Friday, August 12, 2011

Ecco la dura manovra di ferragosto: l’unica a salvarsi è la politica

L’unica nota non completamente stonata è la decisione sulle province. Spariranno quelle con meno di 300mila abitanti che, anagrafe alla mano, saranno 37. Ugualmente saranno accorpati i comuni al di sotto dei mille abitanti. Ci è voluto il rischio del disastro per indurre la maggioranza a mantenere, seppure in parte, una delle grandi promesse della campagna elettorale del 2008. Eppure, non va nascosto, si poteva fare di più eliminando tutti gli enti provinciali.
per Antonio Di Pietro la manovra è parzialmente accettabile, duro è il giudizio del Partito democratico che la considera inadatta a rispondere alle richieste dei mercati internazionali e dell'Europa
Italo Bocchino secondo il quale «il provvedimento del governo per superare la crisi è l'esatto opposto di ciò che serve al paese e agli italiani e si potrebbe sintetizzare con lo slogan "più tasse e meno servizi"». Secondo il numero due di Fli, difatti, «si dovevano ridurre la tasse e sono state alzate, bisognava migliorare i servizi e sono stati tagliati
A breve il momento della verità. Silvio Berlusconi ha scartato il ricorso alla fiducia proprio per consentire alla minoranza di avanzare proposte che ritenga migliorative. Si vedrà quanto vale la parola del presidente del consiglio in un momento di emergenza.

well, it is a beginning but not the whole story
there are 3 issues here,
the first "political":
-the christos-right monopolize "more" regions and cities
-the christos-left monopolize more provinces
the second, "populistic"
-a merge of interests christos/right/left that looks into finding more chairs
the third "realistic":
-"what is the real need"
-here the US "west coast" has a "minimum" of rationality
that's an average of where those numbers come from

now the "real" need is:
-regions/states over 7 million people
-provinces/counties over 700,000 people
-cities/cities over 30,000 people
so "here" is where "politics" "still" perpetuates themselves
and the cow pays
I subscribe to the Judge interpretation
"however" the left interpretation has "also"
a degree of correctness
"if" after this maneuver everything goes back to BAU
then is a waste of time and money
just go bankrupt now and call it done
have the Germans come over to run the Country

"but" if "correctly" this is a fiscal maneuver
to "stabilize" the market
"followed" by the "long term drastic measures needed"
then this would be "anyhow" the first step
"but" there is a "required" continuous emergency section work
to be carried "non stop" for the next semester
to "realign" the "really big" issues of "long term policy"
now again, if after this maneuver is BAU
then is a waste of time and money
just go bankrupt before year end and call it done
have the Germans come over to run the Country
well, when there is no money
"and" no buyer for your bonds
is pretty hard reducing taxes and increasing benefits
"it could have been possible" if instead than partying
and wasting time under "insignificant" issues
certain things would have been taken care in the past
now this is "feasible" but is not "priority" at this point
the boat is sinking and priorities are:
-pump out water, and buy time
-try to "orderly" save as many as possible
afterward, you can think of designing a new boat
with less design flaws

now the "next priority" that has not been address
and that affects "public order"
is a redesign of the welfare system over wartime specifications
It happened at the time of the banlieues
It happened an may happen more in Greece and Britain
hopefully we may get there in the next 60-90 days ?
unless after this maneuver is BAU
then is a waste of time and money
just go bankrupt before year end and call it done
have the Germans come over to run the Country

otherwise "overhaul" the welfare/aid system, close the circus
and the local "inefficient" "middle age" "often corrupted"
administration, come out with a "national" plan:
-food card, from dept of agriculture
-war specification shelters, from civil protection, defense coordinates
to be operated in peace as homeless shelters
-treasury checks for families in need (to be used only as rent)
-health, "unified" national payee, health coordinates with finances
well, here the problem is
that there is no way out unless touching the dogma
the scientific solution is the opposite of the dogma
now both states should make a decision
chose if to be holy bankrupt or reasonable
and the Vatican should also keep in mind
we can not any longer guarantee the public cow that pays for everybody
we may not be able to guarantee public order any longer
we may not be able to guarantee "any" treaty
and counting on foreign fingers may not solve anything
because on the long range we are all on the same planet-tanic

now "the world" perfectly knows "of this issue" of "middle age immobility"
of which we are the European "saint patrons"
notice in the chart the blue line on the right. that is "Europe predicted"
consequentially, here comes also an "historical" decision
reason "may" or "may not" avoid a "very likely" world war
dogma will certainly put us in a world war
and in the same situation of two prior world wars
don't subscribe to the theory of "not negotiable"
the only "not negotiable" entity in the universe is the universe
the fantasies of more or less holy humans and rackets
either negotiate or get wiped out, is history

afterward, in case it may predominate reason over dogma
there is a lot more to do:
-population control
-energy policy
the two "big" issues
-sell "useless" public crap, "cream of the crap" RAI and many other


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