Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lockheed Martin Buys Quantum Computer From D-Wave Systems For $10 Million

The system called the D Wave One can be used in a lot of applications of quantum computing which are untouched till now. Theoretically, the scientists have already proved and demonstrated that quantum computers can actually perform tasks which are impossible for its competitors. For example, it can breach the security of a peer by getting through the encrypted codes by solving the problem mathematically at a breath taking speed.

The complete system is quite bulky and accommodates approximately 100 square feet of area. It is actually a supporting system for a normal computer. This specialized auxiliary system runs software that helps the conventional PC to learn from its past information and can predict the future outputs to some extent. Lockheed Martin plans to use this acquisition for detection and identification of bugs in products that are complex combinations of software and hardware. This will enable the firm to cut down the extra costs incurred due to unforeseen errors in such systems. A few such problems resulted in 20% over budget in the F-35 fighter jets project.

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