Friday, August 05, 2011

E se fosse il liberalismo (vero) a salvare un paese mummificato?

collega la tradizione liberale alla libertà di pensiero e alla portata rivoluzionaria del pensiero tecnico-scientifico del Seicento, capace di “mandare in pezzi la costellazione dei dogmi stabiliti”
Degna di attenzione è l’analisi dei movimenti e del lavoro svolto dagli intellettuali e dalle riviste italiane, spesso impegnate nel difendere il ruolo dell’intellettuale libero da logiche di partito che lo vogliono inesorabilmente militante, soprattutto (ma non solo!) nel secondo dopoguerra, periodo che necessiterebbe di essere meglio conosciuto e meditato in tutti i suoi aspetti come patrimonio della nostra storia nazionale e, senza retoriche e trionfali mummificazioni

libertarian theory is a byproduct of illumination
and has been the engine of the industrial revolution
as much as the engine of the green revolution
up to the engine of the information revolution of our times
but as for many other revolutions
has failed into making "enough" in number
of the liberal man
one part of it is that there is a relation with the theory of risk
the other is that the "holy" snake of dogma "revises"
and succeeds offering its certainties, absolution from fantasy sins, corruption and clientele,
to the majority of the men, that not for casual circumstance are spineless and brainless
only the spineless and the brainless may accept dogma
because of the convenience of the laziness in thinking as much as in doing
and the dogma is in their lazy and greedy minds
a mean to a share of the most socialist dogmatic power, the tyranny of the majority
where the end is always the "holy racket"
now for the purpose the revisionism of the dogma has evolved
into incorporating the benefits of liberalism and disposing of the obligations
and here we come to "the best of both worlds" for "the holy racket"
"socialization of losses" with "privatization of profits"
the first failure seems "accepting" that such entities
would be permitted to call themselves liberal or libertarian in the first place
but here comes the second part of the equation, "the market"
where also the dogma has introduced its own two cats and foxes
as means of dogmatic racketeering "revision", "the monopoly" and the "purchase of the majority"
is there any freedom, where competition is eliminated by bureaucracy ?
"monopolized" bureaucracy "skimming" the natural right with fees,
and complicating the simple problems ?
is there any free market where competition is rigged by holy exemption or defect of jurisdiction ?
whereas the "dogma" hides his corrupting power in the Bahamas and Panama ?
or the "tax exempt dogma" competes with the taxed "free market my donkey"
maybe is called free market because of the free lunch
of the 5000 tax exempt cults with 3000 living profits, pardon "prophets"

guess before making the information age libertarian movement,
there is a need for the new age libertarian man
that looks at liberal choice valued above the wallet content
and overhauls this usury-christos skim racket


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