Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Van Rompuy warns EU is in 'survival crisis'
EU President issues stark warning against nationalism
Brussels denies talk of Greek euro exit

The paper by UBS, normally known for its highly sober analysis, warned that historically, monetary unions do not break up without civil war or some other form of authoritarian reaction. "The risk of civil disorder questions the rule of law, and as such basic issues such as property rights. Even those countries that avoid internal strife and divisions will likely have to use administrative controls to avoid extreme positions in their markets", it said.

let's analyze a minute what brought us here
the answer seems very clear, let's look at Occam razor
the mother of all betrayals "religion" the cult of death of world criminal rackets
conspiring with the "custodians" of their holdings, the money changers racket
and the two pigs puppets, politics

let's see a minute
"quo pro" "unreasonable dementia unlimited reproduction" ?
the cult of death preaches unlimited freedom of procreation
until starvation and overpopulation
and the puppet idiots of political rackets
in the pockets of religions and money changers bribes and votes
pursue the "program" to please the pig preacher and the pig banker

there is no further discussion to make
the pigs bankrupted everybody and are in charge
with their lunatics psychopathic "morals"
the pigs bankrupted the world, and "will be held responsible"
it is only a matter of time
the pigs can not fix anything with their useless myths
economic prey or religious myth fantasy dogmas
and holy Nazi mafia racket to skim poor people pockets

they are as "incompetent" as their silly fantasies
of old men in the sky who forgive sins
they are as much as criminals as their money laundering skims
of recycled international drugs cartel moneys
and recycled international crime moneys
not even toddlers will believe them any longer

the anthropology data over "collapse" events are clear
they can reopen their holy genocide extermination camps
they can kill millions as they did in the holocaust
(because it is clear now that pig banks and pig churches
are the ones who profited and morally instigated the holocausts)

but it is all vain
the people know who they are
where their cathedrals and their skyscrapers are
"and what they are guilty of"


and "they will be wiped out"
there is no way back for the pigs
watch for the cannibals


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