Monday, July 25, 2011

Si parla sempre più di Dio. Sempre meno con Dio

Laici e religiosi parlano sempre più di Dio.
Sempre meno si parla con Dio

well, in a sense is an improvement
but society is still opinionated
if you tell a doctor you hear voices
they lock you up in the crazy house
but if you tell the world you hear the voice of god
you become a prophet, a saint or a pope
same if you talk to the invisible man in the sky
the world "god" is the result of a fraud
so maybe should not be used because it may get misunderstood
gods churches in the centuries have done so much filth
that the dripping blood of the victims from every corner
make the word itself classify the speaker as a criminal
talking about the god of the churches is like talking about Charles Manson family
the god of the churches is actually the worse serial killer in history
as they have been the churches of god racket
people of good will should avoid the word "god"
replace it with whatever does not create the "double meaning" fraud
of worship of a fantasy "person"
with the features of a celestial criminal, forgiving sins in change of crime
no such thing "could" ever exist, at least in the far corners of the universe
so use a different term to distinguish you from the filth of religions
"prime principle", "grand gardener", "unified system"
or whatever else you may wish


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