Saturday, October 01, 2011

Does Europe need a Security and Defence Strategy?

Howorth also claims that the EU engages in an intensifying circle of complex interdependence. But is this intensifying circle of interdependence characterised by ‘deepening’ or simply by a loose enlargement of themes and actors? A simple glimpse of the external relations of the EU shows that little has been achieved.

"total defense model"
is the only way to go
"to have" a European defense

wall street treason and the corruption of the western holy pigs finance
that over the years have demolished European military budgets
in favor of their mafia style agenda of forgivers of the sins
to the advantage of their forgiven sinner accomplices
are mining at the base the capability of operation
of the European military systems
while at the same time wall street is attacking Europe
to destroy its finances

even if we may not want to call this treason in respect to NATO for now
we may need at the least to guarantee a defense system
and with the financial attacks from wall street to demolish the euro zone
this situation can only mean a need
of a very fast discharge of all the non combatant personnel
elimination of all administrative roles and traditional installations
and adoption of a dynamic and territorial
concept of autonomous weapon system

the subliminal message carried by this financial warfare
seems to indicate anyhow the willingness of the US
corrupted by the wall street christos Nazi mobsters
to attack Europe sooner or later
so may as well prepare for asymmetric resistance


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