Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tremonti: "Crisi riguarda l'Europa"

Calderoli: 50 mila poltrone politiche soppresse
«Abbiamo fatto domanda di ammissione ai lavori usuranti, per tutti».
la riduzione del 20% dei consiglieri da parte delle Regioni, per cui si passerà da un numero complessivo di 775 consiglieri a 610

true, "and" crises is "planetary"
"but" Europe is "very highly" exposed to the effects
because of many factors
such as soil depletion and scarcity of prime materials and fossil fuels
Europe is also at higher risk because of "history"
we are the ones that by "dogma" and "past tradition"
still mentally live in the middle age
we are "the Taliban of the western world"
thank you, wise maneuver, but not complete
in the long term there are more to close down
that is the right approach
is a job, not the Mediterranee club
pretty much only for the kids, the old and the disabled
jobs should not be "high stress"
they must be kidding
775, 610 ?
is that a joke ?
New York State Senate: "62" members
New York State parliament: "150" members
New York State population: 19 "millions"
"and" we are surprised" "we are going bankrupt" ?
again, in the long term there are more to close down


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