Saturday, June 04, 2011

Marchionne: Italia cambi atteggiamento, quartier generale Fiat resterà a Torino

Su mercato dell'auto c'è un'inversione di tendenza
L'amministratore delegato di Fiat si è poi soffermato sui dati del mercato italiano dell'auto, che a maggio sono tornati a registrare un segno positivo. Non è un turnaround, ha detto il manager italo-canadese, ma un'inversione di tendenza. Il mercato non è sano, c'è una svolta tecnica, il sistema non poteva reggere. Il tubo degli incentivi si è svuotato e la domanda è arrivata a livelli naturali: 1,75/1,8 mln di auto. E siamo ritornati ai livelli del 1996.
«Abbiamo fatto la proposta industriale di 1,1 miliardi di dollari di investimento e non abbiamo chiesto una lira a nessuno. Lo abbiamo fatto alla luce dei cambiamenti del mercato russo e della possibilità di investire di meno e di entrare con un investimento più basso avendo aspettative più basse. Mi sembra positivo partire con la produzione di 120 mila vetture iniziali con la possibilità di allargarci». Per quanto riguarda il mercato asiatico, Marchionne ha sottolineato: «Abbiamo già cominciato con i cinesi - ha concluso - e lo stabilimento aprirà l'anno prossimo».

Well, Italy is a market in a position
where it could be worth to experiment the model of private transport
of the post oil economy
high cost of labor, taxation, middle age burocracy and lack of infrastructure
seem to suggest that the only product fitting such a market
could be leading edge technology improving efficiency
however such type of choice outside of the current limits
would require an overhaul of transport rules
and being counterintuitive as measure would also require
a "national plan" of next century philosophy of transport
to be supported by government bodies with no regard of useless political disputes
which would probably be the weak ring of the chain
in the nazi holy Bolshevistic attitude of the clients of the pope king
always as ready to preach, as they are collecting the profits of their skims
now "honestly" IMHO, we should consider the direct relation between energy and mass
which would require for reasons of safety
to separate completely heavy traffic from light traffic
this if we would want to be on the side of history
opposing crimes against humanity
beyond the hypocrisy of religious fantasies with vested interest in petroleum
good people don't want to burn in their tanks
the food for starving African and Latin american babies
with "simple" "inconvenient" and "forgotten" process of cost drivers optimization
on "both" sides of production
a century wide leap in efficiency would be itself a driver
to create line of buyers for the efficient products
"and" increase supply of "local" recycled precious raw materials
then, at such point, we would be in a world of railroads and sea barges
and of roll-on roll-off "local" trucking terminals
and maybe into hybrid diesel/electric/pneumatic tractors
on the heavy side
and ultralight private transport on the light side
which would reduce requirements for roads and bridges weights and costs
seems simple old fashion physics
there seems not to be historical contradiction anywhere
just a reasonable fix to myopic bad choices
based on the false data of tax payers sponsored institutions
which instead than performing their public service duty of loyalty to the truth
found the easy money of the holy oily bribes more convenient
now to err is human, it happens, but persevering in error
seems a bit too much "if" we care of credibility
"and", even worse, of avoiding extinction as a species

“ If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows. ”
—Lord Louis Mountbatten

“ I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. ”
—Albert Einstein


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