Saturday, October 08, 2011

Why is Italy now at center of Europe's debt crisis?

Italy's economy has been growing at only 0.3%, he said, and most importantly is projected to grow at a similarly feeble rate for the next few years. "This very low rate of growth really is one of the lowest in the world," he said, "and on top of that Italy has a very high public debt."
"Our economy is solid," he said. "Our banks are solid. They are well capitalized. They have liquidity. They have overcome the stress tests." But the speech was light on concrete policy measures, analysts say, and may not have been enough to deter market speculators who now have Italy in their sights.
Lombardi believes the current situation is serious. "If you affect Italy, you can really weaken the euro significantly," he says, describing it as the "weakest link" among Europe's big economies. Worse, he says, the European Union, the IMF and the European rescue fund do not have enough money to bail it out as they did smaller European economies -- sparking a potential domino effect.

there is a short answer and a long answer
the short answer is the dominance of the religious bigotry racket
with its octopus mob hegemony and corruption
that made the country degenerate, transforming it in a society of crime and bigotry
and created and promoted a public cast of servants of the church mafia
the long one is that the series of middle age measures and privileges
that nobody wants to touch not to displease the pope king
of the republic at limited sovereignty under the Vatican
are impeding any action
not blessed by the holy racket skim
if anybody was "not an accomplice" of this holy fraud
they would cap the usury rate below 10% by law,
dismantle the large useless segment of the public cow
created only to employ good bigots with no skills
eliminate tax exemption for "all", religions included
and "rewrite all the codes", "from scratch"
eliminating little king Francis style complication of simple problems

but the politics cast talks a lot and does a lot of nothing
besides wasting public money for personal gain
and in the process holds on to its middle age privileges
collecting gray zone "contributions" skims here and there
just like the church of bigots mobsters over which the cast was modeled
it is clear that the ones who talk of "not negotiable"
are the members architects of a world conspiracy
with at the center wall street and the Vatican banksters
to bankrupt Europe and the Euro

and the more you observe them closely
and the more they look like the same architects
of the previous big international banking skim of the thirties
that caused the second world war
the nazi-church-holy-holocaust connection is back
ready to massacre people for their holy profits
and the "masters" of this "ax of evil"
are the "Vatican - Jekyll island" banksters mafio-racket
the duck of god with the skirt, and the finger of god
the cat and the fox of the theater of human disgraces
now we know what kind of pyramids "they" were talking about


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