Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E' ora che la scuola insegni a usare Internet in modo sicuro

Non si può delegare ai genitori. Ecco i consigli

Nell’era della comunicazione digitale, dei social network e delle chat, è quasi scontato scoprire che i giovanissimi passano buona parte del loro tempo a navigare su Internet. Meno scontato è invece il fatto che il 56% dei genitori ritiene sia uno dei compiti primari della Scuola insegnare ai giovani come navigare in modo sicuro in rete.
Sono amici e familiari (33%), media (31%) e altri genitori (27%) le fonti a cui le famiglie si affidano quando si tratta di informarsi sulla sicurezza di Internet. Solo il 15% dei genitori che hanno partecipato al sondaggio ha ottenuto informazioni su come usare Internet in modo sicuro dalla scuola, tuttavia il 56% ritiene sia compito proprio di questa istituzione educare i ragazzi alla navigazione sicura e il 43% ritiene che deve informare anche i genitori e non solo i figli sui potenziali rischi. Inoltre il 47% considera importante che l’uso di pc e Internet venga integrato nel percorso scolastico.
Insegnagli a:

a. Usare le opzioni di privacy e i controlli della condivisione. Molti siti che comprendono contenuti generati dagli utenti, inclusi YouTube e Facebook, implicano la possibilità che i ragazzi possano entrare in contatto con malintenzionati e adulti. È importante quindi insegnargli a proteggere le sue informazioni personali utilizzando le giuste impostazioni di condivisione sul computer.

b. Non dire niente. Ricordare loro che non devono divulgare le loro password.

c. Pericolo sconosciuto. Far capire ai giovani quanto possa essere pericoloso dare confidenza agli sconosciuti, non solo nella vita reale ma anche su Internet. È sempre importante ricordare loro che non devono mai incontrare nessuna delle persone conosciute online e che non devono mai comunicare le loro informazioni personali.

is way more complex that what the BAU world wants us to think
at the bottom line, safety would require a very different approach
in directions "not profitable" for the IT industry and the rest of the establishment
first of all "consumer grade" products do not guarantee hardly any security
and industrial level systems involve complexity
that would require anybody to have a system and network administrator at home
where at times, we don't even have them at school or in government agencies
the "solution" of the IT industry
the same IT industry that sold Hitler punch cards to optimize the holocaust
is "the cloud"
where "they" tell you what you can do or you can not do
so their "solution" instead than guarantee safety for the common simpleton
would create a nightmare of Orwellian proportions in people rights
now the "reasonable" solution, instead
would be that the simpletons be given tools to be able to manage
their kids and their own privacy
without the need of being network and system administrators
the ones that have a clue already go that direction
in the limits of what "social" and "peer" pressure permits
and those tools are not personal computers and broken windows
nor are "in the clouds" paternalistic controlled servers of big brother
but home servers and disk less thin clients
however, when kids are grown with the state of mind of PC "gamers"
taking away from them the broken windows becomes impossible
because the school and their friends have taught them first
to play on the broken windows
thus in an open market environment becomes impossible
to force the "free enterprise" "not to" endanger the people
especially the little ones that don't know any better
between a saint and a serial killer
so, yes, it is the school system that "first"
has to put this kids on something safe
where "safe" does not mean "safe at school"
because it is known that the public cow with huge tits
can spend crazy amounts of money to make safe poorly designed and faulty products,
since is not their money they are throwing out the windows, is the case to say
"but" safe "at home"
now there are two "reasonable" ways to reach this goal
one is that the "only" way kids can access the internet from home
would be tunneling trough the school system filters
kids may end up very upset about it, but they can do nothing
unless the parents let them be on the "grown up" internet
and this, regardless, remains "their" "case by case" responsibility and right
the second is that various software makers in the open or for private
come up with designs of "family servers"
with a simpleton proof configuration interface
and pre-configured and tied down for each responsibility and age group in the family
such as educational licenses, matching the school system requirements
for each station or account of minors involved
where the users would be on disk-less PCs or thin clients
but unless the school system first takes out of their minds
the "personal" operating system concept, there is nothing else that can be done
standing the reality as it is
the kids "want" the broken windows
"because everybody else has it"
"because the government has it"
"because the school has it"
(here they will even challenge your competence, your experience and your degrees)
"because we can only play games on that"
"because ..."
then there is the part they don't tell you about
like "because we can get mommy credit card number out of it"
"because we can order online porn movies with mommy card and sell them to our friends"
"because we can watch midgets having a threesome in yugoslavia"
and so on
and this to call things by their name
without the salami slices over the eyes


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