Friday, August 12, 2011

Misure anti-crisi, il governo accelera:
"Rendite tassate, libertà di licenziare"
Alle 19 il Cdm per discutere il decreto

stop ai contratti a termine
i titoli degli interventi aggiungendo però che le decisioni politiche sono ancora da prendere: piena liberalizzazione dei servizi pubblici locali
Ma al di là delle polemiche "internazionali", è lo scoglio delle pensioni la vera emergenza in patria. E il tentativo di convincerlo, in extremis, lo farà stasera di nuovo Berlusconi, dopo che l’incontro notturno di ieri non aveva prodotto risultati («Abbiamo parlato di rotture di coglioni» ha spiegato peraltro il Senatùr). E il tempo stringe perché c’è un Consiglio dei ministri da fare al più presto, e un decreto da riempire di contenuti il più possibile condivisi, almeno nella maggioranza. Ma sulle pensioni niente da fare: «Tremonti - dice secco il leader del Carroccio - non mi ha convinto». Ci sono momenti, spiega, «in cui bisogna sapere dire dei no», altrimenti «si rischia la crisi».

ending term contracts seems a dumb idea
you cant force somebody to keep installing infrastructure not needed
because he needed an installer for 3 months, not very logical
this kills terms jobs, not useful to raise employment
not useful to "incentive" for self employment
companies will overwork somebody they already have
local services privatization is a step forward
"but" percentage should be determined upon public relevance
as 51% control, for "basic" services, like water, electricity, gas, backbone telephony
and 70% to complete privatization of everything else
light rail, public bus transport, garbage, maybe 30% public
but things like phone service, television, cable, internet
should be 100% private
"all" should be taxed on their earnings
there is more, we hope this includes all "foundations"
weather holy or not
that should also "all" be taxed on their earnings
the "only" "disputable" ones
are "exclusively" "labor only" cooperatives
where taxation is disputable
pensions is an issue where the unreasonable
keeps predominating over the reasonable
starting with different "public" pension funds
where we have "sons of the white duck" accumulating pensions
"and collecting during their working life"
a strange system, not nice, actually a "cast skim"
you retire, fine you get the pension/pensions
but if you are working
additional pensions should be "suspended"
until you retire again, or until age 60
but it is good the "all retiring at 60" minimum
hoping "all" includes the parliaments
"and" "all the local government"
then is one step forward
however, nowhere there is an explanation
of "what" the government is going to do
in regards to "eliminating" exposure with banking parasites
"especially" with banking parasites "outside the EC"
possibly the EC should be solicited
to look for a "permanent solution" to the problem
in case there is no support for a unified currency policy
at European "public" central bank level
then "what about" elimination by compensation of all the internal EC debt ?
"and" what about "consolidation" of debt external to the community ?
otherwise it looks OK
even if is just a financial big patch

later will be time for the "real problems"
don't be fooled by the chart, the guy is an optimist
could go down any time
"population control" and reduction need to be addressed
to "survive" the oil crash
we "need" to reduce population by 1.5 "millions" a year
as a 1.6% "negative" growth "a year"
which means at least an additional 2% decrease of births "a year"
"for the next 20 years"
we need to go back to "pre green revolution levels"
"as fast as possible"
"unless" we can convert "instantly" to permaculture
then an additional 1% decrease in births "a year" may do
as long as agriculture reaches maximum production capacity plus 70%
feasible with "some political seriousness" plus permaculture
this project should be under agriculture and health

next we need to relieve pressure on the justice system
de-penalizing "all" "alleged crimes" with no victims
crimes that such are only because of an "integralist" systems of bigots
"and" promoting "absolute" freedom of speech
this project should be under justice and interiors

then we need an emergency energy program to decrease oil use 5% a year
for the next 20 years
ideas ? 300 miles per gallon mini cars ?
recycle trucks
liberalize railroads competition
liberalize water transport
restore channels, produce natural fertilizers
this should be under transport, industry and agriculture

we need a "serious" "not bigot skim" "war ready" welfare system
food, shelter, health
food stamps, public shelters, public medical
first of all, there is a "strategic" need of refuges
for the population
and a third world war is "very likely"
in second instance it is an "insurance"
just not to end in a revolution "very soon"
"there is no time after the crash"
"after the planetary crash" without a reasonable welfare
"it will be riots and war in the streets"
so, this type of "minimal" welfare
is not possible to cut on, nor to delay in time
shelters should be under civil protection
coordinated with defense
food under agriculture, health under health

all this
not to get there at the last minute as usual (as we are now)
like in the joke of the skeleton that goes to the doctor
the reason we are "all" having problems planet-wise
is because governments have listened too much to religions nonsense
and done "nothing" in terms of a "mentally sane" energy policy

there are many other things to do for modernization
but each ministry should consult education and research
and come out with reasonable plans
within their budgets


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