Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Il Papa: dopo la morte non c'è il vuoto, Papa Benedetto XVI, «L'Assunzione ci indica il destino dell'umanità»

l’Assunzione ricorda la fede nella non corruzione del corpo di Maria: al momento della morte, la Vergine, per i cristiani, è stata assunta in cielo dove partecipa alla gloria di Dio

 ha anche ricordato brevemente la tradizione delle chiese ortodosse che per la morte della Vergine parla di Dormizione e non di Assunzione

maybe is easier than that, the sun, light of (our) lights, was born from the direction of the virgo, right around the constellation of the dog, right around  procyon, the little dog, and is moving towards the twins, toward the center of the galaxy in the direction of the bridge of the groom, where it may end up in an head on collision with andromeda, right at the entrance of the black hole, and be spit out as a beam of light from the other side, the white hole

for whatever reasons, it is reported by the gossip scripts of the time (also known as gospels,) mostly because they did not know any better at the time that the north stars change continuously in the 25k years cycle because of the variation of the tilting of the earth axis, that the sun died on the crux (the southern cross) every year around December the twenty first, and raised after three days, every year right on XMAS, as in fact it did, back then, when the north star was Thuban, and the crux was in the west, now it still dies on the winter solstice and raises after three days, but the crux is somewhere else, with some patience it will be back where it was right around the age of the twins

the virgo is still there, and maybe we may want to find a way to move back in that direction, unless we want to end up in the big crunch, or eaten up by the ones whatever they look like, that are ahead of us in both civilization, and time left before being crunched, you bet they are thinking the same way as we do, climb the donut back forever from galaxy to galaxy, to stay as far as possible from the black an white holes (that don't have anything to do with sex, at this point, as anybody may guess)

So anyhow, maybe for lost in translation, maybe for intentional deception as in the case of luci fer bright star of the east, sirius, it looks like the saxon has preserved a much closer picture to reality than the latin, which may give higher credibility to the story of the VI Kings at this point.

So maybe we were evolved somewhere around the procyon, the little dog, and somehow, the dog became the god, maybe we are reading it in the wrong direction, is a palindrome.

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