Friday, June 03, 2011

Il macigno che distrusse l'illusione dell'edonismo

una prima apocalittica rivelazione riguardo alla fatuità e falsità dell’ideologia edonista profusa prima dai gruppi di potere e poi dai ceti di governo proprio a cominciare dagli anni ’80

a story way more simple than stated
another genocide caused by the medicine for profit of holy wall street
that does not find a "cheap" solution because health for profit is "big business"
for both the wall street holy vultures
and the holy nazi christo bigots of the morals of fantasy
derived by the equally fantastic mythology
of the old man in the skies that forgives your sins and wants your money
read the historical facts
the Russian were lucky to have Sabin
instead than a wall street puppet
giving them polio vaccine
and on top of all the skim and the falsities
we have glorified simpletons
with the highest academic titles
that sold science to the holy money changers to make a buck
humanity is too stupid to deserve not to be extinct
and the Faust is a honorable man compared to certain wall street holy donkeys


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