Thursday, August 18, 2011

Per Sartori il mondo si aiuta sterilizzando i paesi africani

Le genialate del professore, che sul 'Corriere' spiega: "Crescita demografica va' fermata ad ogni costo". E punta il dito contro la Chiesa.

Ha saputo infatti che a ottobre gli abitanti della Terra raggiungeranno i sette miliardi. E che «a fine secolo, nel 2100, saremo 10 miliardi». È un «saremo» un po’ troppo ottimistico, non soltanto perché l’autore è nato nel 1924 ma soprattutto se paragonato al suo auspicio apocalittico: «Io dico che la crescita demografica va fermata ad ogni costo».
Semmai, dalla Santa Sede, arrivano altri consigli per la soluzione della crisi. Non ultimo quello di Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, presidente dello Ior, che all’inizio di agosto demoliva l’ideologia neomalthusiana del controllo delle nascite, contraddittoria «come se, per sembrare più ricca, una Nazione arrivasse a vietare di fare figli, facendo così crescere temporaneamente il pil pro capite».
«l’aumento demografico comporta aumenti moltiplicati di cibo e comodità. È giusto. Ma il “carico ecologico” diventa così sempre più insostenibile
Se nemmeno i genocidi, insegna il Rwanda, riescono a risolvere la situazione, non rimane che attendere una “soluzione finale” dalle colonne del Corriere della Sera.

Sartori brings up a problem the holy myth does not want to acknowledge
but the problem is there
regardless of the holy excuses and lies

would be more fair sterilization of the whole planet
after the first child
but substantially he is right, actually his numbers
are much lower of the real predictable numbers
the demographic world growth is now 2.7 annually
"supposed" it does not drop
with the current and future holy resource wars
and holy genocides by starvation
the "doubling time" as "anybody" should know
because logarithms are learned in high school
is about 25 years at 2.7%
which results in 56 billions by 2110
"now" there is something you "already don't know"
over "where are the other 46 billions ?"
but don't you worry
"god" and his holy bankers "have a plan"
"profitable" "resource wars" and "genocides"
"as usual in history"
so "at any cost" is the proper terminology
as said the Vatican and his holy bankers
have "conflict of interest" in population issues
and the conflict is in their financial power
and amounts of holy profitable investments
(by the way is not that usury and interest
are equivalent wording in their holy books ?)

then let's not forget the Vatican
is the first real estate multinational in Italy
and no profane "really knows"
how deep is the world banking power of the church
"the money changers in the temple"
does it not remind them of something ?

I keep asking "Christians"
to provide evidence
that their holy scriptures state "anywhere"
that their holy god
orders them to reproduce irresponsibly
thus causing holy wars of resources and holy genocides
and to support holy "unreasonable reproduction"
at the level of holy starvation and holy cannibalism
and "none" has so far produced such holy evidence
so we "have to doubt" of their good faith
and reach the conclusions
that churches "are not" Christianity
but just a power-money lobby "calling itself such"
and using religion for their "rigorously holy" dirty business interests
a "finite" system has limits
not only we reached it, but overshot
"and" we are now at "peak everything"
the "down" of the curve is inevitable
now the issue is choosing between reason
or holy genocides
and we know already the churches don't want reason
so expect the holy extermination camps by proxy
with the benediction of "the finger of god"
and a new holy puppet "man of the providence"
we understand that the holy and godly skim is "not negotiable"
and that "not even" their holy books
can negotiate their holy politics and holy profits

we acknowledge that Italy is now run by a holy racket
but this is "also" the same Country who bore heroes,
besides "real" saints such as Saint Francis
men such as the Manin, the Garibaldi, the Cavour
so we can only hope
somebody incorruptible by the holy skim may emerge
purifying the planet of this holy apostasy
to paraphrase the Saxon say: "if it walks like a duck ..."
this church walks like the Antichrist ...
so it must be the beast


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