in dirty water. America gibbers to itself but nobody has a clue. I'll try to help: this is a compressive financial and economic contraction (one is money, the other is activity). Late-summer storm that it is, it looks to be intensifying. Everything that's super-big is going down sooner or later. The exact sequence of failures is unpredictable. But you can be sure Nature is telling you to get local, get smaller, get finer, downscale, solidify your friendships, and drop your stupid grandiose fantasies about running WalMart on algae. This is change you don't have to believe in, because it is about to jump up and bite you on the lips.

no understanding of how bad the situation is
because of the holy preaching of the media
we could have said it 30 years ago
and nobody would have believed it
as it is not believed now

all the "cast" is trying to do
is milk the cow as much as they can
even if they were willing to fix anything
they mostly lack both the good faith and the competence
probably not
the nature of vapor currency is now known
the barn door has been sold to save the barn
and the turkeys are out
either just drama or the politics really "believe"
that the outcome involves "them ?"
the best you can get out of the vapor money of wanna be geniuses
but hey, they are "superior", they have "standards"
"they know everything" because "they are under god"
and "their skim is not negotiable"
(the grandson of the banker of Hitler,
and the holy bankster of the roman church of genocides
with the white skirt)

"the great robbery" stops somewhere
god freaks and wall street racketeers overestimated the resilience
and the pockets of the planet
food is the limit where the revolution starts
it may take a while here
but the process of decay is ongoing

Europe, however, is at serious risk "now"
after the middle east, Europe is the next Egypt
was right the Emperor of China
the subversive hands of the religious-banksters racket
are evident "causes" of the whole problem

"unlimited unreasonable procreation"
"weapon of planetary destruction"
with "religions" and "money changers"
any society is doomed to "collapse"
their dream is to go back to the stone age
where their holy crooks "bubbles"
look like knowledge
"ignorance" as instrument of power


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