Saturday, October 22, 2011

Morelli: «Servono leader che agiscano»

dal 1950 al 1961, in soli 11 anni, il Pil italiano duplicò
mette però una condizione: che vengano realizzate le riforme strutturali per cambiare il paese

it could be technically possible
and there is an explanation for the reality of such possibility
"however" the "possibility" and the "likelihood"
are two different stories

let's start with what is "likely" to happen:
-exponential increase of loss of credibility
-exponential loss of people assets and increase of bankruptcies
-further increases of taxation to 60-70% to pay more usury to the holy bankers leeches
-increase of connivance between politics and criminality to help controlling squeezed victims
-collapse of the production system
-expulsion of the country from the European union
-return to the middle age in the third world, under the holy crime blessings

now, this is what "should" instead happen:
-emergency powers to the president, "only", with the known contingency plan
-destitution of the whole elected governance
-appointment of a constituency of scientists to redesign the production system along technocracy
(economists, theologians, sociologists, politicians do not qualify as scientists)
-prefects take over full local authority, enforced by justice and military authorities
-enforcement of presidential orders by dep's of justice and defense through war tribunals
-nationalization of all banks
-revocation of licenses to foreign and multinational banks
-suppression of currency, replacement with 90 days term certificates based on energy
-repudiation of all the treaties with the Vatican
-elimination of "all" tax exemptions, including churches and foundations
-revision of the constitution
-elimination of the parliament, substituted by a chamber of scientists
-scientists are appointed "by title", from highest international scientific honors
-modification of the senate roles, based on quotas for academic field of study and expertise
-senators are elected in electoral districts, in a fixed number per district
-dismantlement of public health administrative system (return to family doctors)
-disposal of useless buildings (USL et cetera)
-dismantlement of public "non strategic" business ownership (and related ministry)
-disposal of unused public patrimonial real estate and land
-sale of 49 to 69 % of communal, regional, and provincial service companies
-conversion of the military system towards total mobilization (as Sweden and Israel models)
-de-penalization of all victimless pseudo crimes
-elimination of traditions and morals from sources of law
-institution of a ministry for the energy emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for energy self sufficiency of buildings
-institution of a ministry for the agriculture emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for alimentary self sufficiency of buildings
-institution of a ministry for the waters and biological emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for water self sufficiency of buildings
-institution of a ministry for the nuclearization of maritime traffic emergency
-mandatory national plan requirement for nuclear conversion of merchant and military marine
... and much more ...

History teaches us that the miracle of the 50's was due to:
-limited drag of public sector costs
-free energy, or "cheap oil"
The above is the same recipe without almost free oil,
using free sun, free wind, free atomic, free geothermal
But since the later are not enough to make up for oil decline
we need also to get rid of the leeching in the system,
religions, money changers, bean counters, politicians
and all the rest of useless people, offices, and functions


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