Friday, August 19, 2011

Wall Street, Hp va a picco, Non piace l'addio ai pc

E il titolo a New York apre a meno 20 per cento. Potrebbe perĂ² trattarsi del primo passo verso una nuova acquisizione destinata a mutare gli equilibri della tecnologia di consumo

will see
I would have just started building x64 workstations in the US
at technical level higher than apple, and at price halfway:
-dual processor, triple head, dual power
-"removable" TPM
-SAS/SCSI, hot swap in front
-unified casing tower/desktop/rack (rack bolt on bezel)
-aluminum, "and" no plastic
next a "mini" 20W+screen desktop:
-RISC, basic system
then forget tablets, palm and phones, build a pocket - pc:
-standard compatibility, should be able to run Solaris, BSD or Oberon
-foldable, has to fit in the internal pocket of a business suit
-wifi built-in, plus optional side slots
-"removable" sensors, GPS, phone card, flash
-solar charger panels built in (on the back side)


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