Friday, August 05, 2011

Napolitano: "Preoccupato dai mercati Servono nuove misure per la crescita"

il Capo dello Stato, Giorgio Napolitano, vede per la seconda volta in pochi giorni Mario Draghi, si dice «preoccupato» e sprona ad «integrare la manovra» della parte che riguarda la crescita ancora carente.
«sulle scelte da compiere per stimolare decisamente l’indispensabile crescita dell’economia e dell’occupazione, a integrazione delle decisioni sui conti pubblici volte a conseguire il pareggio di bilancio nel 2014»
«tensioni derivanti da incertezze internazionali», «nonostante l’azione di progressiva riduzione del deficit pubblico». Ma comunque «le analisi confermano che il sistema bancario e finanziario italiano è solido, grazie anche all’azione tempestiva di rafforzamento delle condizioni patrimoniali e di liquidità delle banche»

the term "growth" is difficult to interpret "objectively"
because it is used in different meanings based on the parts in the conversation
the high level of debt can either require "monetary growth" to be able to "service the debt"
or could require simply an increase of fiscal allocation from the output
towards satisfaction of the debt
or could for instance use "alienation" of real assets
to "extinguish" the debt "and the monetary interest usury"

now here acting as the good family father
we may have assumed debt to feed the family members
and we may have, or may have not had a chance to extinguish such debt
so there is one more accounting entity to keep in consideration
which is the systemic loss
this voice is going to increase geometrically in the next 9 years
the number of defaults will peak geometrically
due to geometrically increases of enterprises failures
and necessarily inevitable cuts of fixed costs in public spending

therefore the "fractional" lending policies should actually be "reversed"
whereas "financial" operators could "only" be permitted
to lend on "strictly collateralized loans"
"up to" 50% of their liquidity
in order to maintain a 50% "operational reserve entirely deposited"
to pay for their liabilities, which are going to increase also "exponentially"
all indicators make predictable a world scale collapse of real estate
(less oil -> not sufficient food -> less population -> explosion of offer -> crash of demand)

what we know from this "planetary" crises
is that a "significant share" of "the planet" resources have either peaked or are going to peak
within a decade, two at the most, because of several causes, most important:
-failure to stabilize population and stop "demential" "irresponsible reproduction"
-failure to prepare for a post-oil economy

now, to be able to "grow" in "today" economy while at the same time be ready for 2020 economy
there are a number of "necessary" steps:

-first, and most important step, it is necessary to convert the public system to an "no interest" system, pay off the whole debt and delay of one year each budget, in order to "spend" the fiscal revenue, instead than "finance the fiscal revenue at usury", in case this could not be possible, the bankruptcy of the country is just a matter of time, would say based on the credit ratings, maybe 2018, based on the most probable outcome, the collapse of the US economy around 2020, "at the same time". Instead than a constitutional change for the parity of debt, why not a constitutional change that "prohibits the government from assuming any debt".

-second, "equally necessary" step, is a "serious" program of depopulation, that includes sending back home all "illegal" aliens, eliminating "any" victimless crimes, filling up the just emptied prisons with people employing illegal aliens and tax evaders, instituting "severe" taxes on children births, of the order of about 20,000 Euro per child (that is the average cost to the community), and promoting legislation in favor of assisted suicide, in order to be able to reach negative population growth "as soon as possible", and thus be able to reduce the population of the country to 1950 level by 2050, "and" maximized fiscal revenue. This is the Italian version of the program, since in Italy nobody in history has ever been able to make anybody not public employee pay taxes. In the US, where the tax agencies are "able" to make people pay taxes, it makes more sense to legalize all the illegal immigrants with a job, "and" send the bill for the necessary, retroactive fees, to the employers. Both solution put a fix on the issue of fiscal revenue, now "critical" in both countries.

-third, being due a "collapse" of green agriculture, and with it a collapse in food production, and skyrocketing prices of foods, possibly before 2025, "fundamental" step, is ensuring that the country agriculture can satisfy the food demand in the years to come, "taxing" in a measure of 600% or more Genetically Modified crops, and requiring by law "unlimited responsibility" for the manufacturers "and" the customers of GM products, and giving incentives, with tax exemption, to agriculture businesses that convert production to perma-cultures of cereals families (I think one is kanza, check with the scientists), and reach standard increase of production of 70%. Part of the agriculture food program, is also the bonification of water channels, to be able to service the fertilizing and irrigation needs of the post-oil economy, by gravity, as it used to be, "and" low cost water transport (38 times more efficient than trucks, and twice more efficient than railroad).

-fourth "fundamental step, is a revolution in the use of oil in the nation, starting with elimination of all transport below ranges of 100 miles per gallon consumption, to eliminating private transport within city limits, to conversion to electric or recycling of all vehicles, to conversion to ventilated bed coal and alternative fuels for all thermal plants, to conversion to heat-pumps all heating systems in the country and to conversion of the trucking industry to local delivery, replacing long distance with railroads (19 times more efficient).

-fifth fundamental step, is advanced renewable energy and advanced biology, hire a Nobel price for each, let Rubia handle energy, that is what they have done in the US, the current US secretary of energy is Chu, a physics Nobel price), maybe let Montalcini handle biology, here we need a whole new world of pharmaceuticals and fertilizers with no relation to oil derivatives, this is a very big task.

All the above measures and more, would not only move Italy to a top rating, but it could make it the "planet" model of how to handle what is coming. The "growth" would be automatic. The funding, to be allocated dismantling and alienating useless structures, useless government bodies, useless public employees, and so forth. An example threshold of a minimum of 6 million people to be a "region/state", 750 thousand to be a "county/province" and 30 thousand people to be a "city/common", the others just join their neighbors and unify the administration, there is a lot to close "and" a lot to sell
it does not matter any longer how solid the system is
when the economy is in the hands of a "doped" market
the "racket" of speculation can and "will" destroy anybody on the planet
"and" the governments with strong currencies
have been "corrupted" into
"supporting speculation under the table"
in an aggression with "plausible denial"
we are not dealing with people of honor any longer
we are dealing with countries with which treaties
are not worth the paper they are written on
this is the age of the "plausible denial" holy war
in such countries the kristo banking cartel has taken over
posing itself "above the law" and "above international treaties"
is world religious and financing cartel against everybody
they want a "one world government" under the bankers and churches conspiracy
the financial cartel is pursuing world supremacy destroying national states
first they corrupted the legitimacy
now they are overhauling governments through bankruptcy
is the same method they used to prey the people of everything
lend at 6% then raise the rate to 30% to make you default
they do the same game everywhere, they did it in Argentina 6 times
there they reached 55%

the above measures are possibly the only solutions left to put Italy at the end
of the list of countries they are attacking
the alternative is default


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