Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Farben was Hitler and Hitler was Farben

and standard oil was both(, and so it was wall street)
let's see, ibm punch cards, union banking friz accounts,
General Motors, Ford, General Electric, DuPont,
J.P. Morgan firm, the Rockefeller Chase Bank, Warburg Manhattan bank ...
now tell me the rat lines were not run by the vatican and wall street
who were they run by ?, gay people and atheists ?
and who were the 'architects' of the genocide in croatia ? union members and jeovah witnesses ? the revisionist religius pig should be ashamed
but the religious pig does not know what shame is
just like the regular (animal) pig
which is kind like cuter
the animal pig does not organize holocausts and holy crusades
out of the two pigs, the animal pig is more human
Wall Street funded Nazis

more ? here:

more ? here:
The Vatican's Holocaust, The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century

more ? here:
Ratlines (Pacovski Kanali), 1991., English subtitles - Vatican in Smuggling Nazi Ustashas

religion, the source of all evils, thousands of years of unpunished crimes
as long as men 'believe' in their bullsh**
we will remain or perpetually return in the stone age

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