Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Le riforme che si possono davvero fare

Forse l’Italia sta rischiando oggi più che nel 1992
almeno, si poteva sperare nei partiti che fino a quel momento non avevano mai governato,
Tutti sono d’accordo che occorrono politiche per lo sviluppo. Non è detto che esistano ricette efficaci, pur se gli economisti gareggiano per dettarne.
Occorre dunque puntare su riforme che non costano. Riforme che possano dare speranza ai giovani, aprire nuovi spazi di iniziativa, rompere barriere. Il governo ora promette «una stagione di liberalizzazioni e di privatizzazioni», ovvero ciò che questo centro-destra non ha fatto né dal 2001 al 2006 né dal 2008 ad oggi
Perché un Paese vada avanti, occorre motivare i giovani. E’ difficile in una fase in cui i posti di lavoro continuano a calare
mentre gli imprenditori dovrebbero al contrario riconoscere che a frenare la produttività oggi sono spesso normative e prassi che congelano gli equilibri di potere all’interno delle aziende e tra le aziende sul mercato

definitively more, difficult to quantify risk, but the hourglass has reversed, about 2007
the intrinsic in the system expansion "built into the system"
has been matching the increase of energy output into the market
but starting 2004-2005 the process has reversed
so we are now under an energy system contracting faster than the output
"and" we are subject to negative accelerator and related domino effect
since the "alarm" has been launched on the ameri-tanic
the banks covered what they could cover creating a bunch of garbage paper
then the governments stepped in creating more coverage for the garbage paper,
and favor a write-off of losses "diluting" the failure
increasing monetary mass to contrast the slowdown in circulation
the "emergency corrections" are "by the manual" pretty much "exact"
"but" this is not a simple emergency, "the manual" ain't going to do it
"after" analyzing what is going on
the conclusion is that the only way planet-tanic may keep floating
is "dynamically" pumping out more water than the one that gets boarded
now the "traditional" monetary pumps don't have such capacity
neither the bankers, nor the holy crooks, nor the politicians nor the people can believe it
so 1992 was nothing, a little hole fixable with chewing gum
here we have half the compartments flooded
with the current attitude and the current management "is going to sink"
it may or may not sink
"wiping out" the head of the drunk octopus
and replacing it with the "top scientists in the planet"
now either keep sipping on your brandy waiting to go down on time
or "get the f* out, and let in people who know what they are doing"
hoping in parties is like hoping in the man with the white beard
that forgives your sins from the sky
may come down and multiply the oil barrels
may as well believe in the oil furry
and the Santa Klaus oil company,
this is like believing that the actor in the movie
can pay with his monopoly wins
the hole in the budget of the real production company going bankrupt
well, development of what ?
the surgeon should not be interested in hoping in the development of the cancer
here it boils down to "free food and free energy"
that’s the only "development" that "may" do any good
doubt Gucci purses were that hot on the titanic
yes, that is the magic word number one, "reforms with no cost":
-single national payee for medical system, an example
-another example, cancel from the codes all victimless crimes
-a third example, "usury law cap" 3% over prime rate, bankers say is too little profit ? well, do something else nobody is twisting your arms to make you bankers
-one more example, one simple regulation, "no government agency can act on a matter where the cost for the administration in acting exceeds the value of social damage or public damage", the only exception, the defense, for the defense replace the words "social damage or public damage" with "enemy damage", don't want to make examples because don't want to embarrass a long list of government agencies "planet-wise"
-more, end money signorage, is illegal "anywhere" except maybe where the central banks are public, then the government is charging itself, may not make any sense even in that case, when you analyze the administrative costs of accounting
-an easy one, flat 13% of tax for all amounts of income over 10K a year, nothing deductible, nobody exempt except "central" government itself (governance, defense, justice, central bank, finances, energy, agriculture, health) makes much easy the work of tax agencies, actually even corporations may save money, nobody knows how much legions of tax attorneys and scribes cost this days
-another easy one, liberalize commercial and artisans licenses, "one step", $50 at the city, get city license, register at a Franchise Tax board get a free permit, get a free TAX ID number from your tax agency, wait two weeks for publication, "done"
-more easy ones, shut down professional orders, liberalize professional licenses, you have an accredited title, you can open a studio, period. If they want to stay open they can do it with "their own" money instead than with the cow moneys, becoming "associations" with "zero" legal rights over any other association.
-here "easy easy" one, threshold of a minimum of 6 million people to be a "region/state", 750 thousand to be a "county/province" and 30 thousand people to be a "city/common", the others just join their neighbors and unify the administration, there is a lot to close "and" a lot to sell
-many many more, I need to get something done today, read all the rest of the blog for other details
there is no way that the number of dependent jobs may not continue to decrease
on a "free" economy
all depends upon the degree of subsidization of the job market
but there is no long term fix
in 2050, supposed humans still exist on earth
possibly 50% "will have to be" self employed
down towards 95% by 2100
"if" humans may not be extinct by them
possibility very likely, and almost certain
well the enterprise has to learn some modesty and give up some arrogance
and to stop the common practice of giant egos with a pathology of omnipotence
after the fall of Berlin, the old Krupp workers worked for him for free, for years
they "still" loved him, even in that tragedy

I don't know how many would in the US, very few indeed
out of a bunch of holy jerks with one leg up in the air
before being a manager you need to know how to be a decent human and a leader

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