Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ciampi: "A rischio il modello economico dell'Occidente"

Lo decideste in una storica conversazione del 1993, e senza pensare al consenso immediato, guardando con lungimiranza al futuro dell’Europa. Lo sa che c’è chi sostiene che se in questa crisi l’euro saltasse in fondo l’Italia starebbe meglio?

«Di stupidi ce n’è tanti. Stupidi, intendo, perché non competenti. Torniamo agli Stati nazionali? Benissimo, vediamo se si vive meglio o peggio, vediamo tra le singole nazioni quali ce la fanno e quali no... Ma è la zoppìa dell’Eurozona, la mancata realizzazione di un centro di governo della politica economica di tutta l’area dell’euro ad aver provocato la crisi di Irlanda, Grecia, Portogallo, Spagna e Italia. E’ quello il punto da affrontare. E subito».

that is the "real" point
the western economic model is "not sustainable"
any longer
the "madmen" solution:
resource wars and famine genocides to kill 70% of world population
which "also" carry a "very high risk" of leading to human extinction
the "possible" alternative:
a resource based economic system
a technocracy, in a logistic currency-less society
this consists pretty much a rationing system
without black market, because without currency or usury
with limited crime and judgment, because without currency or usury
without gratuitous morals, because without currency or usury
to get there may take riots, wars, revolutions and blood
"but at some point it would be the only option" outside a third world war
no, surely nobody reasonable would think Italy could do better without the Euro
"but" nevertheless "it may have to do without Euro"
since we see the same concept of monetary pyramids of Versailles
and the same symptoms of future "necessary failure"
the effect of the "exponential function" can not be negated
and the "political inertia"
in preserving the cast and the milking
of the cow with the giant tits
with no regard of neither social fairness
no attention to important "planetary" issues
and with no attention even to avoid bankruptcy
is also factually evident
also, after the country bankruptcy, "there may be no other option"
than the take over of the country
by the finance foreign racket
now here the issue of sovereignty may lead to different opinions
and under a conservative interpretation of the laws
there may not be "legal" alternative
to the known plan
how many times "treaties" have been not honored in history
don't want to make lists because of correlations
does not matter how integrated the Euro-zone is going to be
"even" in the US there is "serious" possibility
of States seriously considering of "exiting" the Union
does not even matter how willing the people are
to stay in the Euro zone
if the other partners are not willing to keep them

the sad part is that the holy cast
the vampire "perpetually" sucking the blood of nations and people
is still around after 2000 years of betrayals
"forcing down the throat" "by dogma" "suicidal economics"
to countries "other than their own"
"wondering of why of this holy 'world domination' plan"
of which they are "always" supporters "and" architects
and "quo pro" if not "foreign interest and profit in treason" ?
"puzzling" holy question
whereas the answer could possibly be that being them loyal
only to the fantasy man in the sky that forgives their sins
and is modeled at their image
possibly everybody else they betray
or at least so it "reasonably" looks


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