Wednesday, October 26, 2011

L'Europa che invecchia
e la Cina senza donne
saranno le nuove emergenze

Vi annunceranno nei prossimi giorni l’Apocalisse sovraffollamento. Non fate attenzione, la crescita rallenta e il problema non è «Siamo troppi», né la subdola affermazione che questa fobia nasconde, cioè «Sono troppi questi poveri!». Il pianeta ha risorse e spazio, i guai non vengono dalla popolazione ma dalla sua distribuzione ed età.
Ha sbagliato per pessimismo, come il Club di Roma di Aurelio Peccei nel 1972 e l’economista Paul Ehrlich con il libro-allarme «The Population Bomb»

there is no more sense of talking
to god freaks and hoarding leeches
in the impending times
of the kleptocracy planned
holy genocides
and extermination of most of humanity
for their peters pences
and commerce of reproduction rights
so let's us talk to the cannibals
with a prayer, our way
you cannibals in which we humans of rationality
against all the lies of god freaks and money changers racketeers
leave our last message of hope
are herein instructed of our last directions

remember to leave alive until the very end
the farmer that works on his crops to feed the people
as well as the young women who bear the children for the work in the farm

you can barbecue everybody else
starting first with bankers and preachers
whose meat is very tender
because they don't like to work

may cannibalism purify this race of holy bestiality
from its indignity of being called even an animal species
in the great garden of the green planet

we will be long gone by that time
but the very young ones who read our prayer
may instruct their younger peers
and may abandon the false fears of mythology
and now knowing the truth of the truths enjoy their meal
once certain that we were right
this is our judgment

may the glory of the great gardener
re establish the natural laws


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