Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"Il taglio di S&P era scontato Ora addio all’economia del petrolio"

«Questa crisi era prevedibile, riguarda tutto il mondo occidentale, e finirà solo quando cambieremo il nostro paradigma economico. Dobbiamo passare dal modello della Seconda Rivoluzione industriale a quello della Terza, per smettere di vivere consumando le ricchezze del passato, e tornare a produrre liberando la nostra creatività».
Nel frattempo il costo delle materie prime, a partire dal petrolio, è aumentato in continuazione, per la nostra domanda e per quella sempre crescente dei Paesi emergenti, come la Cina e l’India. Se questo non bastava già a complicare la situazione, abbiamo interpretato la globalizzazione come una nuova opportunità di consumo, invece che di produzione: in sostanza per noi occidentali diventare global ha significato poter comprare beni a basso costo dai Paesi emergenti. Così si è creato un circolo vizioso, che non ci consentirà mai di uscire dalla crisi».
«Nell’immediato di certo dovete evitare il fallimento, con tutti gli aiuti che potete ricevere, ma poi bisogna cambiare radicalmente il modello economico».
Lei cosa suggerisce?
«Quando Angela Merkel divenne cancelliere tedesco, mi chiamò a Berlino per avere dei consigli. Io le chiesi come poteva pensare di far funzionare l’economia tedesca e tenere in ordine i conti, conciliando questi obiettivi con l’assistenza sociale offerta, le tendenze demografiche della Germania e i livelli di produttività. Lo stesso discorso vale per tutti i Paesi occidentali, con qualche complicazione in più per l’Italia. Da allora in poi la Merkel ha fatto degli aggiustamenti che hanno giovato alla Germania, ma ancora non basta».

In cosa consiste questo paradigma della Terza rivoluzione industriale, che lei consiglia di adottare?
«Primo, interrompere tutti questi comportamenti fallimentari di cui abbiamo parlato. Secondo, sviluppare un nuovo modello economico capace di generare milioni di posti di lavoro, liberando di nuovo la nostra creatività e capacità produttiva. Il primo passo da compiere è il mutamento delle regole del gioco, liberalizzando l’attività imprenditoriale. Ma quello ancora più importante è cambiare le nostre abitudini energetiche, voltando finalmente le spalle alla dipendenza dal petrolio».

correct, "demential unrestricted reproduction"
"and" peak food
correct, "peak everything"
solved "delaying" the problem to the next administration
-restructure welfare food/shelter/health
-eliminate "usury"
-cut down the "public" to "strategic"
-eliminate "useless" middle age bureaucratic "moral" "godly" paternalism
-eliminate privileges of the "holy cast"
-make currency "nominal" and "traceable"
partially correct:

we pursue politics based on "failed" fantasy "morals"
of a "religion for losers" as Ted Turner rightly defined Christianity
technically a number of things we are refusing
in name of useless stupid morals preached by "tax exempt" parasites
"financed" by the cow with giant tits of taxpayers money, is "indecent"
and makes "scientifically" and "economically" no sense
in this logic, Christianity is the religion of the wannabe bankrupts
"preying" on the bankruptcies of others
and sucking countries finances to perpetuate their skim

Now anybody "with some logic" would understand that
if there is an "insurmountable limit" to food production capacity
"and" that limit is "due" to collapse
"reasonable procreation limits" would be needed
and if the churches states want to apply their theories
they can do it "in their country", not in somebody else
build a wall surrounding them
and feel free to watch them while they barbecue each other
because of "their" idiocy applying "their" failed theories

In second instance, all the rest of "idiocies" classified as "morals"
such as persecution of "alleged crimes" that crimes are not
because of no victims and no damage
same thing, they can apply their "morals" in their holy state
I'm sure the cannibals will be very interested in hearing about them

In third instance they all "forgot" that governance is military power
and that military power is logistics
and that logistics is industrial capacity
in the "hills of food", you may "dream" your "rights are not negotiable"
but "in reality"
he who has longer guns wins,
and he who builds the guns, "chooses" how "long" they are
one of this day they may get a loud remainder of "the concept"

In fourth instance, revolutions start
when enough people fall below "the minimum needs of survival"
basically "food", "shelter" and "emergency health"
and we are getting there
watch the riots and strange folks with barbecues

In fifth instance, "the pyramids of currencies"
end in currencies worth nothing
if your national "plan" is based on aggressions
"even" if you are the lead military powers in the world
you "will" collapse when there is "nothing left to prey"
"even" if you are the lead financial powers in the world
you "will" collapse when there is "no more money to skim"
no more countries to bankrupt

now the proposed solution "may" be possible
-would require "usable" production to produce usable earnings
-it could work for agriculture, maybe, going back to
pre-green revolution and permaculture
-it could work for industry, maybe, going to labor intensive productions
of "eternal" products, in order to maximize plus value
and minimize materials and energy
-it could work for tertiary, if there would be a market
of universally reprogrammable systems and services
-it could work if "no energy is wasted in transport"
-it could work if energy is free or "almost" free,
"and" does not affect food supply

"but" the solution that looks more logical would be:
-guarantee food, shelter and medical to the whole nation (reasonably)
such as 200$ per person food, one room per person/couple,
medical emergency assistance
-keep every kid from 12 to the age is dismissed, in military like colleges
-bring every young who can pass to a level of doctorate
-employ "humans" within the "nature design", everybody works from end school to 45-50
-after that, everybody stays home and is free to volunteer wherever he wants,
with retirement "minimum social security" equal for all
-rebuild governance around scientific achievement, the "representation"
is one of the worse form of governance for any society, is the form of
government that permits the majority of idiots to rule the minority of geniuses
is as much as a "failed system" as "religions" of fantasy ethics
or "monetary societies" of inbred psychopathic bean counters
-eliminate currency, logistic society, you don't need to buy or spend time looking,
you get delivered home what you "need", and what you need is built out
of scientific logistic design, not chicken brains demand

possibly a solution which would push automation and quality/efficiency to the limit,
"and" help humanity concentrate on the important, instead than "the useless"

"neither" may work, most likely we humans are "doomed" as a species
thank the liars of the fantasy man in the sky that forgives their sins
thank the crooks under god who's "rights are not negotiable"
thank to the cast of socialization of the losses and privatization of the profits
thank to the kleptocracy and bigotcracy

nothing may work at this time any longer
"unless" the population starts "decreasing"
at the rate of 50 millions a year (about 1.4% a year)
so, in a certain sense, any behavior at risk
helps reducing population
so there is a need of deregulating personal freedoms
"and" "irresponsible procreation" needs a "stop"
when a woman delivers the first child should be sterilized
after that, a government permission "and" severe taxation
would be required for each additional child


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