Friday, August 12, 2011

Manovra, la rabbia degli enti locali: "Tagli iniqui che colpiscono i deboli"

la soppressione delle Province sotto 300 mila abitanti. «Sono anni che tutti condividiamo l’opportunità di cancellare le Province nelle grandi aree urbane per dar vita finalmente - ha affermato - alle città metropolitane e invece di farlo si cancellano le Province e i Piccoli Comuni»

bulls, the US "is" a federation
Los Angeles City 4 millions people
Los Angeles County (province) 12 millions people
("and" a total of 16 county counselors)
88 cities for 8 million people total
"average per city (commons)" 100 thousand people
a city council for 1000 people ?, is a joke, please
"and" they complain too
30 thousand "minimum" would be "fair"
"and" the other "just merge", the services don't disappear

we are accustomed to a middle age cast system outside of reality
because of the usual "holy" issues
so at the end all everybody care about
is the number of counselors chairs
to milk the cow
actually suppressing "useless" cities was even more important than provinces
but sooner or later is going to have to happen anyhow
we will see it "at the next run"
the next one, since we are talking about federalism
should be suppressing the regions
and merging them into six macro regions
similar to a US state
for the same reasons above


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