Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Il Cav: "Economia e politica solide Ora le opposizioni collaborino"

dove il Cavaliere ci tiene a sottolineare che l'Italia è in piena salute
"Non chiedo alle opposizioni di condividere i nostri programmi ma che arrivino contributi con idde e proposte pe far emergere ciò che serve al paese - spiega Berlusconi - l’opposizione faccia ciò che è chiamata a fare senza perdere di vista il comune obiettivo perchè comune è l’obiettivo di portare l’Italia fuori da una crisi che non è italiana ma planetaria"
Noi siamo contrari a fantomatici governi tecnici

well, except for people hungry living in their car or under a bridge
the first thing to do for "the people"
is to guarantee with a program from the ministry of agriculture
that "everybody" in the country "eats" every day
possibly without having to forage the religious charity skim in the process
if you don't know how, please visit the US Dept of Agriculture
oh, "there we are", correct word "planetary"
now he may not say what he "knows" because as politician he has to be "politically correct"
but beyond the holy fantasies, he is a businessman, so he perfectly knows
that the problem boils down to two "facts" at planetary level:
"overpopulation" and "peak oil"
now for the non-adept of the matter, in a very simplified way:
"green agriculture" is the technology that transforms oil into food thus:
no oil, less then half food somebody said up to even 10% of food
that's understandable
the owners of abortion clinics
were also contrary to free abortion
history repeats itself

the problem we are facing on planetary scale
has two possible outcomes
"overhaul" the systems toward a "resource based" "logistic" "non monetary" economy
or "stall, spin, crash, burn" when the planet economy goes down
"faith" that it "may not" is not sufficient any longer
the probability it wont is almost impossible in nature

from now on, we need to set aside respectfully the dogma
which includes mores, economics, sociology, politics and other liberal arts
and use "scientific method" and "leading edge technology"
now, there are politicians who are also scientists
so, there is a place to start
if it gets worse then the component of scientists may have to increase

at some point when famine and pandemics may wipe out
a large percentage
before we reach half the population loss
scientists may have to take over
under the known plan
if there is not another way to go

now standing to the economists, you deal with bell curves
but in some specific cases, such as what we are looking at this time
the down may look as the non favorable side of a fractal
so it may be "later than we think"
here we are running an experiment "unprecedented in history"
with the "only" planet "and" the only "nation" we have
"better safe than sorry"

so, unless we are ready to have 25 million dead in the country
to make fat wall street 5000 mafio-churches and 775 banksters
here is a recipe that "can do", adjust as pleased, as long as you get results,
for yesterday:
-small nuclear reactors (thorium) research (look at the old posts), 8 cents per KW
-nuclear fusion research, with new process (non tomahawk, but tandem mirror, Post technology)
-perma-culture, intensive, recovery of farming land program, 75% increase of food output
-prohibition of GE agriculture crops (strategic factor of weakness) (if necessary, exit the EU and revoke all the licenses in the Country to "any" company related, financially or technically, to Genetically Modified agriculture)
-re-establishment of navigation for rivers, flood gates for natural irrigation/fertilization
-solar direct and thermal intensive government controlled development (see Rubia)
-increase of hydro power, intensive government controlled development
-commercial trucks "maximum operation range of 15 miles"
-liberalization of competition in railroad and barges services, and necessary legislation
-limit for cars sold in the country, "minimum" 100 miles per gallon
-incentives for "demolition" of cars (over 3000 lbs weight) and any trucks
-15 miles range "no drive zone" in cities, "no exceptions" "no permits"
-"mandatory" use of open software "and" open hardware for any government agency, and anybody that does business with the government "or even" that benefits of "any" public incentive

listening to wall street "plans" is stupid at this point,
after they lied 30 years on oil,
they pretty much lie on everything else as well
starting with their "ecology" programs, and going on with their banking and rating skims programs,
or with their "eugenic" private heath "legalized cleansing" and organ trafficking system,
or their one trillion a year drug money recycling banking skim,
or their Christos-Nazi skim "weed and seed" big brother Orwellian state,
or their "aid" with usury skim to subvert governments planet-wise and monopolize resources,
their banco-narco-racket pushes its own pockets skims, let them go where they want, on their own

the interests of the country come first, and at this time may become
a matter of "sovereignty", so the Italian nation may have to take over the Italian country
and if what it takes is leaving the European Community, that is what it should be
revoke "immediately" licenses to all extra community banks, and buy the ones that want to sell
if they want to keep their places, no problems,
but they should not be permitted to do business in the country "instantly"
at the time of license revocation
and if some European banks aid the US banking skim
revoke their banking licenses as well

now, without even arguing over the reasons
it is fair to remind all the Italian gentlemen
that the last Italian that killed a few millions
without even "getting close" to half the population
ended up hanging upside down with his staff from a Milan balcony
he may or may have not known to be a puppet maneuvered by foreign bankers
but the outcome does not make any difference,
"just a memento"
nobody expected the french revolution
but guess what, it "happened" and "it worked"


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