Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fiat could shift Italian SUV production to U.S.
Tommaso Ebhardt/ Bloomberg News

Fiat might assemble a yet-to-be built subcompact at the Mirafiori plant after the strengthening euro made the possibility of building SUVs mainly destined for the U.S. a less competitive option in Europe, said the person, who declined to be identified before an official announcement
"From a product-mix point of view, it makes a lot of sense," said AT Kearney analyst Marco Santino. "The U.S. would keep know-how of SUV building, it would help the launch of Alfa Romeo in North America and it would be a more competitive product due to lower costs of production."
The Italian carmaker plans to start production of a small city car in 2013, according to its 2010 plan.

the nonsense euro monetary policy
refusing devaluation "at random"
or requiring three months for any decision
"has a cost"
also the projected European market consumption curve
is going down much "earlier" than the US and the Emirates
so, the life cycle of those chains of production
is going to be at least a decade longer in the US
and later maybe another further 5-10 years when moved to the Emirates
what it makes more sense for Italy specifically
are "labor intensive" "technology intensive" productions
"preceding" the ultra-light ultra-low fuel consumption demand curve raise
to be ready to compete on markets with fast decline, such as Europe
on new markets with limited energy access such as some Asia, some south America and Africa
and on the slow decline markets, such as Russia and Brazil
the last two where, most likely, such new chains of production
may need to be moved within a decade
in Russia and Brazil their life cycle may last another 15-20 years
and could make room for a second generation of ultra-light transport
for which the market does not yet exist
but will surely be created by the big economic crashes of the next decade

as long as the demand regulates the design
it will take a two stage process to get there
it would be more efficient to go there directly
but consumers brains can not adjust that fast
and incompetent governments and holy financial vultures
don't seem to be willing to see the iceberg
so there seem to be no other alternative


but those gull-wing doors are laughable
looks like
"the office of complication of simple design"
what about one piece canopy ?
maybe not even engineers brains
can adjust that fast
the auto business
may need to hire designers
at EFA, MBB, SAAB or Dassault


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