Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tasse, il sogno impossibile di Berlusconi

canone Rai, ... tassa sul caro estinto

apparently Bocchino mentioned the same issue
"and" actually "it would be possible"
"and" it would be beneficial to the economy
here the therapy:
-sell RAI, one channel at the time,
keep backbone and frequencies under communications
-sell the rest of stated owned non-strategic companies
with the exception of water, energy, backbone
-dispose of the foundations
-drop the tax on the dead, this is really stupid

-to be a region you need a minimum of 7 million people
-to be a province you need a minimum of 700 thousand people
-to be a city/common you need a minimum of 30 thousand people

-a region has one congressman "or" senator for each 100 thousand people
-a region has a maximum number of employees of 1% of population
included all locations, and highway police force
-a province has a councilman for each 150 thousand people
-a province has a maximum number of employees of 1% of population
included all locations, and prison / judiciary police force
-a city has an assessor/councilman for each 20 thousand people
-a city has a maximum number of employees of 0.3% of population
"including" local police force

"professional orders"
-they can make their own pensions on their own "if they wish"
-"but" they pay social security as everybody else, and have social security
while their funds are merged into IMPS for the basic rate
and they can do as they wish for the excess
-next, they get "zero" money from the taxpayer,
they may start collecting from their members
-"and" when they are using property belonging to the government
have one year to leave it vacant, and find their own place,
"and" for that year they pay rent to the treasury for fair market value
-finally, all their legal cast privileges are canceled
and they assume the status of "associations"

the regional debts are merged case by case
the orders pensions contributions go to IMPS for the base rate
(and they can do as they wish for the exceeding quotas)

the revenues of the properties alienation,
go to finances to pay off the national debt

the savings of payroll, maintenance, utilities,
other useless expenditures, are used to provide
a percentage tax cut "for the nation"
in the same proportions of the contributions
pretty easy
"but" the problem is "in the holy power of the chairs"
and "the holy power of the cast"
such as the shrinking "hydraulic principle"
on the "hills" of politics, saints and tax evaders
so it is not an easy move for the holy cast
that explains why they always talk about it
but they never want to do it


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