Friday, June 10, 2011

Mucca clonata produce latte "umano"
il "brevetto" conteso da Cina e Argentina

Gli scienziati argentini hanno alterato il Dna del bovino aggiungendo i geni che producono due sostanze protettive tipiche del latte materno. Pechino rivendica: "Abbiamo una madria intera di esemplari transegenici simili". La Lav all'Ue: "Fermate questo orrore"

not as bad and not as dangerous as seeds genetic manipulation
cows need to reproduce through sex
all seeds need is wind
it should sound surprising the god freaks are in favor of the much more dangerous
genetic manipulation of seeds
but against the much more useful and less dangerous
applications of genetic engineering in the animal's world
maybe is because
the alliance of the money changers and the Christos freaks
is planning to increase the money and the income of god with more genocides
a food genocide seems "the plan" at this time


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